"Roman god Cloud" Races Across the Sky

An observer filming some ominous looking clouds in Grand Falls, New Brunswick got more than he bargained for.  As the clouds swept across the sky, a distinct form began to appear.  “A face.  Ho-lee frick!” exclaims the cameraman.

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What formed before his eyes was a side profile face with clearly distinguishable nose, brow protrusion, mouth, beard, cheek bones, and ears.  It is now being called the “roman god cloud”, but could be any male face, really.  Most likely, it is a natural phenomena that has a striking resemblance to a human profile.  The term for such an event is Pareidolia… in which the observer adds significance to something that in reality is rather vague.  It is not often when such a form, however, is observable by most people who see it.   Quite impressive!

Watch the cloud form before the camera and its stunned operator.