Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport

Blue Horse Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport

In 1995, the Denver International Airport opened its doors to the public.  What the public saw in this enormous compound was breathtaking, confusing, and….weird. The murals and monuments at the Denver Airport have caused great concern for travelers and researchers alike.

Before we explore some of the Denver oddities, let us take a look at how the airport came to be, for the very construction of the building is shrouded in as much mystery as the end result.

Normally, when a project of this magnitude is undertaken, one contractor will oversee the construction from beginning to end.  This is to ensure a continuity of the original vision, as well as eliminating needless argument over the way a work site is handled.  A series of sub-contractors will be hired to carry out the plans set forth by the main overseer.

In the case of the Denver International Airport (DIA), a far more unorthodox approach was used.  All of the work was done by sub contractors, who were hired to do a small, isolated task, and then they were let go at its completion.  Indeed, these construction workers were dismissed from the premises the MOMENT they were done with their work.  This was done in an effort to secure the fact that no single company or person ever saw the complete vision of what the DIA was to become.

At one point during the construction, five large structures were completed, and then determined to have been incorrectly positioned.  Rather than demolishing them and starting over, or adjusting the structures, they were buried, and the construction was started anew on top of the old structures.

Learn more about the problems that plagued the construction of the Denver International Airport in the following book: Denver International Airport: Lessons Learned

The end result was a massive compound, that when looked upon from an aerial view, sits precisely in the shape of a swastika.  The aesthetic oddness does not end there.

Blue Horse Statue Murals and Monuments at the Denver AirportOutside the Airport stands a 32 ft tall statue of a rearing blue Mustang.  This horse has alternately been referred to as “Bluecifer,” “Satan’s Steed” and “Blue Devil Horse.”  So striking and disturbing is this statue, that it has prompted petitions and organizations to sprout up, demanding its removal.  The sculptor of the piece was an artist named Luis Jiménez.  Strangely, he was killed while building the statue, when it fell on top of him, severing an artery.  His sons completed the project.

(Scroll to the bottom of this article for a March 2013 UPDATE on the blue mustang!)

Those who study the Conspiratorial aspects of our Government, have noted that the Mustang bears a striking resemblance to a horse associated with The Montauk Project, a secret government program linked to mind control and other fantastic claims.  The Montauk Project is connected with the Philadelphia Experiment, a case of time bending disaster carried out by the U.S. Military.  Both the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment will be explored in further detail in upcoming E.I. posts.

Within the great hall of the DIA is a capstone, commemorating the construction and completion of the project.  In the center of the stone is the Masonic symbol of a compass, along with a dedication by the “New World Airport Commission”.  Several groups have investigated this organization, and found that it is unique to the DIA.  No other airport has been connected with such a group.  Of course, this has raised the blood pressure of more than a few conspiracy theorists, who see the connection to the phrase “New World Order”.  And of course, the rest of the building does nothing to lessen those worries.

Freemason capstone Murals and Monuments at the Denver AirportThere are mysterious writings on the floor throughout the DIA.  One phrase carved into the floor is “DZIT DIT GAII”.  This is Navajo for “The Mountain that is White”. There are several other areas on the floor that simply say “Mt. Blanca”.  What could this be referencing?  Well, one theory is that if the Masons were in charge of the planning of this building (which they clearly were involved given the inscription and symbol on the capstone), then it could be referring to Mt Blanc or White Mountain in France, which is where the Knights Templar signed their charter.  Freemasons trace their lineage back to the Knights Templar, so the connection seems to fit.   At Mt. Blanc, one Templar wrote, “They gathered to form a New Order”.  Interesting?

Also inside the great hall are a couple of Gargoyles, whose presence in an Airport, or inside any building that isn’t a church or temple, is quite odd.  Gargoyles that are not designed to divert water runoff, (their original purpose) are actually called chimeras, or grotesques.  They are said to ward off evil spirits.  From the looks of these two, it appears that their purpose is to ward off the evil spirits of lost luggage.

gargoyle Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport

The most intriguing and arguably the most disturbing aspect of the Denver International Airport are its murals.  These bizarre paintings seem relatively bright and cheerful at first glance, but upon closer inspection, are quite odd.

One of the murals is called “Children of the World Dream of Peace”.  Awww, isn’t that nice?  Well, it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that the mural depicts genocide, famine, military oppression, and death.  Hovering over the “children of the world” is a grotesque alien-like, Nazi-esque,  gas mask wearing uniformed figure, who is in the act of spearing the Dove of Peace with a giant sword.  He is surrounded by women holding dead babies.  There are dead children lying in coffins, and kids with swords wrapped in their nation’s flags.  The mural is covered with images of war and death.

Another mural features children surrounding what appears to be a “new messiah”, offering it plants with some sort of magical or mystical quality.  The whole thing strikes meas weird and morbid.

leo tanguma Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport

Artist Leo Tanguma says he cannot understand how people find hidden messages in his mural on environmentalism. Image: Jim J. Narcy

In fairness, I will include here that the artist of these murals,  Leo Tanguma, says that the murals are about environmentalism and preservation of Earth.   He says that as a Christian, he sees the murals as his sermons.

“The first part of the environmental mural is about the ways that humans destroy nature and themselves through destruction and genocide. The second part is about humanity coming together to rehabilitate nature and revive their own compassion.” Tanguma is quoted as saying.

*editor’s note:  I’ve heard that the murals are now covered up, although I cannot confirm this.  A recent email from a reader who just passed through DIA says they are still on display.

With that said, the murals and the giant blue horse are not the only items of intrigue.  There are many reported anomalies about the DIA.  One is the frequent occurrence of cracked windshields of planes.   Some have speculated that this is due to an abnormally high or low frequency pulse that is being emanated by the airport.  According to, there were 13 windshields that cracked in February of 2007.  The official reason is supposedly high winds, although there is no explanation as to why high winds have never caused such a series of cracks at other airports.  It is still considered a mystery.  In December of 2008, a plane with a mysterious crack in its fuselage actually burst into flame on the runway, injuring several passengers.

Also, there is the matter of the property surrounding the DIA.  After the completion of the airport, the property on its outskirts suddenly became “hot property”, and was bought up by a who’s who of the wealthy and important.  The Queen of England is reported to have purchased some property near by.  Why?  Well, this leads to the final theory that we will explore.

Some say, that there is an underground base beneath the DIA.  Phil Schneider, a government whistle-blower, claimed that in the last year of DIA construction,  a vast eight level deep underground base was constructed below the compound.   He also said that there is an unusually high electro-magnetic frequency emanating from below the DIA.  What does this have to do with the Queen of England?

Well, some speculate that the area below the airport is intended to be an enormous bunker, designed to shield the elite from some sort of an impending catastrophe.  And “ark”, if you will.  Then there are those who say it is a military base, where Top Secret experiments are being carried out, right under the noses of travelers.

Whether or not there is something sinister afoot at the Denver International Airport, there is no doubt that it is a bizarre and somewhat frightening place.  Visitors of the airport often complain of feeling uneasy and distressed when inside the walls of this building, which one would think is the exact opposite reaction the builders would want for an airport.

MARCH 2013 UPDATE:  In Denver, public art generally stays in place for five years before the city’s Commission on Cultural Affairs considers any requests to remove it.  February 2013 marked the 5 year point since the big blue mustang was erected outside the DIA, and many residents have been petitioning for it to be removed.  Not likely.  NBC news reports that city commissioners have no intentions of removing Blucifer, despite a large amount of public criticism.  On the other hand, the Denver Post says, “The sculpture is — in the true sense of the word — remarkable.”  So there you have it.   Full article here:  Despite criticism, Denver airport’s ‘Devil Horse’ sculpture likely to stay

May 2013 UPDATE:  The excellent website IntelliHub has recently shared an interesting account of how DIA is confirmed for use as  a Continuity of Government facility.  From the site: For the first time, a whistle-blower from within the Denver International Airport confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located on the airport’s property.  Read more here:  Denver International Airport Whistleblower: Continuity of Government Plans Exposed

Mysterious Murals and Monuments at the Denver Airport




  1. Jesus, this is some freaky shit. I’m not big on conspiracy theories but this place is just so damn weird. Those murals are really not appropriate for their surroundings. How very strange.

    Good find Natalina!

  2. natalina

    It really creeped me out, Cheryl. It’s clear that SOME kind of message is being sent with this building. I intend to visit this airport myself one day. It’s on my Bucket List!

  3. Caveman

    I used to fly in & out of the old “Denver Stapelton Airport” but I have never been to DIA. I have told people that if they come through DIA to take a cab, bus or rent a car, I do not nor ever will set a foot at that place. I have no problems with other airports in Colorado just DIA. “Caveman”

    • chip navarro

      the only problem I see is the one in your head…..

  4. Anonymous

    i worked at dia and i was underground as a ramp agent but there was alot of security in places that you wouldnt normally se them.

