Plains Milky Way: Stunning Time Lapse Video of the Night Sky

Nothing in Hollywood’s bag of CGI tricks can come close to duplicating what one man has created from his South Dakota farm under nature’s magnificent canopy of stars.

find thistramadol 50 mg high spent three weeks shooting and stringing together hundreds of photos to create the masterpiece he calls Plains Milky Way.  The view from his farm in SD is far away from the star-cancelling city lights, and we are treated to an incredible view of the nightscape that while mostly fixed to the naked eye… suddenly comes alive under Halverson’s care.

The central feature of the video is the Milky Way.  During the Summer, North Americans can get the best view of this dusty edge of our galaxy.  But I don’t think many would argue that of those of us in the U.S., Mr. Halverson may have the very best vantage point.

It is easy to take for granted the beauty that is all around us.    We live in a Universe that is awe inspiring and humbling.  There are billions of miraculous wonders that twinkle and shine in the night sky just above our heads every single evening.  We just need to remember to look up.  Go on… look up.

Watch Plains Milky Way below: