Possible UFO Sighting Near Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Blast

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In the aftermath of the horrible earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami that continues to devastate the people of Japan,  I recalled hearing reports about UFOs being sighted in Haiti, click to read more, and NZ during or shortly before/after their disastrous quakes.

I wondered if there was any such connection being reported about the disaster in Japan, and I did uncover a few interesting things.

Take this with a grain of salt.  I am by no means saying that there’s no logical explanation for what you are about to see.  It is possible we’re looking at debris from the blast or an anomalous smoke/steam plume.  I’m not sure.  But I found the footage intriguing enough to warrant sharing with you.  Watch the video and then read on for further examination of the history of UFOs and nuclear technology, as well as the interesting connection between Fukushima, Japan and UFOs.


Upon seeing this footage, I am reminded of the countless reports of UFOs near nuclear weapons facilities and nuclear test sites.  Just this fall there was a National Press Club conference addressing these sightings.  See our coverage of that press meeting here:

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Robert Hastings and Leslie Kean each wrote books about UFOs reported near nuclear sites:

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UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record

Further, in researching the Fukushima UFO sighting, I discovered that there is a history of UFOs reported in that very area.  In fact, there is a large UFO museum in Fukushima.

Click the link below for more images:

UFO museum in Fukushima

The Fukushima area has been referred to by some as the “Japanese Roswell” due to an incident that happened at Mt. Senganmori, near Fukushima City.  Read more here:

Japan’s Roswell: Mt. Senganmori in Iino, Fukushima

A site called Huliq has reported that there have been thousands of UFO sightings in Japan since the earthquake.  This is however, a site that has had legal trouble in the past due to their reporting, so take THAT one with a giant block of salt. They make reference within the article to their source being the Kyodo News Agency and other Japanese media, but I was unable to find anything within Kyodo about recent UFO sightings since the earthquake and tsunami.  In any case, here’s the Huliq article.  Make of it what you will:


So what do you think?  Is there any merit to the idea that UFOs appear during, before, or after natural disasters; or potential nuclear threat?  If so, what is the purpose?

Whatever the case is, one thing is clear.  The events in Japan that seem to be growing exponentially are having a serious impact on the entire human family.  If you’d like to help by donating $10.00 to the Red Cross, Text REDCROSS to 90999 or click the button below.