Ron Paul Making Waves in GOP Race for the Nomination

If you’ve followed Extraordinary Intelligence for the past few years, you know that I’ve been an avid supporter of Congressman Ron Paul and his mission to spread the message of Liberty around the U.S.

Many people were quick to discount Dr. Paul at the beginning of the race for the GOP nomination this cycle.  Rumors were started, attacks were launched and mostly he was just ignored.  All of that has changed.

Ron Paul has doubled and tripled his support in many states since his 2008 run.  People are listening to his message of sound money and individual liberty and advancing his cause with web campaigns and on the ground organizing.  His support is growing exponentially, and it shows no sign of stopping.

My mission is to advise my dear readers to join the cause of Liberty by supporting Ron Paul as he continues to campaign in states like Maine, Nevada, Minnesota and beyond. The Extraordinary Intelligence endorsement may not carry a lot of weight politically, but I feel that I have a responsibility to make my views known to my faithful readers who have always supported me.

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Learn what it takes to become a delegate in your state.  Find out how you can volunteer.  Talk to your friends and family and don’t be shy when people start lobbing uninformed accusations about Paul’s character.  Shoot right back with truth and you can never go wrong.

If you’re not a Ron Paul supporter or you have concerns about the Congressman, please read a few of the following articles to learn more, and feel free to leave your questions here in the comment section to get a discussion going.

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