Seagull Steals Tourist’s Camera, Films San Francisco Bay

While Nathalie Rollandin was filming a lovely sunset on San Francisco Bay, she was rudely interrupted by a seagull who apparently had an appetite for photography.

The gull grabbed the camera right out of the French tourist’s hands and proceeded to fly away with the dating coke bottlescamera still filming, capturing about 30 seconds of soaring scenery over the sea.

Quickly tiring of the life of a cameraman (bird), the seagull dropped the camera delicately on the boardwalk near what has been identified as the St. Francis Yacht Club.  Nathalie was able recover her camera, and later saw the amazing coastline footage captured by the cunning bird.

My favorite part of the video is when the seagull flies away, giving the viewer one last lovely shot.

Video below.

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