Natalina on Canary Cry Radio

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Recently, I had the pleasure of being asked to appear on one of my favorite podcasts, Canary Cry Radio with hosts Basil and Gonz.  You may recall, I had these fine fellas on Beyond Extraordinary not too long ago.  If you missed it, you can listen here: Web Site

In the Canary Cry interview, we discussed a pretty wide variety of topics; from my testimony to the recent Dianne Reidy congressional outburst to ghosts and UFOs and the dangers of the New Age.  We also had a few laughs along the way.

Canary Cry Radio is one of the best produced podcasts available in the fringey fringe genre, and I truly was honored to have been invited.  I do hope you’ll take the opportunity to listen to our episode, and check out the rest of the Canary Cry archives for countless hours of information, edification, and entertainment.

To listen to Natalina on Canary Cry, click here:

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Natalina on Canary Cry Radio