Natalina Returns to The Edge Broadcast with Daniel Ott

A couple of years ago, a crazy cowboy invited a bubbly blogger to be a guest on his popular radio/TV show.  The response to this first interview was so positive that she was invited back for a second interview a couple of weeks later.  A few weeks after that she was invited to co-host a few episodes, and radio magic was made!  That cowboy was Daniel Ott of The Edge Broadcast and that blogger was Natalina (me!).

Since those fun interviews, a lot has changed in my world, including the launch of my own show which has become such a passion of mine.  But I will always be thankful to the Cosmic Cowboy for putting the Wild Woman of the North on the radio.  In fact, Daniel Ott was one of the very first to put me on the air, giving me the bug to jump into the medium myself!

What a treat it was last night to be invited back to The Edge for a fun collaboration with Daniel as we discussed trending topics and current headlines.  It was an interesting conversation that ranged quite a variety of subjects from chemtrails and GMOs to eugenics and the current political climate.   And because it was The Edge, there were a few honorable mentions to flying humanoids, orgone blasters, chronovisors and jump rooms.

If you missed the show, it is now available for download here:  (scroll down to the August 29th entry where you can download a full audio version of the program) janssen priligy

You can also watch the full broadcast on Youtube below!