  5. Lance

    I drive a commercial truck for a living. After making a delivery in the Denver area I made my way to the Sapp Bros truckstop to wait for another load. This truck stop is in a suburb of Denver called Commerce City; it is 12 nautical miles from DIA. After parking my truck, I got out to go get some food. As soon as my feet hit the asfault they had this freaky feeling like the whole ground was moving. Moving like one of those back massage chairs, but it was the whole area. I could not hear it, just felt it. Thinking that I had lost it I ask a worker if they felt it, they replied that they didn’t. I had to reassure myself that it just wasn’t me. So I grabbed a two liter bottle of Pepsi and put it on the ground. I waited for the disturbance on the surface from moving it to subside. Sure enough, like in the movie Jurassic Park, there was a vibrational pattern on the surface of the liquid. I was still freaked out and decided I should sleep. This was around noon and when I woke up around 18:30, I stepped out of the truck and the feeling was gone. Was it me or was it something else? I am a high functioning autistic with an IQ around 140. I don’t miss much of what is going around me, and usually can figure out the source of anything that seems strange. This I could not. After looking at various maps of the geography and it seems that the truck stop is right on the edge of the same geography as the airport. I would like to know where the water table lays and if this causes the back flow of vibration to cause a resonance in this area. If I am in this area again, I am going to stop again and see if I can still feel it. The address is 7120 E 49th Ave
    Commerce City CO 80022 if anyone else is interested.

  6. Colleen

    Like you, I am a very intelligent person. I am on the watchman’s wall. Unfortunately, there are many skeptics walking around the universe. They have been blinded by the bliss of ignorance. It has been several years since I visited the Denver Airport. It did not seem strange then. Nothing seemed to be amiss. I believe this might have something to do with the Mayan 2012 end-time prediction. This Mayan prediction has no basis, for God is in full control of planet earth. I think the DIA murals are indeed sending a subliminal message to everyone who views these strange and chaotic images. I heard an underground tunnel underneath the airport is of vast size. Probably would accompany several million people, if there were to be some global calamity. I really think these conspiracy theories are no longer theories. Our world is vastly changing everyday. The climatic moment will be when Jesus comes back to this earth to take home His elect. Jesus is coming very soon! We need not worry what tomorrow might bring, for we are safe in His arms.

    • wanda

      I’m totally in agreement with you Colleen. I was at DIA last fall. i found those murals to be very disturbing. I think they might be a depiction of things to come.

  7. Mz

    I just watched the latest episode of conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura “apocalypse 2012″ and they talked about the underground tunnels under DIA and they talked about those murals but they didn’t talk about the blue horse, but while they were driving on the road they zoomed in on it.

  8. I flew into Dever once, but don’t remember much about it. However, by looking at those murials…they don’t exactly say “Come Fly the Friendly Skies.” More like “You’re going to die.”

  9. Cindy

    well Colleen you have the right idea there are underground highways going to the west coast and all over. that is what Lance was feeling and seeing with the 2L Pepsi experiment.. I have one concern , why would you bring Jesus into this. You are godwoman just like jesus was a godman. These people creating this mural are showing you that you don’t own that or even know that. that is the joke on us. See they know it but choose to take all power so we the people are viewed as dispensable. I used to believe that jesus was coming back but i have new knowledge much more empowering than waiting for christ to come back. When christhood is available to all who go within and to find what is so devine about human kind that they feel an need to control us at every level and being very bold and outright forthcoming in their intentions and deeds. Peace and love to you Colleen…thank you for you comment that allowed me to express this knowingness. Besides those who do these deeds are having it all come back at them in this energy on earth now. Let’s watch them fall.

  10. Norah

    I want to go to DIA to go see this mural, not that i dont believe it but, i want to go see them a little closer up. This is very strange and something is going on there.


  11. Nick

    I think the German boy is the Anti Christ in the picture because he’s wearing the same type of glove. Remember, that they are planning to pull a stunt to con everyone into joining a world government.

  12. Abby

    Colleen, I find irony in the fact that you described yourself as a “very intelligent person” and yet brought up the subject of a non-existent deity as the all-powerful creator of the planet. I find stupidity in your post and would not consider you to be a “very intelligent person”.

  13. Savant 2


    You sound like a person of faith to me. Do you realize it takes more faith to believe there is no God than to believe that there is?

    “Non-Existent Deity”??? Even Satan believes in God, Abby.

    Savant 2

    • Teresa


    • Savant 2,
      I totally agree with what you’ve written here in response to Abby, as I personally DO NOT believe in atheists or atheism, the Bible says ALL have a ‘conscience’ (Romans 2:15) and even if they ‘say’ they don’t believe, God’s Truth is embedded in EVERY one in some form or other. Not only does the devil delude folks, but non-believers, agnostics, etc. delude “themselves” the most. When Judgment Day gets here, the Word says they Will be “without excuse” (Romans 1:20). Nuff said.

    • Sakeeta

      Um you really are stupid. If God doesnt exist, neither does Satan. You have no brain!

    • Re: ” Do you realize it takes more faith to believe there is no God than to believe that there is? ”
      That’s NOT an intelligent thing to say, but it’s not nearly as silly as ” Even Satan believes in God”.
      The Satan myth is merely a subset of the God myth so can hardly be used as evidence that god exists. You might as well say that “Even Hermione Granger thinks that Harry Potter’s real”.

    • BeBopRockSteady

      You’re kidding right?

  14. Jesus is coming; I have no doubt about that. Prophetic signs are showing up left and right and it is certainly not an elaborate, man-made play being performed in a worldwide theatre. I’m not a genius, nor am I a dimwit. I am working on my Doctorate degree (for whatever that is worth) and have been on the Dean’s List & Honor Roll at various educational institutions along the way. I have looked at Christianity from both sides of the coin and studied theology extensively. Starting out as a skeptic, I am now a full-blown believer. The more you educate yourself, the more the criticism fades into obscurity.

  15. Dave


    @Eric: That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

    @Savant 2: Using Satan to prove God’s existence to an atheist demonstrates really poor logic.

    @Abby: Belief in something that can’t be empirically proven, be God’s existence or lack thereof, does not make one stupid.

    @Cindy: …WHAT? lol

    @Colleen: You’re really not making a lot of sense there.

    @Lance: I think you had been on the road too long. The sensation you experience could easily be explained by disorientation from an extended stay behind the wheel and the ripples in the liquid by vibrations from nearby traffic. If there were some local geological phenomenon centered at DIA, seismologist would have picked it up and there would have been reports all over the city.

  16. michael

    I have lived in Colorado all my life and the Mt. Blanca deal is about the huge mountain rimming the San Luis Valley here in Southern Colorado named Mt. Blanca. It’s a beautiful but sprititual mountain as well. The Hopi have named it one of their 5 sacred mountains (Sissnajini) and state that when the world perishes in 2012, persons residing within the 5 sacred mountain areas will be spared from destruction. Also many UFO’s and black helocopters and black “baby” jets (about the size of a small car) have been seen around this mountain as well. There is also talk about a secret military underground base at the foot of Mt. Blanca as well as ancient “lava tubes” that travel underground throughout the southwest. There are also suppose to be underground waterfalls larger than Niagra Falls in NY state. A very interesting place.

  17. Kay

    I heard this on the radio. I’ve never heard of this nonsense before. But its freaky and strangly weird. I do not belive in it. Mayans, think about that. mabey they didn’t have enough room on the calander.

  18. Micky

    well,,once again,you have me intrigued and I WILL most definitely be looking further into this…never heard of it b4 now,but,I WILL know where my mind rests SOON!!~THANK YOU!!!

  19. Micky

    David – I like your style man! But what did I want to say????? Ummmmm………. Oh yeah before I so rudely interrupted my own train of thought by reading your responses….Jesus MIGHT be coming and he may be the only one on the spaceship that speaks English. lol Thanks again Nat!

  20. I live in the Netherlands and have never been to the U.S. of A.
    The last years I’ve been wondering about the masonic caracter of the buildings and cities in the USA.
    To me it looks like a ‘story in stone’.
    If anyone wants to know more about this subject there are three documentaries on the web explaining a bit about the masonic origins of America. You must look through the christian bullshit and focus on the facts given in the documentaries.
    You can find them also on my weblog The Dutch Perspective.
    They are:
    The Secret mysteries of America’s Beginnings (or The New Atlantis)
    Riddles in Stone
    The Eye of the Phoenix (Secrets of the One Dollar Bill)
    The murals in DIA belong to the masonic riddles in stone, just as the cathedral of John the Divine
    What is the Secret Destiny of America?
    Do you know?
    Contact me at The Dutch Perspective.
    Roland from the Netherlands

  21. Anonymous


    • Logos

      READ THIS BOOK…”THE HOLY BIBLE (KJV)” By God himself through his “People.” Even the Holy angels said that Jesus would return the same way he left after the resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God the Father before several of his peoples who were witnesses. Enough of this Anti-Christ, Anti-Bible, Satanic Pride Shit! You are the one that needs to WAKE UP. You are asleep. The battle is not with flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities, rulers, and authorities, spirits of wickedness in high places. Learn to pray and live a life that is Christlike. Jesus is the way. Some will die and take up their cross as Jesus did. Some will be caught up that are alive at the greatest literal event in history, “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ as King of Kings, Lord of Lords.” Were did Bill Coopers fighting the police get him? Dead with his smoking gun in his hand? Is that the way. Self Defense is great but not all police are bad. There is still a remnant of God that have not bowed the knee to BAAL. Sorry for the long reply, but, you need to know that Violence by the people is not the answer. That is what the military and government are supposed to be for. To protect us from our enemies like these luciferian illuminati new age secular humanistic brain washed scum. The wicked will perish. “For God so loved the world that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life(Joh.3:16). God Bless us all.

