Not Haunted House Follow-up: The Full Story

Earlier, I posted an image of a house for sale in Canada featuring an unconventional selling point on the For Sale sign.  Rather than simply listing the home for purchase, real estate agent Jake Palmer decided to pump up the interest by stating that the home is “Not Haunted”.

After posting the photo, I decided to reach out to Jake to find out the true story.  Read more below.

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The truth will disappoint those of you hoping that the house had recently undergone an exorcism or deliverance.  Nor is this a case of a home that was rumored to be haunted by local residents.   Truth, in this case, is far less strange than fiction.

Jake explains that he’d been sitting on this listing for quite some time.  Shortly after Christmas, a buyer made an offer on the house.  The offer was accepted and the couple who currently own the home packed their items and prepared to move out.  Shortly before the date that the sale was to be finalized, the buyer backed out and forfeited the offer, leaving the homeowners in a pickle.

The “Sold” banner had to be removed from the sale sign in the house’s yard.  Jake details how difficult it is to reintroduce a house to the market after it was considered sold.    Potential buyers naturally presume something is wrong with the property.  The listing grew stale with little interest.  Thus, Jake had to get creative.

A couple of weeks ago, he met with the home owners to discuss strategies.  An initial attempt at garnering attention was to attach a “rider” (the little banners that are hung below a realtor sign) that said “Indoor Plumbing”.    The response was positive and the listing started to get attention.  Then on Monday of this week they changed it to “Not Haunted”.

The rest is history.  Photos of the sign went viral and Jake is optimistic that the cute little house on Douglas Avenue will sell.  I’m including a photo of the home itself and a link to the listing in case you might know someone interested in a house that is certifiably NOT HAUNTED!

Further proof that Jake has a great sense of humor is that when you look at the home’s listing online, the song “Brick House” byThe Commodores plays in the background.  Cute!

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