Natalina as You've Never Seen Her Before!

Well, I really feel like I hit the big time now.  I’ve joined the ranks of people like George Noory, Art Bell, Dan Aykroyd, Dr. Michio Kaku, and many more in that I’ve been caricatured by Dennis Rano of tramadol euphoria WV!


And he captures my likeness perfectly.  Somehow he knew that one of my favorite pastimes is to take a stroll through the galaxy in my little yellow flying saucer while enjoying a martini.  (No worries, I always use autopilot when I drink and fly!)

Thanks so much Dennis!  This is so fun!

Here are a few of my colleagues in the UFO community that have been immortalized by Rano.

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ZECHARIA SITCHIN: Best-selling author promoting the ancient astronaut theory of mankind's origins.

STANTON FRIEDMAN: Nuclear Physicist-Lecturer who has challenged S.E.T.I., issued a challenge to the Air Force to debate their best ANY TIME and ANY PLACE.

Dr. EDGAR MITCHELL: The sixth person to walk on the moon he has said, "We all know that UFOs are real; now the question is, where they come from.".

GEORGE NOORY: Became the host of Coast to Coast AM in 2003 when Art Bell retired.

Many thanks to Dennis Rano at!