Photographer Captures Amazing Image of Space Station Near the Moon

Using a SLR digital camera, NASA photographer Lauren Harnett has managed to capture an otherworldly photo of the International Space Station in front of the Moon.

In the photo, the ISS looks close enough to the moon to collide, but in reality the moon was about 200,000 miles away from the station.

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Not many people realize that the ISS is viewable from Earth without a lot of fancy equipment.  The conditions need to be right and the ISS needs to be over your area in order to see it (this photo was taken as the ISS passed over Houston, TX), but then all you really need is a good pair of binoculars to make out the shape of the space station.

Taking a photo like the one Harnett captured is a bit more complex, but can still be done using a digital camera and attachments available to anyone.  She managed to get this striking image, which was about 240 miles above her head, using a normal digital SLR camera.

Would you like to become an extreme space photographer?  Here’s what you need an how you can get it.

The exact camera used by Harnett is a pretty pricey model, the Nikon D3s to which she added a 600mm lens with a 2x converter.  You can see all of the specs and purchase the Nikon via here: article critique essays on school safety

Using other attachments such as a 600mm zoom lens and a heavy duty tripod, the set up can be on the uber expensive side, but for amateur photographers, there are less expensive options.

You can get your hands on a Canon digital SLR bundle with zoom lens and converter for a fraction of the Nikon price.

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I would absolutely LOVE to see your pictures.  If you have a digital camera, go outside and get your best photo of the moon or any other part of the night sky, and submit it to  The best photos will be featured in an upcoming post, and the winner (chosen by me) will receive a $50 Gift Card!