Girly Pink Ouija Board Causes Controversy

Hasbro games, the makers of the infamous Ouija Board “board game”, have introduced a new version of the classic conjuring “toy”, targeted directly at young girls.

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Now, while some may consider this to be a harmless sleepover game, others find the trend in “normalizing” the Ouija Board quite disturbing.  And there has been quite an uproar regarding this latest addition to the Ouija line.  Many people feel that the board is a dangerous tool, and if used casually, can open gates or portals that would allow all kinds of nasty nasties into one’s life.

Toy expert and consultant Chris Byrne more helpful hints of the pink Ouija, “… if something doesn’t fit your value or belief system, you don’t have to buy it….I think people are projecting their belief system on it.” currently sells the who does assignements.  Perusing the reviews shows the many people who are disturbed by the board.  The following are some quotes by commenters on Amazon.

1.  SHAME ON HASBRO….TOTALLY DISGUSTED!! Oh its so pretty in PINK…..NOT !!!!! To those of you who think this is just all in fun, just a game you should think again. Anything that encourages one to seek out the dead just opens a gateway if you will to all kinds of trouble and demonic forces.

2.  Pink Doesn’t Make it Less Dangerous I don’t own the pink version but I have owned and “played” Ouija Boards and know the background (and I own a Ouija Board now for my public speaking purposes but of course do not use it)…..There is inherent in using the board the possibility of demonic contact and influence, since dead people cannot be contacted. No one should use this Board, especially younger people. I am appalled that this is being marketed to tween girls! Please withdraw it from the market!

3.  Hasbro should be ashamed I can’t believe that Hasbro has come out with this product – utilizing a pink colored box to market this as a “cute” game for young girls. No parent should ever buy this for their child as it is not appropriate for their age level. Materials dealing with the occult should not be marketed as “toys” as they are clearly NOT toys and nothing that children should ever be allowed to play around with.

The next one I love just because of the title of the review.

4.  Buy this if you really hate your child Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, right? Why doesn’t sell automatic weapons or child porn? Because it is understood that these are very dangerous. Whether you believe in the astral realm or whether you believe in the power of the subconscious or neither, a little humility would suggest that there are things which you don’t understand and therefore it is a good thing to learn from the experiences of others and the wisdom of the ages, especially when it has to do with the well-being of a child.

And of course, there were more.  What do you think? What is the significance of an Ouija Board, or is there significance? Harmless game, parlor trick, or dangerous divining tool? I’m opening this one up for your thoughts in the comment section.