Sad little tree

Recently I posted a picture taken in Norway in which a melting glacier exposed a very human looking face that appeared to be weeping vast rivers of tears into the sea. This post became very popular, and still gets hundreds of views every day.

As I was looking through my online photo album today, I came upon a picture that I’d forgotten about.

A few months ago, my dear friend and I were driving around town just randomly taking pictures. We stopped at a local park and walked around. There we came upon the saddest looking little tree I’ve ever seen.

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With its head drooping and arms hanging down, the tree broke my heart. Amid all of the other summer vegetation, this tree seemed so forlorn. Instantly we both determined that the poor thing needs a hug.

My friend approached the depressed little tree and gave it a warm snuggle.

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My sweet sister giving the tree some lovin’.

Seeing these pictures reminded me of that sad face in the glacier, and I thought I’d like to share them. Sometime soon I’m going to go check on this tree again and see if the hugs helped.


Side note…remember the PBS painter Bob Ross and his “Happy Little Trees”? R.I.P Mr. Ross. Where are you when we need you?


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