Mystery Creature in the Woods

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My friend Angie and I went on a nature hike today that lead us through all sorts of forested areas that we’d never explored previously.  It was fantastic and a little scary in some places.

Toward the end of the day, we were poking around the area of a coulee behind some buildings, and the entire area just seemed weird.  In my opinion, there was a strange vibe.  Since it appeared we may have wandered into some private property, Angie returned to the car while I spend a few more minutes wandering around.  The whole purpose of the hike was to find some great photo opportunities, as photography has become my “thing” lately.

After a few more minutes, I started to get a creepy sensation that I wasn’t alone, so I headed back up the trail to where Angie was waiting in the car.  Before completely emerging, I saw an old looking shack/shed with a pile of wood beside it.  On top of the woodpile was a weird shape.  Initially, I thought maybe it was a piece of drift wood from the coulee, but upon slightly closer inspection, I determined that it was an animal.  A dead one.  The grass was pretty high and I was afraid of snakes or whatever else might be lurking in the area.   I got as close as I dared, and snapped a photo.  Then I sorta bolted the rest of the way back to the car.

What’s odd is that whatever this animal is, it wasn’t a skeleton and it wasn’t in a state of decomposition.  It almost looked mummified. Even the eyes were still staring blankly ahead.  What the heck is this?

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The creature had clearly defined back legs but no visible arms, although there were little stubs that looked almost like fins where the arms “should” be.  I couldn’t tell if it had ears at one time or if the ears were just tiny.  Here’s a zoomed in look.

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Help me out.  What kind of animal is this?

Scroll down for a few other photos I snapped in the area.

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