Scientists baffled by “Alien Baby”

In 2007, Marao Lopez discovered a strange creature on his farm in Mexico.  Frightened by the otherworldly appearance of the small beast, he decided to drown it.  He claims that he held it under water for hours before it finally died.

The mysterious creature was handed over to scientists at the end of last year, and they’ve been analyzing it ever since.

mexico alien baby

Their results are astonishing! It seems that through DNA tests and scans of the carcass, the conclusion is that this bizarre looking life form cannot be linked to any known animal on earth.

According to the Daily TelegraphTests revealed a creature that is unknown to scientists – its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it can stay underwater for a long time.  But it also has some similar joints to humans.  Its brain was huge, particularly the rear section, leading scientists to the conclusion that the odd creature was very intelligent.  But it has seemingly left experts stumped.

Now, the recent news about this “alien baby” isn’t the first I’d heard of it.  There was an episode of MonsterQuest (Terror from the Sky) on the History Channel that featured scientists analyzing the carcass.  Their conclusion was that it was not any known creature, and that it remains a mystery.  They originally wondered if it might be a small monkey who’d had his skin removed.  Some even wonder if rather than an extraterrestrial, the creature could be the infamous Chupacabra…

In a spooky turn of events, UFO expert Joshua P. Warren is reporting that Mr. Lopez was killed in a freak accident; having been burned to death in a parked car on the side of the road.  Related to the strange discovery? We’ll likely never know.

And the story gets stranger.  Also according to the Daily Telegraph:  Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan (56) was the first to break the story. He claimed it was not a hoax. Farmers also told him that there was a second creature but it ran away when they approached.

Take a look at the following footage.




  1. jo

    That is one weird looking creature. the man held it under water for hours? How cruel! You find some freaky shit Natalina ;)

  2. natalina

    That part really disturbed me too. Whose first reaction when they see some strange creature is to kill it???

    Btw, we can thank the lovely Cheryl for this find!

  3. I remember hearing about this on Coast to Coast several months back.

    Natalina, you asked “whose first reaction when they see something strange is to kill it???”

    I actually think that would be the reaction of many people. However, with that being said, holding it under water for hours until it drowned does sound a little odd and cruel.

    If this is the same case I’m thinking about, the creature made an awful cry. In the man’s defense, I think he was trying to put it out of it’s misery.

    However…he was later found burned in his car.

  4. oh…you had that part about the car….

  5. deb

    Just like man to kill what it doesnt understand. Can you imagin the significance of having it alive? What happened to the video?

  6. Leanne, Scotland

    this has seriously disturbed and facinated me.. with all the press on these UFO’s at the moment im not sure whether to believe it or what? but this wee creature is defonatley not from this planet and if thats a baby one, i dread to think what a full grown adult terestrial is like.

    And was the chap that found this creature actually found burned in his car, or was this one jumbled up lie too?

  7. NEVER

    what if its not alien what if its a undescovered subterainien spicies that has evolved down their for melenias…..

  8. The Metepec Creature: author confess hoax

    A Veterinary Assistant featured in the whole Metepec Creature
    brouhaha, Ángel Palacios Núñez, is, according to Alejandro Franz,
    in fact Urso Moreno Ruíz, nephew of Mario Moreno, and a taxidermist.

    More importantly, Urso Ruíz apparently confessed in an Internet
    forum he indeed hoaxed the creature, which is indeed just a squirrel-monkey:

    “Its just the corpse of a skinned squirrel-monkey. I took its ears
    out and involved it with all the hair and fluids of all animals
    I could find, then I dried it. All samples they take of it will
    come out as being of different animals.”

    The Metepec Creature: author confess hoax:

    Full story…

    Cap. Alejandro Franz

  9. nelda ennis

    well if this is a hoax i couldnt tell you. However i have a friend who has a crushed dried up lil creature that looks almost exactly like this, There r no monkeys where we live so what the hell is this lil thing?

  10. iGuest

    This creature is very weird, I NEVER BELIVED it then I actually searched it up.I lived in SD California in between Santee & El Cajon & One of my family members showed me & said she had seen this washing its hands in her downstairs bathroom & that her neighborhood was once before a graveyard & now her house & several other houses were built on it. & Today at school in my SApanish class i had rememberd & told my teacher about it & the whole class & teacher thought i was going crazy. So i told them i would print it for them & show them the truth & i wasnt crazy.

  11. Sumerian

    Actually, it isnt a hoax. The metapec creature. The link that person posted onto that site is garbage. Just more misinformation. Scientists have been studying this thing for years now, and even if the guy put different kinds of blood etc. in it, that doesnt change the fact that the creatures DNA is different than any other animal on the planet. It also doesnt change the fact that the creature has lizard like aspects etc. THis is just another way for governments etc. to produce mis information. Also, did you see the way the guy described making it? Doesnt sound solid at all to me. At this point, i still believe that this being is real, As the FBI has recently given proof that they found 3 UFOs and 9 Alien Beings at Roswell, you can view the Declassified documents on the FBI website. This being isnt far fetched at all. I dont understand how people dont realize, the world we live in, is one full of a million mysterys, theres always something just around the corner. The Mexican Government might be hiding something, you never know. There are people who run this world from behind closed doors, theres a reason for everything…

  12. katelynne parsley

    i read the whole thing i am just anger at the guy who killed this little thing i mean if the little guy was bothering him then i would understand but to drown something that is not part of this world ? that is just cruel

  13. Jeff

    Sorry Sumerian, It was a hoax. The DNA didnt come back as being different from any animal on the planet. If you actually listen to what they say, they said there was no identifiable genetic material was found. Not that the genetic material, the DNA, came back as no known animal. They are saying there was nothing for them to properly test in the first place, in order to sequence it and compare. Which would make sense if it was so polluted by being soaked in genetic material from many other animals. It is likely there was no unadultered material to test, as they actually said. Not only that, if you compare the skeleton of the creature with that of a squirrel monkey it is a 100% match. Alot of animals look wierd if you remove all there hair, or just see a mummified or skeleton remains. Doesnt make them alien. Even human fetuses at a certain time in their development look identical to the stereotypical grey alien.

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