Paranormal seduction: Lurid encounters with spirits

*Update 5/24/2014 – This article was written in 2009.  Since then, I’ve gathered some new information about the topic of sexual encounters with spirits, and just published a 2 hour podcast devoted to the topic.  If you have interest in this topic, we explore it in depth at the following link:   Beyond Extraordinary Ep 21: Spectrophilia Unmasked *

Stories about haunted houses and poltergeists are fairly common.  Nearly everyone knows of a person who has had a paranormal experience or a ghostly encounter.

But what do you do when the things that go bump in the night have a little more on their mind than flickering lights and footsteps in the hall?  For some people, it seems that their spectral visitors have an appetite for the sins of the flesh.


Henry Fuseli An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women (Der Alp verlasst das Lager sweir shlafender Frauen) 1810 © 2006 Kunsthaus, Zürich.

There is a long history of ghostly sexual encounters.  Stories of the Incubi and Succubi are familiar in many parts of the world. According to Websters Dictionary:  INCUBUS - A spirit or demon thought in medieval times to lie on sleeping persons, especially women, with whom it sought sexual  intercourse.  SUCCUBUS - In folklore, a female demon thought to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men.

Many theorize that nightly demonic encounters were used in the past to explain nocturnal emissions, or wet dreams.  But what if the explanation isn’t so simple?  And what about the people who claim to have had this experience….and enjoyed it?

Not everyone who claims to have had a sexual encounter with a spirit believes that the entity is demonic.  Some feel that these are simply passionate and amorous ghosts.  They often describe the encounters as starting gradually over a period of several nights, or even weeks.  For a few,  it continues throughout their lives!

It seems to start with tingling sensations in the feet and legs.  This sensation progresses differently for each case, but eventually the incidents culminate in what feels like a complete sexual experience.  Frightened at first, many claim to have become comfortable with the situation.  Some encourage its return.   Here are a few examples of people who claim to have had such experiences:

Every night when I lay down to sleep I can feel an invisible presence with me, touching me, sometimes it feels like electricity and this ghost or whatever it is, is making love to me. (Read more…)

What I am about to divulge has never been told to a single person. It was not until I discovered this forum that I thought this might be the place to get some answers. (Read more…)

My story goes back 10 years. It all started with sensual feelings when I would just sit on my couch watching TV or reading a book. I would feel an arm around me, warmth and comfort. This went on for quite some time. It would be followed by noises in my bedroom next door, but somehow it never scared me. I was used to strange things happening in our house.  (Read more…)

It was a warm summer day in July 2007 it first started. I was watching tv, when I felt something bump into my bed. I looked around and didn’t see anything. So I didn’t think any more about it. I was getting ready for bed, pulling the sheet down and got in bed. There was no moon that night, so it was pitch black in my bedroom.  (Read more…)

A very detailed account comes from paranormal researcher Greg Ashford. He claims to have had various experiences with ghosts that have seduced him.  He also speaks of ghost investigators that actually try to seek this out.  His full story can be found here:  Haunted America Tours

There are many forums online dedicated to such encounters.  One such forum can be found is  Paranormal Phenomena. People who have been touched or tormented by these night time visitors can meet in these forums and ask questions, share their stories, and find others who’ve had similar experiences.

Burne Jones

Burne Jones 1897

One of the most enduring stories of true paranormal encounters of a sexual nature is not quite so titillating.  In fact, it is downright scary.  This is the famous tale of  The Entity.

Doris Bither was shopping at a bookstore when she overheard a couple of men talking about the paranormal and hauntings.  She approached the two men and told them that her house was haunted.  It turns out that these men were paranormal researcher Dr. Barry Taff and his associate Kerry Gaynor.  On August 22, 1974, the two men arrived at Doris’ home.  As she described her experience in detail, the researchers learned that her attacks ranged from bumping into unseen forces, to being slapped by an invisible hand…and in the most bizarre scenario, spectral rape.

The men were very skeptical at first.  However, after seeing the bruises on her legs and inner thighs, and finding out that her children had seen these things happen (One of the kids even named one of the most prominent ghosts “Mr. Whose-it”) they began to take her more seriously.  They proceeded to do a full investigation.

Doris commanded the ghosts to appear.  She began to swear and curse the ghosts, which caused small points of light or “orbs” to begin forming all over the small room where Doris, the investigators, and their crew were all standing.  Thirty people witnessed these events.  A  green mist began to appear in the room.  The mist slowly began to take shape, and eventually started to resemble a male torso.  One of the researchers fainted.  Dr. Taff recounts the full story in complete detail at in a report titled, The Real-Life Entity Case.


This amazing story was eventually turned into a book (which is now out of print but can be purchased used here: The Entity ).  Then, a feature film starring Barbara Hershey and the late Ron Silver was released, re igniting interest in this strange phenomena.  The film, The Entity , takes some liberties with the story, but shows in graphic detail what the family went through during this ordeal.  In a strange side note, Doris took her family away from the house after the investigation ended.  She moved several times, and claimed that the spirit followed her to every location.

