Natalina Gets an Interstellar Makeover!

Last year, I was entered into the elite archives of those who received the Rano treatment.  Dennis Rano is the man behind, and his claim to fame is that he’s created fabulously fun caricatures of nearly everyone who’s anyone in the field of Ufology.

My first time being Rano-ized was a fun experience which I blogged about here:  ambien cookbook Kansas

Now, Dennis has upped the ante by creating a caricature that features yours truly as well as my trusty sidekick King Solomon the cat on a galactic voyage across the stars.

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Look at that nasty “alien” trying to get inside my flying saucer!  Solomon and I aren’t having it!

Check out all of Dennis Rano’s work right here:

You can even buy a Natalina coffee mug right dating site writing profile!

best website to get answers for homeworkDenis Rano’s Bio: I am a former member of The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists who became fed up with the politics of politics: “They don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves… Republicans or Democrats they’re both the same!”  So I turned my talent of caricature to those who watch the sky for visitors from other worlds. Ufology’s top experts, researchers and abductees are featured. Debunkers are also included, after all you do need to hear from both sides!


Check out my original caricature below on the left.

As I mentioned, Rano has created some great caricatures of the best and brightest in the field.  One of my faves is the world famous George Noory of  Check it out!!