Natalina's Fiction: Tanglewood – Prologue

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a leap and post some of my fiction here on the blog.  Eventually, this is intended to be a novel, but I’ll be posting the story here as it develops.  Likely once I am finished, I’ll come back and delete these posts, but for those of you faithful followers of Extraordinary Intelligence, consider this your sneak peak!

Now, I’m already several chapters into this adventure, but I won’t post them all at once.  We’ll go piece by piece until it’s complete.  The reason I’m posting this story in public is really for selfish reasons.  I feel as though if I put it out here, I’ll be more compelled to see it all the way through, instead of fizzling out as I’ve done with so many other projects I’ve started.

Tanglewood tells the story of a young woman named Mirriam.   On her 18th birthday, she has a terrifying dream.  In the dream she is traveling through time, and encounters such horrors that she prays never to have this dream again.  As the story progresses, the dreams continue, and the question becomes…Is she dreaming?  Or is something happening to Mirriam that is beyond logical explaination?  We’ll follow her all the way through her twenties and into her thirties, and the truth will begin to unravel about Mirriam’s trials.  It is equal parts science fiction, horror, adventure, and thriller. It will contain some very adult themes and disturbing images, so be warned.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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Take me.  Take me in.  Take all of me.  All that I am for you.  Slam the stake of your flag through my chest and claim me in your name.  Without your brand on my flank, I am nothing.  I am no one.  In your absence, I am a ghost.  I will disappear.  So take me now, as I am.  I am yours.

Of all of the dreams I had as a kid, there is one that lingers in the back of my skull like a festering lesion from which a scab has been repeatedly ripped.  It is dream that calls to me in that sinister yet sorrowful way that a former lover might call out to the one that he’d horribly wronged.  I’ve heard both of those calls.  The clinging vision and the odious inamorato.  They both scream at me.

In my nightmare, I was on a journey through time.  Not Jurassic or futuristic time travel, but something in between; more like traveling to the places amid time or surrounded by time, where everything is in flux, and nothing is what it seems.

This is the place where specters roam.  This is the locale forgotten by clocks.  This is where my dream took me, and this is where at least part of my soul still resides.  Trapped.  Ensconced in primordial decay and blistering fear.

On the occasion that I had the bad fortune of visiting this destination, I was a mere eighteen years old.  An adult by some standards, but a kid in my mind’s eye.  I had no concept of the world, no grasp on the cruelty of life.  Strangely, I had already experienced more horror by this age than most encounter in a lifetime, but I didn’t recognize it as such, so starry-eyed was my countenance.

The place where dreams exist is sometimes more physical than anything explored in the waking state.  And in this dream I felt the cool breeze dancing through the sweltering heat.  I felt the sweat trickle down my spine. I experienced the hair standing up on my arms as I shivered. I heard things.  Awful things.  Sounds that make your blood turn to ice.  I tasted sweetness and spat out the bitterness.  The fact of the matter is that the dream was a sensory overload.  As palpable as you are to me now.  Because I can’t see you, we don’t even exist in the same dimension…not really…but I know you’re there as surely as I know that I have little time left to tell this story.  So, on with it then. No time for self pity.

Sometimes, we tell ourselves that we’re dreaming, or that we were dreaming, to hide from our own hearts and minds the things that we know are too much for our fragile psyche to bear.  Such is the case with this tale, so I’ll drop the illusory façade right here at the outset, and proceed with the details as points of fact, rather than fancy, and we can revisit their place in the cosmos or the natural later.

Coming Soon…Chapter One: Beast of Burden

Copyright: Natalina/ 2009