      • Logos

        Don’t ever try and tell people what Jesus meant until you know yourself! Let the Holy Spirit lead you when you read it and ask for wisdom. What are you gonna say when Jesus literally comes back if your still alive or not when he does? Oops I misunderstood what you meant?

        • Logos

          We need to pray for our enemies, love them, and bless them. We should also do anything we can to make a difference legally. I do agree we should get off our butts and do somethings that we can. God Bless you all.

  22. they just but a 26; tall statue of the jackal-headed Egyptian Anubis, the god of the dead, up at DIA.

  23. look, i don’t understand what you all are arguing about. you all have different levels of the knowledge here, and none of you know enough to argue about what does or does not exist there. yes there is a base under the airport, yes there is very high electromagnetic and other forces going on down there, certain equipment, certain procedures etc are the cause of that. yes it is worked in by both human and non human beings, yes this has been going on in hundreds of bases around the world for decades and decades. yes yes YES! yes the guy who felt the ground ‘moving’ was really feeling that. the ground wasn’t literally moving, but there are many people who easily pick up on other forces around them, they are ‘sensitive’ to it. As much as having faith in something is wonderful, please just leave Jesus out of this. From the bits and pieces that are not changed by ‘man’ in the bible, what is in there is largely SYMBOLIC. Don’t forget that most of the ‘first hand’ info from the bible wasn’t written until nearly a decade AFTER his supposed…SUPPOSED…death. I hate to burst anyone’s cyptic messed up mind boggled way of learning from the churches, but the people who bow down to a mere mortal man at a building only meant to line the pockets of the vatican every Sunday believing he/she is touched by God in some way just because they applied for the job of a priest and got it, have really got to get their brainwashed head out of their butts. the church has lied to you since day one!!!! and if you get your knowledge out of a book and get taught you life lessons from someone who hasn’t lived in the real world, then you better just get prepared for a rude awakening. Symbolically Jesus will come down from the sky, in his chariot of fire (as so many of the bible had)…let’s all think for a moment… above so below. what is below us…..WHO IS BELOW US…..wrap your head around that and then think who else could come from the sky in a chariot of fire, and no it won’t be ARMAGEDDON like so many think…..anyway, no point in arguing. people will see when it starts to happen.
    Peace to everyone. Love to all.

    • Annon,

      that is a nice job in spilling a cleaner version of the truth here. Jesus as historical figure and perhaps mixed DNA guy who went against the ruling powers, sure. But when you read the
      Sumerian scrolls and Bible and this and that, it all sounds similar. And then a real plausible
      scenario of spacecraft and “gods from the sky” (like Jesus is supposed to do soon) coming
      to this planet and setting up infrastructure that keeps humans misinformed, enslaved and
      generally dumb as shit would be a real nice gig. When someone’s dumb head can’t get
      around the fact that they really aren’t that smart and they have been tricked to stay on their
      knees their whole life in return for the ridiculious conjecture of some far off really nice place
      where there isn’t any badness and everybody is nice and really funny and …..wait are you
      fucking kidding me? that sounds like a four year old’s mentality. You break it down and it’s
      really, look…umm…I am from the sky, i can do space travel and I am here to extract gold
      which enables me some serious omnipotence, while…hmm..let’s see you guys here are
      running around in animal skins, ok…wait, how about I slave you out, you mine the gold
      for me, I will breed you in various ways to maximize value, and I will instill a code that all
      humans will obey for general operational smoothness. Thou shall not steal, thou shall not
      bear false witness, thou shall not! For I am a wrathful god (or space dude that is way smarter
      than you tomato growing humans) and I will punish you. Master/Slave paradigm that exists
      today. Put enough morons in the mix and if the mind control doesn’t take, you will still have
      to wade through a billion “goody goody” slave morons who think they know something you
      don’t to get to truth. jesus was a bad boy, he even said that you may have to go against your own mother or father. he was probably a rogue who had both human and alien DNA, wanted to
      stick it to his father or the system. The original rebel. The tamed his legacy out for all the dummies to copy him as a meek do gooder. Then after a life of servitude, you get cashed
      out for nothing. Ever notice how white (alien looking) people are highly technological and
      seriously wealthy, whereas people of color are far more often broke D broke. Didn’t germans
      decide, hey, let’s smoke a bunch of non-Aryan people in the name of ethnocentrism. They
      had no problem killing what 8-10 million people. uhhh…where was jesus then? that was
      not a critical enough situation for him to involve himself? His flock? Face it you idiot Christians,
      you are not whole, your minds don’t work properly, you are slaves. Your boy Jesus is gone
      daddy gone. And ask yourself, why would anyone save you? From what, yourself? wake up.

    • Logos

      Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

  24. SImon

    lol since everyone is enjoying themselves making conspiracy theories, here’s another one for ya. (Note: I made this up. This is not based on any evidence.. before I get in trouble ;op. Any resemblance to any actual event is entirely coincidental)

    The idea of new world orders has been around for thousands (literally) of years. Countless rulers have aimed to gain global dominance. In most cases, desire for power and influence has attracted the sewer scum to the top of the ladder.

    Organisations such as the masons have had foundings buried way further back than that, unless they just happen to resemble far older groups they aren’t intentionally copying…

    Example.. at least 5,000 years ago (yes 5), there was a large trading port in the middle of the med. Nice place. Because of it’s position it acted as a gateway to europe, asia, egypt etc and became incredibly rich. Cultural influence and learning from across the nations were focussed here. Because of their wealth, the island became incredibly influential. Heated thermal vents allowed the water to be heated. Art and culture flourished. Less on that place now. A big bang put an abrupt end to it.

    Even back then, there were groups struggling for power around the world. Religious leaders developed sick practises to exert their power over their locals.

    The educated and influential from this island however saw the growing influence of religion and the frequently twisted behaviours that were encouraged with many, and the wars that ensued.

    Remembering that they were well learned, familiar with navigation, history, medecine (not quite todays variety lol), they saw fit to “unite the clans” and establish their own world order.

    One figurehead began the job, uniting people from around the world. Of course, sooner or later things didn’t go so well to plan. Power hungry individuals in a european nation aimed to take control of this religion, using propoganda and media, or force where necessary. Shortly before things came to an unfortunate end, the figurehead attempted to steer people away from the organisations, encouraging free thought, freeing them from the worst possible influences and deceit.

    Sounds like another Dan Brown book eh lol.

    Re: Flowery pictures, I could be wrong but wasn’t there supposed to be some variety of pine or something? :)

  25. SImon

    Re: Oppressed feeling, don’t read “evil” into it. I know the sensation. It’s related to polarised electromagnetic fields I believe.

    If there is a conspiracy thing going on maybe the bods down there are prepping for the axis shift which is about due ;op

    Solar flares are a bummer when not shielded ;op

  26. SImon

    Guessing there’s lot of peeps around familiar with global locations and odd buildings. There’s a few bits I dreamt about a while back but have a funny feeling I’ve seen them somewhere. Travelled a fair bit over the years, so hopefully someone can nail them down for me to a location.

    Location 1: Huge stone pyramid ahead. Only oddity is a big stone cross on the top. There’s a fair bit of scrub dotted around, but other than that it’s desert. There’s a reddish / orangy coloured stone hill or something near the pyramid (bigger than the pyramid).

    Location 2: Moving out the desert. There’s water everywhere all rushing down a huge waterfall. If it’s nearby it must be a main river or something – maybe lake? I think I saw a pine tree or something sticking out the side with something shiny on it, so maybe towards the med?

    Please let me know where this is. It’s still bugging me. :)

  27. this is retarted I live in denver and I travel out of DIA all the time and I have never seen any of these murals on the wall so fuck off all of you conspiracy douche bags. find something better to do with your pointless lives.

  28. natalina

    I can assure you that all of the murals and statues etc are part of the DIA and that the photographs featured are from within the DIA itself. People can draw their own conclusions about what they mean or if they mean anything at all… but facts are facts and these things are part of the DIA. Plain and simple. Now, I did read somewhere that the murals have been or will be removed due to complaints by travelers, but I cannot confirm that. Would someone else be willing to add info here regarding the murals current status?

