Mysterious object looms over the Pyramids

On April 20th, a strange Unidentified Flying Object was captured on web cam hovering over the Pyramids at Giza. The image was captured by Click This Link.

Strangely, the Pyramid Cam stopped working after the image was captured, and has not been working since.  Take a look at the mysterious picture below:

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This is the notice on their site as of April 24th: What you see above is one the last images produced before connectivity was lost again at the hotel in Giza. We will probably not be up again until Sunday. It’s a very interesting image from the 20th of April which shows something in the frame which we can’t identify.

I am going to add to my link list, so we can all keep an eye on the skies over Giza.  When the cam is back up and running, that is!  What do you think that object is?