Rush Limbaugh Pokes Fun at Suffering North Dakotans

Rush Limbaugh, never one to miss an opportunity to be utterly vile, has now used the flooding in North Dakota to crack “dike” jokes.

View the video below for audio of his offensive comments:


While Rush has his fun at our expense, the waters continue to rise.  And yes, we have a system of dikes that are designed to hold the water back.  This is not a slang term or a made up word.  It is a technical term for the Dutch style system of flood walls and levees that have been built up around our communities to protect us from the occasional deluge.

I am so utterly offended by Rush’s off collar comments, my blood is boiling.  People are losing their homes.  Lives are in danger.  Hospitals are being evacuated.

How dare he use this very real disaster to spread his hate!

Normally, I like to stay away from left or right politics on this site, but I think we can all agree that no matter what side of the aisle you find yourself on politically, this type of behavior is disgusting, hurtful, and cruel.

Shame on you, Rush.  Not that we’d expect anything less from you.