  29. johny

    lately ive been seeing and hearing alot og things that are going on.and i really dont belive that its a counsidence. there is a god and their is a satan. god has had his plan. and that for all of his children to accept him as their father and savior so that the day that he comes for his faithfull children, they wont have to go through THE GRAN TRIBULATION period. satan also has his plan and its to make shure that most of us (gods creation/ children) will not belive… satan has been planning for decades for the new world order where he will introduce the anti-christ after THE RAPTOR and in the beggining of the THE GRAN TRIBULATION period. satan will want everyone to accept the “mark of the beast” or the chip that is already out.
    recently i went through DIA and ive noticed some of these these murals and objects at DIA. i realized that this was all the works of satan trying to controll our minds through our sub concious part of our minds. all established at DIA through secret elites that own DIA.
    *the blue horse with red eyes
    *the murals
    *the NEW eyptian god of death statue (Anubis)
    the bible has been written for decades and all the revelations and prophesis shown in that book are starting to occur…
    * dreams by various people
    * evangalism around the world
    * natural disasters around the world
    * the new world order (DIA is appart of)
    * gods glory over averyone in the churches

    the fact that your reading this isnt a councidence… God is comming soon and he wants to reach to you before its too late. i know i did recently did and my eyes have been opened.
    i beg you to please look into this…
    if you have any sort of questions or comments please email me at

  30. Mikey gwaz

    I believe that all the creatures from Fraggle Rock are the ones making the noise under the Airport!! They are having daily parties and eating special icecream!!!

  31. natalina

    I will give you this Mikey… it is just as likely that Fraggles are responsible for the underground activities as it is that there is NOTHING secretive whatsoever going on at DIA. I’d say that those two items have about he same likelihood. Thanks for sharing your insightful opinion!

  32. Pamela

    The Denver airport is indeed a creepy place. And as if that blue horse were not enough, we have the God of Death there too now. (You can google it to see how ominous looking it is.) Here’s a little bit to add to the ongoing subject matter: I was driving my mom to the Denver airport via the toll road. There was no traffic to speak of so we pulled over onto the shoulder to let her dog go potty. As soon as we pulled over, as if by magic, a van labeled “State Farm” (insurance) pulled up behind us and had flashing lights like a police car going on. He pretended to be doing that as a nice gesture to protect our car from behind but we were in the middle of nowhere with no traffic and there was no need for him to do that. It seemed very odd to us. My mom and her dog were only a few feet from the car and we were not obstructing any movement of other cars at all. It’s a huge, wide open space on that toll road. And it took only seconds for that van to appear behind us. It had to come from somewhere after seeing us pull over so how and why did it get there so fast? We were eerily freaked.

  33. Bob

    Someone got it wrong. Fraggles don’t eat ice cream. They eat radishes, Doozer-sticks and lima bean soup. The likeliness that Jesus (who never existed) “comes back” is the same likeliness that there a bunch of Fraggles (Gobo, Wembly, Boober, Mokey and Red, possibly others) having a party beneath the airport. Not to mention the Gorgs, “eh”?

  34. catboy9

    The lunatics have taken over the asylum… for those of you who do not follow imaginary bronze-age beings who live in the sky, or for that matter under earth, may I just point out the mural artist’s website , in which the artist himself explains the symbolism of the mural. Time this species grew up and started using that spongy matter between it’s ears.

    “You all need to work it out for yourselves. Don’t let anyone tell you what to think. You’re all individuals” Brian of Nazareth

  35. Adam Branson

    @Nick Mead: I lived in Denver from 1997 to 2001 and the murals did indeed exist then. Just because you have never seen them does not mean that they were never there. Whether or not they mean/meant anything is another matter.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’1388504925 which is not a hashcash value.

  36. The bunkers are not for a any disaster in 2012 or any other date, there is no end of the world coming, except for the off world race of criminals masquerading as the monarchy, royalty, oligarchy, and corporatocrasy in human hybrid bodies. As we become more honest and truthful with ourselves and our surroundings they have less and less room to hide from the police (UFO’s) that are searching for them to take them back to their home planet for justice to be meted out.

  37. Cdex

    I thought the horse was a great sculpture.. as for “feeling uneasy and distressed when inside the walls of this building”, that’s bull, it was one of the nicest airports I’ve ever been to.

  38. sunshineinurface

    NICE with the Jesus bashing except that there are facts on this page, it almost nullifies the whole space. BTW, WHAT other book is being played out? WORLD GOVT., chipping, etc? WAKE UP Trying to dis Jesus in know way changes the fact WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, you are living in the WORD and the times of the end. To say otherwise is assasine…..GROW UP

  39. person

    umm that is kinda weird because i live in denver and been to dia but, never seen any of those pictures

  40. Tee

    What if your god is a construct designed to feed off your energy. For example.. just imagine ALL deity’s are actually the same source of evil. If your praying, worshipping, meditating on this deity your feeding it. Ever wonder why the world gets worse not better, theres your awnser. I beleive in an unseen energy of magnitude uninmaginable, but I don’t see god as a person, just merely a powerful energy source we were all once connected to.

    Why would you be under the impression you MUST have someone who will save you, or you need to worship, That’s rubbish and probably why we are in this mess in the first place. Wake up, stop giving your power to others, and stand up in numbers to fight this. There’s so many more of us than them. Fix up people.

    The bible seems to state some truth, in what we are witnessing today, but what if the bible wasn’t written by honest holy people, what if infact it was written by those in power making the prophecies come to light in reality?

    I’m just throwing your options for food for thought, we don’t question enough, and this dark era is the age of trickery. Don’t fall into the trap, remember evil will pose as good. Those in power are a PRIME example of this.

    The elite few, have technology beyond what we know, lazer holographic deception that they can air in the sky, to make you think your second comming of christ is here, which will in my opinion be the antichrist.

    Go back in history, hitler and the jews, like ISRAEL and palestine, remember when hitler offered jobs to the jews but said they must shower first. Offering work, and cleaniness. Then gassed them all. This is what I’m talking about.

    QUESTION everything.

    Look at the kids of today, alot of them can’t smash ice out of the block without technology buttons! Technology is designed to stop you thinking, and when you stop thinking, you become dumbed down, an in affect a total zombie. This is very achievable with getting in the water supply and the food.

    BE calm and stay cool, we’ve got help, it’s already here, you just have to know where to look for it. I’ve been seeing ufos every night for over 8 months now. There here fixing mother earth, for big changes are comming. They won’t leave us to die out here, there existance depends on ours. We have to do as much as we can, then I believe they will meet us half way.

    GOOD LUCK, and love to you all out there.

  41. Phil

    Well first my credentials, I. Q. of 134 took that in High school. But mostly I am a normal joe, five years in the navy, submarines even. Born and raised in Minnesota, and currently going to college there. 25 year old punk kid basically in this day in age. FYI also a gamer so yeah. Anyway like some of you I watch Jesse Ventura’s show about Denver and what not. And what I would like to ask all of you is were will you be when this all goes down if it does, and is that the important question because, are you the person to change the world, can you get into a “safe place” to avoid anything, or are you just in a cog in the great clock of life. My guess is most people fall into the last category, so what can you do. Well you can’t fret about it, or you’ll go insane, and by that I mean you will just get frustrated, and that mite lead to anger, and that mite lead to depression, or you mite just get off at one of those stops and stay that way. But if you try to plan for both events, if it happens or if not, by just deciding weather or not you will still be a productive person (if you hurt anyone by trying to do this though then you negate trying to be a productive person), mite either save yourself in this life, and who knows maybe in the after life if you believe in one. Because what we know is if something does go down, there will be a catastrophe, and what side of the metaphorical “Gun” will you be on. I now there’s some of you out there that would say survival of the fittest, but what if you kill that one person that saves thousands or billions (no matter the unlikelihood of that because no one can tell the future) for the survival of human kind, then that would negate your logic of survival of the fittest, we would become less fit because you did its best to try and survive without hurting anyone. The best way you can do that is just to avoid those kinds of situations and possibly find others who are doing the same. You could say that is a utopian society but really if no one wants to kill or push anyone bellow them so they can get higher, then there is a tranquility about it. Maybe I am over simplifying this though. Like this will never happen because people aren’t like that, but are you sure that no one in the world would act like this, that you would be the only one…Anyway speaking biblicaly for a second, the end of the Christan bibles at least tell about an end (not to sure about other bibles), and we know the universe will end eventually or even if it is everlasting, chances are the earth is not. It speaks of anti-Christs or bad people in power. So it would go back to trying to make the society better and which side of the proverbial gun that you would be on. For use to be a lasting being we need to learn how to get along with each other, most people would say there will be a technological boom as long as we don’t kill ourselves first and if we can get past the environmental problems that we do already or would face. And also we know that there are profiteering people out there so are you willing to follow those people just because they promise you specifically a safe place or are they really noble about their cause to save humanity. That’s one of the questions that I plague myself with by the way. But isn’t that the question who’s side will you be on, with the bible, with survivability, even with religions that don’t specify good and evil like Buddhism (but with that I think there is still your either with the stream of life or against it, right). If you want to look for sings and want to say weather you disagree about this thread or not, the more important issue is to know whats right and wrong, even evil people know the difference. So is this Elitism that this “bunker” right or wrong. Still kind of asking myself that one, but my gut is leaning toward wrong, because it kind of goes back to the survival of the fittest view.