Original Trailer for The Entity

Strange as it sounds, these encounters continue to be reported.  It is impossible to know the exact cause.  Some say it could be a result of sleep paralysis, which causes people to panic and hallucinate.  Others say that it is just vivid or lucid dreaming.  But for those who have lived with the experience themselves, it is very real.

Whether paranormal sexual encounters are a product of the imagination, demonic, or merely frisky spirits, it is likely that people will continue to report that someone…or something comes to them in the night, and that presence isn’t simply looking to scare.





  1. Yikes, it sounded kind of fun until the entity story. How bloody terrifying!

  2. natalina

    My sentiments precisely. When I first started reading about it I was like, hmmmm. That sounds freaky but awesome. Then I remembered that terrible movie. No thanks!

  3. +18 encounter with unknown forces?
    Don’t know what to think about it and I haven’t seen the movie mentioned on the post yet.

    It could be good, it could be bad.
    Nut the explanation of sleep paralyze is quite reasonable, don’t you think?

  4. Well, hi there shadow! Haven’t seen you in a while. Hope all is well. I’ll be by to check out your site very soon. I bet you’re working on some great projects! I’ve directed a few people to check out your paper crafts. They’re phenomenal!

    I think you’re right, the sleep paralysis explanation fits but part of me hopes that isn’t the explanation!

  5. Well you know me, I’m certainly out there and probably a little too open minded, but the whole concept sounds great. What a wonderful experience. LOL

  6. Star Seeker

    My recent encounters began about six months ago and even though it has
    been happening off and on for awhile; I still tell myself it is just my imagination and that my body is just reacting to stress. I don’t feel hands touching me or see anything; it’s more of a tingling feeling or a sense of a rocking motion, also my lower body parts (I am Male) seem to move around even while standing and doing other things.

  7. I’ve been involved in this type of spiritual relationship for over 30 years, maybe more. It matured out in the open about 14 months ago and both me and my spirit(s) have been actively developing it ever since.

    I don’t know if this discussion is still open or if it’s just an archive. If there are any further enquiries here I’d be glad to answer questions in a tactful, PG-rated manner in a rational discussion.

    I’ve been actively researching this topic almost every day for over a year and have some interesting information, theories and links.

    • Mimi

      How can i get one?

  8. I love that pic of the horny devil over the voluptuous woman!
    I have a feature screenplay that deals with a succubus, her minion, and the man caught in between … I first concocted the idea nearly twenty years ago, wrote a very brief premise, then finally penned the entire script in 2004, and have since done a couple of drafts. It’s set in the south of Spain (in an alternate Granada, where I’ve been). I describe the story as “an erotic nightmare”. When I first envisioned it, I wanted to incorporate adult imagery, which at the time was rare, but now more and more directors are pushing the envelope.
    Say, have you seen Paranormal Activity yet? Would you consider reviewing it for your blog?

  9. Hi Bryn.
    Both me and my wife went to see Paranormal Activity in a large theater while our 3 kids went to see 2012.

    My wife and I didn’t think much of it, maybe because we’ve experienced some of the things in a similar manner. Maybe because it was hard on the eyes because the camera shakes like an ammatour – Blair Witch style. Some of the acting didn’t seem all that good which, along with the ending caused me and my wife to giggle under our breath.
    If I were to rate the show would be 2 out of 10. We found it less entertaining than any of the popular ghost hunting shows.

    But to the movied credit, there was a row of 17-20 year old girls sitting behind us, many of whom were audibly shaken. One in paticular seemed scared to her wits, almost screaming, wimpering and repating:

    “Did you see that?”
    “Did you see that?”
    “OMG Did you just hear that?” (Plus whimpering)
    I admit, her reaction only fed me and my wife’s giggling.

    So the movie obviously had value to some people but me and my wife wish we would have seen 2012 which they liked very much.

  10. kyle

    throw some vampires in and see if they could take me to a temple i always wanted the best and would fight use your imagination

  11. kyle

    its an oldy all the way around tats how i like it

  12. katrina

    Over the last 2 weeks I have experienced 2 encounters with a ghost of the sexual nature. She is the same ghost that my step-daughter saw Christmas eve. I have known of her being here for a little over a year now, but the first time I had an encounter with her I thought it must have been a dream – I am a female and so is my ghost! It happened again last night and I now know that it was not a dream!

  13. justatrucker

    my dad told me a story that my grandpa told him several years ago aboutan encounter he had with a ghost. he said that he went to bed and his wife stayed up, awhile after he retired he was woke up in the dark bedroom by what he thought was his wife getting on the bed. he told my dad that she and him had sex and he remembered how strangely cold her butt was as he grabbed it! anyhow, he did the deed and fell asleep. he was awaken some time later when his real wife got into bed! he asked her where she went when she got in bed and she told him this was the first time she had gotten in the bed that night! he was speechless! but he figured out what had happened fairly quickly! i dont know if it only happened that one time or not? he’s passed on now or i would ask him! my dad said he made it out like it was just a funny stoy. but my dad said it sounded true. grampa was a pretty serious man! not one to make up tall tales! this happened in solvang, california i think?

