Proof of the Real Men in Black?

edit my paper freeM. Barnharrt shared a video with Coast to Coast Am that he claims shows a couple of men that fit the description of the mythical “Men in Black”.    In his description on thezithromax 500mg uses he says:

I work with the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team based in MD. One recent UFO investigation yielded actual footage of MIB on a hotel lobby camera. This video has a voice over of the person these MIB came for. –M. Barnharrt

For those who are not familiar with the MIB phenomenon, we’ll turn to a true expert in the field, the late John Keel, author of Proof of the Real Men in Black?.  In 1967, Keel coined the term “Men In Black” in an article for the men’s adventure magazine Saga, entitled “UFO Agents of Terror”.   He described the Men in Black as generally sharing the same overall look… from their long coats and fancy suits to their fedora style black hats.  Perhaps most disturbingly, he said they tend to share a similar physical appearance, being gaunt and pale with a sinister look about them.

In a persuasive essay on school homework, Keel said of the MIB:

There are several areas to this whole weird business. On one hand we have real UFO phenomena — strange lights passing over the earth, probably since time began. The UFO intelligences are aware that we are going to see these lights occasionally when conditions are just right so they have to give us an explanation. Different generations have been given different explanations.

These intelligences have staged whole events over a long period of time to support those explanations. We have the fairy faith in Middle Europe; we have the vampire and various other kinds of legends. We have the mysterious airships in 1897. Now we have spaceships. But all of these things are nothing but a cover for the real phenomenon — whatever it is.

On the ground, as well as in the air, there are real things happening that they don’t want us to know about, so they give us lots of cover stories. The men-in-black support the cover stories in many of these instances.

What they are trying to hide may be frightening, even incomprehensible to us, but it does seem that they are using us in some fashion.

Here is the footage captured by Barnharrt.  It contains a voice-over explaining the exact events that lead to the discovery.

While this may be the first video footage of the alleged Men in Black, it isn’t the first time they’ve been captured on film.  UFO researcher Timothy Beckley claims to have taken the only known photograph of an authentic MIB.

In 1968, Beckley says there was a rash of UFO sightings over a northern New Jersey town.  Many people reported seeing strange lights in the sky, and in one case a UFO actually landed in a nearby park.

During the formal investigation of the case, people began reporting a black Cadillac parked nearby with a mysterious man dressed in black in the driver’s seat.  Particularly during the interviewing of witnesses, this man in black would appear to the unease of those involved.

After several reports of a man in black standing across the street from a shopping district, Beckley and a fellow investigator went to scope out the area.  It was at this point that he was able to snap his photo.

Beckley shared his story on the UFO Hunters episode “The Silencers.”  Full episode below.  Beckley’s story begins at the 8 minute mark.  The photo that he claims is proof of the MIB is below the video.

Below is the photo Beckley captured in 1968.  He claims it is a real MIB that was stalking a neighborhood in New Jersey, after a rash of UFO sightings had been reported.