    Anyway like most of you I only know tid bits of this and that, and really like most of you, I only have a scattered view so I could be completely talking out of my ass. And I was fazzled by this and just wanted my opinion out there for others to see. Remember the most intelligent being on the planet is the internet and if your view isn’t there then it will most likely be lost.

  42. The murals at the Denver airport are ALL about the Bible prophecies… all of it (symbology) can be traced back to the bible, the occult, and the prophecies. The secret, is that there is no secret. They know what is going to happen and layed it out in the murals…. this is just another case of predictive Programing

    you can read all about it at

    or alternative link at

    God Bless all…

    May the Lord Jesus Christ save you

  43. Phillip Yungk

    Take a trip to Denver international airport in June, 20 23:09 2012, I plan on it :p…Totaly shocked me when I watched, Jesse ventura conspiracy theory, the one about the end of days. So I have $20 on this date :p Watched it cause I though Jesse was an awesome Governor. And I live in Minnesota. And I would totally vote for John Stewart from comedy central for anything. Seriously like the show though, both of them.

  44. trish k

    I think people need to wake up, and realize what is going on.
    Stop with the ignorant comments and jokes, This is NOT a conspiracy theory it is what is really going on. Research the georgia guidestones that is what the names of the murals are named after,There is MUCH more to it than this,The bigger picture is they want us to guess its organized confusion,The masons have been around forever so have the illuminati, the REAL illuminati were scientists that questioned the church and were concedered heretics they went against what the church believed in and that is set rules for humanity, we all have divinity in us we all have so much power literally within ourselves research the third eye pineal gland. THEY dont want us to know the truth about ourselves so they supress us, they POISON our food with gmos put fluroide in our water Bomb our people have economic hitmen go over throw other countries goverments, THEY want us to be scared about 2012, research what is called the harp its is a machine that produces weather hurricanes tornados etc. DIA is weird strange but there is sooo much more that meets the eye please take time and read about the pineal gland about the eye or ra about the vesica pisces about the meaning of pi and the rothchilds they are just like the egyptians, LOOK FOR SYMBOLISIM IT IS EVERYWHERE!! this is a crucial time we are going into the change from pisces to aquariaus we will either EVOLVE OR DEVOLVE they know it, its not about disaster people dont worry they will do it not the cosmos they want us to be afraid, we cannot fear we need to live in love and be its the law of one we are all connected, we can change all this if we stop living in their ILLUSIONS sorry about the rant but we all have to come together as one not “united we stand divided we fall” think about the meaning behind that.

  45. Chris S

    Email me because I want to know everything about the Denver Airport Murals and stuff. . Thanks

  46. waterfall

    I just have to say I pray for us all! I know most of us can feel the tention of this whole thing. If we could’nt we would not be commenting on such? I feel a strong pull in my spirit to pray. I read some of the comments on here and they were very interesting. But as always something comes in to knock us off our square. Please take time out to listen when you read each others comments so that we can stay on coarse to get to the bottom of this it’s not just one person this will effect it’s all of us just think about it?


  48. gypsy

    look the real issue here isn’t whethr god (or jesus) is real. the issue is whethr or not there is a bunker under DIA. it’s starting to look that way to me, and the murals and the other symbols are just pointing the way. something is coming, some big event that has alot of people all over the world worried. most people don’t even realize why their uneasy. so if there is a bunker it woldn’t surprise me a bit.

  49. btb

    notic that the bird-like gargoyle is comeing out os a suitcase to,that could mean the nukelyar football that the president is allways with wich he can type nuke codes in to fire them soo it might represent mutation from a nuke blast.

  50. john

    i have heard about this, and its kind of wierd to place this in a airport. “yeah, i get to take a ride in a plane that took off from satans horse.” by the way people, the world gets worse because Man makes it worse, not God, and how can one belive in the devil, but not the Lord? The king of kings, Lord of lords is real. His name be Jesus Christ(God in flesh to save us from our sins.) The holy Ghost(God in spirit.) and God, in God form. He is all one, not three. The global elite (rich bankers, pupet masters of presidents) im sure you heard of them, are trying to run this world by deciving us. Twin Towers is an example of an inside job,(also prophicied in the bible, read revelation 10) God is warning us of what man and the devil is and are going to do. Its a warning to let us know his time of coming back for the meeting in the sky(the rapture.) Trust me, i know his time to come back and take all the true belivers back with him is very very soon. Just look at all the phrophecies in thhe bible that had unfolded in the last 100 years. Get ready, stay strong in the Lord, chose Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour. Jesus loves you!

  51. Great video first off, Second that solider doesn’t look German, to me he looks Arabic, note the Persian style sword and AK-47 not very German if ya ask me, also the uniform color almost exactly matches middle eastern style military dress???? anyone with me here? third Ive come to grips with the fact global cataclysm is gonna happen some how sometime in the future, but what it comes down to, I’m not scared to endure the same fate that has every other human beings name on it, this is clearly rich people being selfish enough to believe themselves better than an apocalyptic death, when clearly there going to be the ones that have to deal with a fate much worse than a awesome scenic death, A slow horrible repulsive decay is what there going to be cursed with, and i think there ludicrous and absolutely fucking retarded to waste there money on such a futile attempt at survival i mean meteorites move mountains for fucks sake, the bunker will probably be under fucking water, that bunker is not gonna do shit even if we succumb to nuclear holocaust i don’t want to live in that world fuck that go ahead, I’m gonna stand up and die proud, of my life and my time spent enjoying life not wasting my final days trying to avoid whats not in my power to control.

  52. David Pursley

    From what it sounds like, none of you really know what you’re talking about. How can you chose to just sit on your asses and complain to one another about whether or not God/Jesus/Satan is real? It all just seems extremely unimportant to me. You’re choosing to rely on opinion’s that the people in your lives have told you all of your life, instead of actually thinking for yourselves. Now, I don’t believe in any deities, but I do believe in humans, and I do believe that we are capable of extraordinary things. And any of us are perfectly capable of this, if you just take the steps to make it that way. You people that post your I.Q.’s on here and giving your opinions on the matter, that has nothing to do with anything. Only your experiences in life and grant you true credibility. I long to meet someone of TRUE Courage and TRUE nobility and TRUE selflessness. They just don’t make them that way anymore. People like that died out long ago. When the opportunity arrives for me, I will not back down and I will fight my hardest to protect the people I love and care for. So if this underground bunker really is preparing for a cataclysm, an all out war between other countries even or for the extinction of the human race, I’ll be there and I’ll be pushing my limit to do whatever I can to protect my family and friends. I hope that you do too…

  53. N.W.O STAGE 3

    Yes that is right they were painted over .

    they are no longer there just as the statues will fall before the actual date . By the Men THEMSELVES

  54. I Laffe

    This has to be the best ever comedy site ever!

    Thank you all for cheering me up from the post-holiday blues!

    Is this all written by one person or are there many of you contributing to this?
    Either way, the comedy of Brooks, Reiner, Kovacks, pale beside these wonderful rants!

    Truly hilarious; great stuff !!!
    Thank you again!

  55. Just another reader

    I’m willing to believe its what they say? what i am not willing to believe is that the airport looks like a swastika. I’m not willing to believe that if it is a doomsday refuge there will be anything like the bells and whistles that the murals portrays. If there will be pandemonium do you want a huge ENTER HERE sign in your layer? Do you want a top secret place that supposedly nobody is talking about , to have lots of clues to anyone with a conscience? NO. If like the Cheyenne mountain guard says all hell breaks lose, they need to not have people panic and come to the bunker and break their way in. Well its not very secret now is it? they have a show on it and other websites not just this one.
    Its probably a mystery what will happen, yes, i for one think the mayan calendar resets like ours does. In 2000 ours reset from 1999 to 2000. (999 to 000) Their calendar depicts a lunar year, an earth year and lastly a sun year. This is the dec 31 of the SUN on 2012. So we should have a party rather than worry and complain of our inadvertent death.
    Who doesn’t want to survive a calamity!?? But there is no sure way that it will happen in our lifetime, so this airport could be just a precaution by people with too much money. Hell if i was a multi billionaire id be getting a bunker ready. What would i gotta lose if nothing happens? nothing.

