Natalina on The Mind Renewed with Julian Charles

corporate writing servicesIt was an absolute honor and pleasure to be invited as a guest to The Mind Renewed podcast hosted by the wonderful Julian Charles.  I’ve been such a fan of this podcast and Julian is a magnificent host.

I was actually quite humbled that he asked me to appear on TMR, as I find most of his guests to be quite dynamic and intelligent people, so I wasn’t sure how I’d fit in.

But, Julian made me feel right at home.  He is at once professional and entertaining.  He jokes that he has the standard British “stiff upper lip” but I have found that he’s quite charming and warm, while maintaining an integrity and structured approach that make me want to be a better podcaster.

During our conversation, Julian and I discussed issues ranging from my testimony to the New Age and Occult at large.  I do hope you’ll take the time to give it a listen, and please be sure to bookmark the website of The Mind Renewed, as you’ll find endless hours of fascinating material in Julian’s archives. To listen to the full show, please click the following link:

This Site

From the show description:

Our guest this week is the one and only Natalina, host of Beyond Extraordinary Radio and blogger at, who joins us to share her unique and moving testimony.

Once an adherent of various New Age philosophies, Natalina began the Extraordinary Intelligence website as a place to chronicle her search after truth, which at the time she was pursuing through investigations into the New Age and the Occult. But, although her website gained considerable attention in alternative and paranormal circles, everything changed for her when she had a remarkable encounter with God, since when she has devoted her life to Jesus Christ, and her website changed to become a ministry devoted to exposing the New Age and helping people to understand the world from a Christian worldview perspective.

Interview notes to accompany the program can be accessed here: