Protesting the Power Players at Bohemian Grove 2011

Ahhh, Bohemian Grove.  One of my favorite little darlings of the conspiracy set.  Why do I adore you so much?  Because you 100%, beyond a doubt, without question and without remorse… EXIST.  While the facts around your existence are placed in the conspiracy theory bin, you are a reality and pretty much everything they say about you is true.  And because all of the facts about you are so bizarre and freakish, it gives legitimacy to some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories.  Because since you are real, who’s to say there aren’t other sinister things happening in the dark realms where the Establishment dwell.


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Hooded and robed figures gather around the great stone owl (Owl of Bohemia) in the "Cremation of Care" ceremony; an annual ritual during which an effigy is burned to represent the casting off of one's worries. Lest you assume this is fiction, this bizarre ceremony has been captured on film, and there is no question that it DOES happen.

I’ve visited Bohemian Grove before on E.I.  Once in a rather tongue in cheek fashion with my “Bohemian Grover” post which you can see here:  timeline project for students We revisited the Grove in our post about conspiracy theories that turned out to be true here:  history of alprazolam (If you’re unsure what Bohemian Grove is, take a look at that post for a primer).

Now it is time again for elitists to gather under a canopy of redwoods in California for their bohemian bacchanalia where they’ll burn dull care and cast aside all of the worries of their weary lives in order to enjoy each other’s company and  plot further world domination.

Unfortunately for our privileged pals, it seems they might encounter a bit of resistance from the unwashed masses as they press their way into the establishment encampment.  In fact, it seems that certain parties are bent on making the members really squirm this year.

There are always Bohemian Grove protests.  I guess the worker bees just don’t care for their elected officials, media magnates, and GOP glitterati gathering behind closed gates engaging in occult-esque festivities whilst planning the next gas hike or economic crisis or war.   Kinda rubs some of us the wrong way.  But, while the protests have always been, this year the protest organizers are… shall we say a bit more high profile?  Who are these masked men?

It is being reported that while Bohemian Grove’s schedule has already begun, Anonymous is promising to ramp up their efforts on July 16;  the day most of the important guests intend to arrive.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens.  Stay tuned.