  56. That’s a very creepy airport. You did a great job telling us all about it. I have a blog called Creepy Finds which has a piece about the Denver Airport with videos included. I posted a link to this page when I got to the part about Bluecifer.

  57. Melly

    This was great! Really entertaining stuff.

    Im not saying I believe or disbelieve any of it – I love to talk about possibilities and probabilities!

    Lots of you have atrocious spelling and any references at all to your IQ made me giggle, but at the end of the day, at least you appear to be thinking outside of the square and that’s an admirable quality these days!

  58. Wow

    This is crazy. First of all, Stapleton airport was 65 years old, in the middle of the city (very loud) and only had three runways (DIA has six). They can also accommodate any jet in the world (Denver also has a lot of flight traffic being pretty much in the center of transferring flights).
    Okay, the murals… the artist made those showing a hopeful message of brutality to peace. It’s a two-part mural. The second half the children of all nations come together and beat swords into plowshares. I’m not even going to go into the other ones because it’s ART. An artist expressed feelings and people love to transform it into how they view the world (which is what art is supposed to do, invoke different feelings in people.) I grew up in Colorado and have been to the airport many times. It’s a nice place, I like being there a lot more than other airports. I was always excited actually to go to it as a kid and still don’t mind it. A lot of beautiful artwork is in the airport and people love to twist it into some doomsday place. Too much time on people’s hands.

  59. TheHumbleOne

    Ddon’t be scared people by all this.

    All is connected to an old Indian prophecy & end of the world.
    It would take me a lot to explain all of the hints of this false prophrecy… this is like a puzzle but easy to explain when you know it.
    The G. builders think they got the “light” but they are only worshiper of the devil and they know nothing about their own destiny, but times now are times of change, and it is getting very close like a thief in the night.

    Please don’t put your trust in the men, for there’s will be no salvation except through YHWH god, read the bible and be careful about so many religions are doing what is bad in the eyes of God.
    Take the 10 commandments i.e., almost all of the religions are supporting wars, and not true Christians.

    For every person who call the name of God will be saved, just ask yourself what is the name of GOd.

    Take care,

  60. Proud Canadian

    I just got back from a winter vacation (driving) and took the long way home to my Canadian province through Denver. I took that route specifically to spend some time at the DIA. I have been studying articles and photographes of this airport for quite some time now and managed to get some of my own photographs and make my own observations.

    Walking around that airport for several hours creeped me out. I’ve been in many international airports and this one was deserted … like a ghost-town. During my hours roaming around the main terminal, I am sure that only 1 flight came in and 2 left.

    Then I couldn’t help but to notice in the murals all of the nazi connotation. The soldier with the gas mask, the Jewish girl in the coffin, the poem written by the 14 year old Jewish boy in the corner of one of the murals, the children of all cultures bring their weapons to the boy in the middle of the mural who just happens to be a German boy. Then you have this German boy smashing a sword with a hammer. Numerous times in scripture the sword is refered to as a symbol of Faith and Truth. I have seen photograhs of arial views of that airport and from above, that airport resembles a swastika. Throw into the mix that there is a huge poster inside of the airport outlining some present work being done underground at this very moment. They are building an underground railroad for underground trains. It all sounds pretty familiar to me!

    I’ve heard awhile ago that due to so many questions by the public and so many people trying to figure that airport and it’s contents out, that the process of painting over and touching over some of the murals has started. This is true and is happening now. Some of the photographs I have taken show that clearly. I am glad I have the photos that I do before they are either totally covered over or even removed.

    My personal thoughts on the DIA are that it is very strange and something is definately being prepared there for future events. I also believe that our governments and the “elite” are the ones planning it. Just as they’ve planned and are preparing other things like … the numerous U.S. concentration camps that have been built in almost every state … the chemtrails (which they now are finally admitting to) … the 911 orchestrated colapse of 3 towers of the World Trade Center … the H1N1 scare and convincing millions of fearful people to take the shot … and on and on.

    This all brings to mind something that Hilter once said … “if you can instill FEAR into the people, you have control over them.” Things that make yah go hmmmmmmmmm.

    Thanks for the space.

  61. helen

    I believe from the dreams I’ve had for the last seven years that the world will be shaken however the bunkers they are building will not save them and it will not happen in 2012 but in 2020 . I do believe in Jesus having been cured of cancer by him and hope that those who don’t believe or know him will open their hearts to him even in the last milliseconds of their life.

  62. B. Right

    It’s amazing what a few loose connections and casual observations can turn into given an open forum.

    I’m a Colorado native and have been to DIA more times than necessary to count, each time stopping to look at the murals in question. I admire the bold use of vivid color and contrast, along with the images of death and rebirth. My family and myself have given a lot of thought to what these represent and our theory may astonish you:

    IT’S ART

    The beautiful thing about art is that it is open to the viewer’s interpretation. So even though the artist (who is of Mayan descent) used imagery and icons from his culture to create this wonderful work symbolizing the destructive past/nature of our species and the prosperous and peaceful future we can look forward to, throngs of jet-lagged travelers and irritated chauffeurs who glance at the same work of art will claim that it is a view into the artist’s dream of genocide. Come on people; would any of you be so quick to get up in arms about these murals if they were in an art museum instead of an airport?

    And the gargoyles? While they could be technically considered art and open to interpretation, this time they are not. Anyone familiar with the construction of DIA should recall the atrocity that was their “new” baggage handling system. The gargoyles are to protect traveler’s luggage, and possibly a tongue-in-cheek reference to the original baggage handling system, not a reference to Lucifer or whatever retarded Illuminati conspiracy you heard from that homeless lunatic that hangs out downtown.

    This “Chicken Little” syndrome is getting ridiculous and you should all be ashamed for promoting this level of panic and ignorance.

    Also, please, for the love of god, take a grammar or at least spelling lesson before you post your asinine theories.

    • natalina

      Thanks everyone for making this such a hot topic here on E.I. I really value all of your input, pro-conspiracy and con. As with everything on this site, I try to remain neutral, but I certainly appreciate the dialogue.

      I do have one question for the most recent commenter… while this is a blog and the tone is more casual than a formal news source… I don’t think my spelling and/or grammar were all that bad in the article. I was an English major, after all. Not perfect, mind you, but did it really warrant a “for the love of god”??? ;)

  63. underbunny

    Colorado Springs Native, 37 years.
    If you see something suspicious, it is suppose to be seen; suspiciously. The second it’s seen, look in the opposite direction; especially at night. In the air-space here, there is constant work going on up in the (ERROR) air. Satellite supervision and direct energy weapons satellites. Everybody down here is on an automatic curfew and to busy to look up. If something seems to be seen suspicious- o well. We all use to it and no time to bother reporting it. All who know of NORAD knows that’s old school hollowed out mountain; too, it is the underground hub for all underground coast to coast interstates. Now all hear this ” UNDER THE PYRAMIDS ” Is where all the secret society’s stem. The Alien Blood Strand is so undetected we all know it as- Blond HAIR BLUE and green eyes red and of course~ THE reptilian man is equal to no man. he-he contraband spread government issue code red window Paine stained glass that got that ass under mind control– SLOW DOWN HILLBILLY- drink your Chardonnay- ALL DAY everyday—-

  64. Proud Canadian

    OK folks, let’s play nice in the sandbox. We all have our opinions on this and I keep an open mind on the subject of the DIA. For me it boils down to how I felt at the things I was seeing while checking out that airport for myself. In all honestly those murals and other things in that building disturbed me. I use to walk around in a lala state ignoring things happening in the world but I’ve taken my head out of the sand and see beyond my own little world now.

    There are things happening in this world (all over the world) that are definately happening at the hands of a group of people (the elite) and maybe I as one person can’t do a thing about them but I personally am prepared for anything … prepared spiritually. My hope is that the general public … the trusting people of this world start questioning some of the events and odd things taking place and hold someone accountable. There is no doubt that those behind the construction of the DIA … “the New World Airport Commission” is outright rubbing something in our faces and we are too gullable to question it, not yet hold someone accountable. My thoughts on the subject … thanks for the space.

  65. interested

    I think the blue horse stands for the blue flu that is coming from pouring that liquid over the oil spill People are getting sick

  66. B. Right


    I apologize if you thought my comment was directed at your article, it is well written and not riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and for this I can respect yours and theories much wilder. I was in fact referring to the visitors that post comments for or against your theory that have a tenuous grasp on the English language.
    Crash Course:
    If their plane boards over there, then they’re going to move.
    If your suitcase is packed you’re going to be on time.
    It’s great that the plane and its pilot are here already.


