Paul Harvey: If I Were the Devil

Many of you probably saw the Dodge Ram commercial that aired during the superbowl, which featured an essay by Paul Harvey called “God Made a Farmer.”  If by some chance you missed it, you can see it here:  willis family dating rules

Continue ReadingWell, Mr. Harvey was a veritable treasure trove of inspiring essays, and his “farmer” speech from 1978 was only one of them.  Some time ago, my friend Richard Grund of the Reflections in the Dark shared the audio from a 1965 Paul Harvey essay titled “If I Were the Devil”.  It unravels as a warning from the past and is just as pertinent today as it was all those years ago.  Please have a listen, and then scroll down below the video to check out some links to Mr. Grund’s fine work.

(Important note:  There were several versions of this essay delivered over the years, and some have even edited the original. This audio is from the 1965 radio broadcast. Futher, I’d rather not hear all of the conspiracy theories about how the Dodge commercial was covertly sponsored by Monsanto. I couldn’t give a rip about Dodge Ram or who the commercial was meant to benefit… The Harvey audio existed before the commercial and that is the point.)

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