Polka Dot House Causes Media Buzz

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We live in world of neat and tidy homes, perfectly groomed cul de sacs, and picture perfect facades.  But one man’s house in Grand Forks, ND has broken the mold and is anything but cookie cutter.

Driving through downtown Grand Forks, one will see banks and restaurants, older homes and brick buildings.  523 University Ave is decidedly different, thanks to owner Jimmy Deitz, who decided to add a bit of whimsy to an otherwise drab neighborhood.

The retired painter decided to do what he does best, and began to paint the exterior of his 100 year old home (which he rents out) in a variety of vibrant polka dots.  As he worked, crowds began to gather with some shouting suggestions for the next color of dot.  Word spread around town and beyond.  The story of the polka dot house has been in the Huffington Post and Yahoo News.  The Associated Press picked up the story, and the old house became a hit!  I had to see it for myself, so I drove by and snapped a few pics.

http://magdascauldron.com/Deitz claims that the paint job was all in fun, but does acknowledge that the city had been attempting to buy out his home, as it sits in an area of heavy development.  Recently, a large apartment complex was built right next door.

additional readingRyan Brooks, the city’s senior planner, said the polka dot house is an eyesore and that he thinks it’s Deitz’s way of protesting the city’s decision not to buy the property.

According to the AP, Brooks said, “It’s hard to say what this gentleman’s true motives are.  I think my opinion is the same as everybody — I wouldn’t want to be living next to it.”

Deitz says that the fun paint job was just his way of brightening up the neighborhood, and I can tell you that residents seem to love it.

But the city planner gets in a final jab, claiming that the funky facade is unlikely to start a trend. “I don’t see this as a trend because most people take a little pride in their homes,” Brooks said. “The paint he’s putting on that thing is the only thing new on it. It’s in rough shape.”