  67. esa

    Hey everyone. This story and all these comments are very interesting to me. I am somewhat new on all of this and I would love to talk to someone who knew more about it. I am researching more on the dia, the destroyer star and georgia guidestones. I am Christian, but I am also very new to that too. Would like to talk to anyone that could explain more this to me. Sharing your beliefs are also welcomed. thanks you can e-mail me at thank you

  68. natalina

    No sweat B. Right… I was just being sassy ;)

  69. interested

    Blue Devils-350th Infantry Regiment-88th Infantry Division-Blue Devils

  70. CC

    Hi Everyone, No matter what man tries to do in all our wisdom, we cannot ran away from the judgement throne of GOD ALMIGHTY. Build the tunnels, GOD says the earth will vomit whoever is in it. To all mankind, judgment is coming, give your heart to GOD ALMIGHTY and you will be saved. God bless you all.

  71. GreenZamboni

    No one can deny that there’s SOMETHING going on with the vibration of our dear planet Earth…and it’s negative in nature. The bible speaks of a firey end and the mayans spoke of a new begining. Truth is, in some ways they are both right. We, humans, have been manipulated and interfered with for thousands of years and if we don’t break away from the comforts of materialism and it’s distractions, we are at risk of losing everything. LOVE is the gateway to “God” and what the controlling entities don’t want YOU to know is that YOU too are a God. You(we,me) have the ability to collectively create (or destroy) ANY kind of world we want. We have the power to start using science and technology for the good of mankind. We are given freewil and the choice. Either we are going to live in love and the truth and transcend spiritually, together for our human race…or we are going to ignorantly, apathecitally fall hard and succomb to the controlling negativity that is sucking us dry(and not in good way!). Either way boys and girls…CHANGE is eminent. What’s it’s gonna be?

  72. whatsnext?

    My turn. Here’s my THEORY….
    1. The world is undergoing massive change very quickly due mostly to expansion, (Think Expando Earth Theory). Japan and New Zealand are only the beginning folks. Due to increased sun spot activity this years hurricane season will be bad, storms will continue to be bad and earthquakes will increase in frequency and intensity. Do a little research. TPTB know this to be the truth but aren’t necessarily sharing that with the rest of us, not enough room (only between 10% and 20% of ALL 6.8 billion of us will live) at the inn and we don’t have enough to offer post apocalypse. Too many “feeders”. Their preparations have been going on for years (Georgia Guidestones).
    2. The Denver area has been forecast as a safe spot to be during the upcoming upheaval which is why the underground city has been built under the Denver airport. When the rich and powerful start to fly to the airport but don’t leave it’s a good time to start looking for your own safe spot (they’ll probably be flying into it in the middle of the night). Why Denver? It’s high up (Mile High City) and blocked by the mountains (tsunamis) on the West and far enough away from the Eastern seaboard and the New Madrid fault line (Tearing due to expansion. 4.0 earthquakes in February) to be safe.
    3. TPTB always give a clue as to what they are up to, usually through symbolism. The DIA is rife with them. Look at all the 911 symbols in movies and elsewhere PRIOR to 911 happening ( 911 was designed to limit our freedoms (increase their control) pre and post 2012).
    4. The current economic turmoil was created so you’re too poor and preoccupied to do your own preparations (look at the future maps, post 2012 and Pole Shift so you know where to go when the SHTF).
    5. Once the “herd has been thinned” i.e., most of us are dead, and the Pole Shift is complete, i.e., the earth has been reset (Mayans) TPTB want a way to control the rest of us. Think collapse of the dollar, new monetary system, RFID (Revelations). Since your dollars and stocks will be worthless, and you will no longer have a retirement account, better stock up on silver and gold. They’ll be worth their weight in, well, gold when the dollar is worthless.
    6. Better have survival supplies, food, water (6 months) and a plan on where to be and how to get there (see above). Once we’re in 2013 everyone will be on their own unless you either are or want to be part of the system (look up Living Off The Grid). You can bet a huge army is going underground with them. They’ll be rounding us up once we’re on the other side (FEMA camps).

    Good luck all. See you on the other side. This is only a THEORY!

  73. angelmommy

    Never been there, not sure I’d want to. I do believe however, that the elite’s in government and the VERY wealthy know already that they have a safe haven underground. They’re not worried. $$ talks. God will have the final say. Run but you cannot hide from God.

  74. J

    All religion aside…they leave their mark as a sign of their dominance over humanity…by way of their “BIG CLUBS”. Which is the same clubs they use to beat you over the fucking head telling you what to believe,what to do,how to live your lives,when and what to eat,and how to view existence and reality. George Carlin had a few things to say about this.

  75. J

    OU University has one of these blue horses with fire light red eyes. What does this glowing red eyed horse symbolize?

  76. FrankTalk

    I am in my 80.s a Veteran and have been a serious student of History/Religion/Occult/UFO /World Order/2012. yada-yada and know for sure if anyone wants to find answers that put it all together for them especially as far as 2012 is concerned, the questions and answers were recorded by the Sumerians over 3.000 years ago and have been ignored by mankind, and “buried” by religion,s since.

    My suggestion for most answers to the principle question of who WE ARE and where we ARE GOING [2012] is do yourself a big favour, open your mind and look up then read Zacharia Sitchin Book’s “The 12Th planet” [best seller for 40 years] is one that would be a good one to start with, then you can make up your own mind. — lets face it that is the way it should be.

  77. CUBD1

    If anyone has any personal information on DIA or Colorado underground bases, please write us at Citizens for Underground Base Disclosure, We’ve been researching this for over 15 years. Eye-witness accounts are the most important step to finding the truth.

  78. I think the DEVIL has pretty much taken control as prophesied. Everyday I come across something else new. For example – same sex kissing on that prime time TV show “Glee” and this new iPhone app that is supposed to be released at end of March called Ghost Seance. I have heard it is really designed to summon spirits – I dunno freaky stuff if you ask me that this is being marketed towards kids!

  79. branwen

    Bottom line, if there wasn’t anything to hide, why doesn’t the airport have a representative talk about what’s with this airport, and show people??? If it’s government or otherwise (the wealthy) orchestrating this, I would imagine this is why no word about letting the common people know anything…And as for GOD and SATAN…for those of you who wish to understand an interesting and easy read, try THE BOOK OF THE LAW….it tells of the foreboding we’re now facing daily..and it says that (the original Gods, not Jesus which is a COPY CAT STORY TAKEN FROM THE EGYPTIANS)-try reading about Osirus and his family…they were the original Jesus Mary and Joseph story…you can also see it in Bill Mayer’s (sp?) RELIGILOUS film….as for the conspiracies, please, even CAPONE had UNDERGROUND TRANSPORT FOR HIS WOMEN DRUGS AND GUNS!!!!!!!!!! It’s no secret, we’re just not ‘digging’ deep enough to bother getting arrested to find out…Even Jesse Ventura tried w/out much success, but I love the guy for trying at least!!!!!!

  80. Joe T

    Since the dawn of mankind we have looked to the nights sky in wonder. Imagine what you would think if modern science hadn’t yet given us the handful of answers we do have. If you didn’t already know those dots of light in the sky were distant stars, what answers would you come up with? No one knows for sure what answers our ancestors came up with. Those answers have changed and evolved with time. But one thing most people can agree on, is that those answers gave birth to primitive religion.    But religion is like a game of “broken telephone” being played over the span of thousands of years. Think about it, when we played that game as kids, the messages never came out the same in the end. We either changed the message for our own amusement or misheard it and passed on something entirely different. 

    I don’t know if my theory for all this is any better or any worse then what I’ve read here. I’m sure my theory will change with time and future information. 

    I believe  “God or Gods”  is a title we gave to a race of aliens, of whom had technology that made them seam like powerful Gods to primitive man. Before some of you start to laugh, seriously think about it. There is no doubt in my mind, that the corse of mankind’s evolution has been guided by a powerful and advanced alien civilization. In the last hundred or so years we’ve gone from horse and carriage to outer space. That’s a huge leap forward in such a small time frame. We had help. 

    Look at the great pyramids. We are just now at a level of technological advancement where we could recreate the pyramids using stones of the same size, and even now it would be an almost impossible task. So with their much less advanced technology how did they do it? (alien help) And why did they align them with the constellations? There are many examples of alien guidance throughout our history, too many to mention in one shot. I’m using the pyramids as an example because it’s well known and the most prevalent.  

    It’s well known that at roughly same time as the Mayan 2012 predictions, there will be a planetary alignment. But what isn’t as publicized is, that at the same time that all our planets align, the sun will also align with our galaxy’s center/plain of gravity. (saw it on a 2012 special on discovery) Thats going to be a huge strain on our Sun. Our sun becomes momentarily unstable under it’s own gravity and it’s own nuclear reactions. When that happens solar flares are the byproduct. I believe solar flares in dec 2012 will be so massive that they will disrupt most if not all of our technology. But I don’t think that’s enough to bring an end to humanity, but it will be more then enough to cripple us for a good amount of time. 

    Let’s back step for a minute. If God like aliens helped speed up our technological evolution what was their reasons? I’m not very religious so I could be wrong here, but didn’t God tell man about the devil? I believe the devil to be a race of aliens that want to invade. If 2012 is going to be a time of great geological and solar instability that cripples our technology, it would be the perfect time to invade us. We would have no defenses. But I do believe God (good aliens) will be there to help us. 