  14. Rev

    Is there something wrong with my unconciousness, or is it more? Some nights I find that, as I am just waking up in the middle of the night, I can feel my hand move, and have even been asleep for hours, and as i stir, I notice, I am masterbating, for hours sometimes. Even as i drift off to sleep again, my body doesnt stop moving my hand, and I find it embarrissing, incase anyone was to ever see that happen at night…No thank you..
    I dont know why I do this, and have noticed it occuring for the past year or so. Not only that, when ever i get to be with my girlfriend, she says at night, I would be biting things in my sleep, and heavy breathing. I read about the succubus and stuff, but I dont think they can physically make you do anything you dont want, other then by having sex with you, but what has that to do with my hand lol? Is it just normal unconcious urges, or something interferring with me? I wouldent mind knowing, but it feels silly to eve ask.

  15. Jay

    I haven’t had the courage to talk about this because of my beliefs and the nature of the experiences that I’ve had recently. On three different occasions that I remember I’ve been visited by some male presence. The very first time I was scared because I couldn’t move. I was semi-conscious at the time, and I remember that I was laying on my stomach. I could hear my dog whimpering…she sleeps in my room next to my bed. When I tried to turn over to see what the matter was I realized that I couldn’t move. Then I felt something like hands massaging my back. I was really scared and I almost had to fight to wake myself up all the way. That was about four months ago. A few weeks ago I was in the same semi-conscious state, lying on my back barely awake. I could see the television and hear the faint sound of whatever was playing on the screen. Then I felt hands caressing my breasts and cradling my head. The next feeling was a heaviness bearing down on top of me. Then I couldn’t really see, but I felt the sensations of sexual intercourse. I was scared because I was confused, but it didn’t hurt and the presence wasn’t rough. The latest encounter was last night. I was having a very sexual dream which was so vivid I woke up – or at least I felt awake. I was on my stomach and I could only turn my head from left to right. It was there, and it was having sex with me, this time it stroked my hand and held it. I’ve never been physically harmed by whatever it is…no bruises or scratches or violent or scary dreams. I do feel like whatever it is…it knows me. I don’t know what to do.

  16. Ashley

    Hi. I’ve been looking ALL OVER for a site like this! I’m in high hopes that someone will respond back to this. I’m desperate. I’ve always had weird things going on at night in my room since i was a little girl. Now I’m married and have kids. Its waking my husband up and bothers my children. Last night I felt a scary unseen thing touch me. It felt kind of like it had alligator skin rough and spikes on some it it. It touch my foot. I jumped up and screamed my husband cut the light on and nothing. later on last night i feel back asleep and I touch the side of my face and made noises behind my pillow. I’m very scared. and can’t talk to anyone but my husband about this. Can anyone relate to this at all? Thank You for our time.

  17. Catherine

    You folks should read the book
    ‘Otherworldly Affaires’ by Brad
    Steiger.It deals with situations
    such as these.It may seem really
    cool and awesome to be having sex
    with an invisible person but if you
    could actually SEE what is screwing
    you…you would totally FREAK!
    And NOT IN A GOOD WAY…either.:

  18. jonathan lessley

    hi my name is jonathan im a 19 year old male that has had many spiritual incounters but none were sexual most were neither good nor bad mainly i feel presences near me atnight or mydoor creaksopen that kind of thing a few times in my dreams im fighting demonsmanytimes íwake uphurting where in my dream was injured however there are no markings to prove ihad gone throughthe fight. i have also discovered an ability i have thatmy family calls clicking out i básically can diconnect frommy bodyandi enter a kindof automaed state as if some one else is driviñg the jonathan body otherthan me i will say thís though i am not one person but 7 i have 7 entities insideme éacha spiritall there own all bound to me they talk to me urge me todo things similar to skitsofrenia cant spell it but any way they can take control and i click out and they drive for a while ive lived this was since i was about 5please tellme im not just crazy and the idea of asucubisoundsgreat then again i may just want attention idk

  19. d

    intrestin site i am sure it is stuff that happens much more than we even know. For angels do exist,there is no way to ever deny this. d

  20. Dr Chrissy

    I’m pretty sure that most people that have these experiences are deluded
    and suffering from chronic mental illness of some form or another.
    All these things are simply an illusion and state of the mind.
    One such site which promulgates such rubbish and the belief
    in delusions and their existence is ‘My Succubus Love.’ (
    by someone that claims to be “Harry Holmes.” What an absolute “load of rubbish” and nonsense.
    All these phenomena can simply be explained as “sleep paralysis.”

    • Claudius

      Hi, Doc. It’s perhaps easy to explain away until it happens to you. Then, even you may seek more answers.

    • Mel

      Clearly you have never experienced something like this. How does sleep paralysis explain phenomena witnessed by more than one person simultaneously, or experiences that come when one is far from sleep?
      It doesn’t. Not even close.
      I’m sure I speak for many when I say your comment is rude, dismissive and highly uninformed.
      I hope you can refrain from making an ignorant jerk of yourself in the future and be grateful you haven’t had to endure a terrifying paranormal experience like this.

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