Satanic Graffiti Sullies One of my Favorite Places

Over the summer, I discovered a few new scenic spots around my city.  As my interest in photography has increased, I frequent these places on a fairly regular basis.  One day, as my friend Angie and I were enjoying a little nature hike, we came upon a spot that took my breath away.  Overlooking a dam, this area is surrounded by lovely trees and a rocky outcropping.  It served as a wonderful place to take photos and simply enjoy the tranquil surroundings.

A month or so ago, my parents were visiting and wanted to see some sights.  I took them to that spot and they loved it.  I brought my husband to the spot and we sat on a concrete section of the dam, just watching the water and trees and birds… we held hands and spent a wonderful morning together.  I’ve returned many times by myself to sit on the rocks and just be still.  I have read my Bible there.  I’ve talked to God there.  It has become one of my favorite places.

Last week, I got a snazzy new camera.  I woke up early one morning determined to go to my spot during a time when no one would be there.   When I got there I hopped out of my car and headed down the dirt path to the river.  I had an unexplainable eerie feeling.  Something seemed out of place.   I shook it off and decided it must just be because I was all alone.

As I navigated my way down the rocks to the cement platform where my husband and I had spent that beautiful morning together, I simply didn’t feel right.  I was nervous and agitated.  It was so bizarre.  I got to the platform and looked out over the rushing river.  It was lovely as always.  Then… I looked down.  I realized I was standing directly upon an inverted pentagram.  My heart started to race as I glanced around and noticed that satanic graffiti was everywhere.  On the dam, on the rocks, and all around me.   I took photos of some of it, but only a small portion of the sections are fit to share, because the rest of it was peppered with profanity.

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The whole scene really upset me.   Yes, the culprits were probably a group of youngsters thinking they were being super hardcore by spray painting this lovely area with dark and vulgar crap.  With that said, I find it particularly unsettling given the foreboding feeling I had upon approaching the area, prior to any knowledge that the scene had been defaced.

I stood there on that cement slab thinking about what I was witnessing.  I wondered if the place would ever have the same feeling of contentment that it had before the graffiti.  I looked up from where I was standing and gazed out over the river.  The sun was rising in the sky casting a sparkling reflection on the water.  The coolness of the morning was giving way to the sun’s warmth and the trees were dazzling in the colors of early autumn.  Then it hit me.  In the midst of this mess, God was glorifying Himself.  He is always in control.  “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  1 John 4:4

So, I conclude this post not with a chastisement of those responsible for the filth painted in my favorite place… but with the images I captured soon after.  Images of His Creation.  Images of hope and love and beauty.  I have no malice in my heart for those who did this.  They don’t need my anger.  They need our prayers.  May you all be blessed!

Meanwhile, it looks like a nice and sunny day today.  I’m grabbing my mop bucket and scrub brush and taking care of business!

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