  81. KillerB

    so let me get this straight… Gov builds huge “secret” base under airport for whatever reason serves your purpose, yet they put really obvious signs all around so we can figure it out. I would like to think they could do a better job of hiding it. Maybe the resins built up in your bong, but i think your making a swuare peg fit a round hole.

  82. KillerB

    its a pretty poorly drawn swastika. seem to have an extra arm in there…

  83. Anonymous

    hi to all… if those “ELITE” or the so called BIDERBREG group people are prepared for the so called 2012… to built a New World that they can control… then please be reminded that they the capability of doing such things like Solar Flares… it is not only HAARP Technology… there is also CERN which was built in Germany way back 40years ago been tested and believed that it created a small black hole etc…(please check it CERN TECHNOLOGY) and recently shutdown for some reason and will be activated on Dec 2012… exact month that this Mayan Calendar has been predicted the end of the world. Well everything it entitled for our own opinion… it is up to us if we will believe it or just ignored it… one thing that i would like to share is that it is time for us to be ready on what is so called 2012…we cant afford to buy property near ther Denver Airport like them… but we have our Faith to our Dear Lord God… He is the only ONE we can depend on dont forget to PRAY as for GOD nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ’0 which is not a hashcash value.

  84. Diana

    Honestly we are all going to die anyways so in my opinion who would care about this denver international airport it’s all just a bunh of junk to get us all scared but it’s all just fake like honestly do you believe in the 2012, people make up excuses for everything.

  85. MyStory

    I am writing this from Denver….I learned of this stuff just before flying to Denver and made sure to ask at the information kiosk. A very helpful gentleman searched his while booth for a pamphlet that he was sure exists that explains the art. He didn’t find it. He said that maybe on my back there will be more pamphlets… assured I will ask again…..I will have more time on the way home. The leading theory is the simplest folks…..local native American artist hired to create something of cultural significance to the area……most plausible of all 80 some explanations……until the freemasons new world airport commission is considered.

  86. randini


    1. stating your IQ then making several spelling and grammar mistakes reveals how dumb you are, and how dumb you think everyone else is.

    2. the DIA, probably does have a base under it. one of the biggest ponts made in the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory show was “why not?” it makes sense to be prepared.

    3. I love art, and these paintings are very cool. but i do think an airport is a very odd place to have murials depicting death. I dont really get what the admin was thinking to allow that.

    4. to the people who dont believe they need to help themselves, that “jesus” has their backs lol… you’re in a whole heap of trouble if something ever does happen. do you not remember this quote from the bible “god helps he who helps himself” im pretty sure that means save your own sorry ass, i could be wrong… lol. just remember to not look at the flash!

    5. dude who has been seeing ufo’s everynight for 8 years… go get some help, or re-new your meds man. (or lay off the meds)

    6. if an appocolypse ever does happen.. it will most likely be due to mankinds own stupidity, or some outside PHYSICAL force, ie: solar flares, huge meteorite (like one which is due to pass between the earth and moon later this year) not by “aliens” or “the wrath of god”

    7. dont take life to seriously. dont believe or dis-believe anything just because one person said so. think for yourself.


  87. Bill

    If all this talk about underground bunkers at DIA and other locations is true…Then just remember this…it was all paid for from our tax dollars.

    That’s right our tax dollars. We work our asses off so we can be over taxed to save the elite. Go Figure.

  88. madisin

    I would just like to say that the blatant ignorance of some of the statements posted here and that of the people i have had the misfortune to meet never ceases to amaze me and anger me. some of you people are so nasty and completely dumbed down. Just the way they want you. although we are given the gift to choose what way we believe, most choose the side of stupidity. after much research in many areas of life and/or history, it has become obvious to me that humans are a sad excuse and waste of space. we have the ability to tap into so many sacred aspects of life. we could live in harmony and peace, but it is easier to disbelieve, or choose to be igonorant. i am not a christian. however- if you open your mind to study all religions, you will find that “god” is in every religion. god is essentially a word to represent every living atom in the universe. not a white man or jesus or what have you. to disrespect others beliefs is the most ignorant thing of all to do and just shows the stupidity you have.

    the government throughout history has always been the highest form of negativity and evil deeds. any time civilizations start to wake up there is nothing but death and destruction. civilizations have rose and fell, but did you ever ask yourself why? maybe it is because greed and the need to opress have far outweighed the need for peace. “they” do not want you to be free thinkers because then “they” cannot control the masses. to keep us stupid and unaware is the goal. so, for people to not see is blissful ignorance which is also a form of innocence. but for people to see and choose ignorance or stupidity over knowledge just shows that “they” have won. when you care more about cell phones and all the junk they pump down our minds then you have lost, because that is the mission of those that have control of what influences your life. just look around you. whether or not you are a christian or a conspiracy theorist or what ever you are—the signs are there. scientific facts are facts. and you can’t believe in mainstream information. you really have to seek the truth in what you see and you will become aware. there is no denying that something great is about to happen to this world. whether it is supernatural or natural or man made. something is going to happen, and it is better to try and be prepared than die with out even trying to live. being to comfortable in your existence is not a healthy way to live. i feel sorry for skeptics because they do not pay attentions to facts. it is easy to be distracted and harder to be diligent in staying focused.

    even jfk said that they are keeping secrets from us. do you ever ask yourself why? why should we not know what “they” know? I WILL NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO THE THOUGHT THAT IS BETTER THAT WE DON’T KNOW. by not letting us know what is happening, we will not be prepared.

  89. moslem view
    The mural fits the description about the future of humanity. We are expecting the Dajjal/anti christ, it will appear without us knowing.
    The link above is the islamic view about the end of time taken from the Quran.

  90. Anonymous

    i have been to dia several times. the horse always gave me a weird feeling. its eyes actually light up red at night. i havent had a chance to see the mural or stone inscription first hand.

  91. Curtis

    I have understood DIA to be the location of govt. control in case of emergency or catastrophic event. I would suggest people read and search on Youtube comet Elenin (dark star) as many are unaware of this. Some are saying it caused the quake in Japan and Chili as on the dates of the quake it was aligned with the sun and earth. NASA acknowledges it’s existence but is down playing it and just calling it a comet but there are some who are saying it does not have the characteristics of a comet nor acts like one and even the NASA information contradicts itself. You be the judge but this thing is aligned again in September the 26,27 and it will be very very close to the earth, closer than the sun. This thing is said to be a dark star the twin to our own start but did not ignite. It is smaller than the earth but the mass is much much greater thus the cause of the quakes when it was 6plus au out (au= distance from earth to sun) On the dates given above it will be less than 1 au so it doesn’t take a rocket scientific to figure out that if it was causing 9. quakes what we can expect. check out links below


  92. PeopleMakeMeLaugh

    As my name says…

    Randini is about the only person on target.

    Whether you believe one thing or another I do not care, its just the hilarity of some of the sources people give to back their beliefs. You hear a few things from a few people who have some theory as to why, and then you just soar with this ‘knowledge’ and do not even take into consideration the other side of the story.

    As for people giving their ‘credentials’, and I put it in quotes because who really cares for one, who believes you second, and third its not that impressive anyhow. You can claim to have a 175 I.Q., have a doctorate in some useless study, or be on an honor roll..does this mean you MUST be right??

    As for the putting flouride in our water (trish’s post from awhile ago)…um be thankful, this flouride is what helps keep our water clean and our teeth healthy. And you might raise debate as to THEY (as you capitalized pronouns to make it seems like some special group of people) are over-polluting the water with it…and its not an incident of overpollution, the only bad thing is that like any good thing, like hand sanitizer, is that too much of a good thing can lead to a bad thing (too much use of sanitizer can lower your immune system, because it does not work as hard)…and that bad thing is spots on childrens teeth in the cases that have came up, but for all others tooth decay and cavities be gone! As for the food, some people will say they are putting certain chemicals in the food that are poisonous and on and on…true, in high doses some of these chemicals are harmful, but without using them you can expect to be harmed more from the untreated food itself.

    But like I said, believe what you want but please get some facts straight, and just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean it does not exist.

    But as for my part. I think the murals were a little odd being at an international airport, probably better suited for a specialty art museum. The God of Death statue, still odd to be there, was to advertise the King Tut exhibit (no idea if its still up or not). The horse…well thats just plain odd and so are the other artworks like I said earlier. But to all their own…maybe the underground bunker is some super duper survival fort…maybe not. But either way some people’s claims go way beyond what they should.

    As for my credentials…I got an A on a paper..once….yay me!

  93. Anonymous

    The secret societies plot all of this out. It is the rest of the world population’s job to stop it. They are only looking out for their own best interest and using certain people as pawns to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if the Earth gets blown up. All the faithful and good will survive. Money and prestige can’t protect people from the ultimate judgement. I am willing to accept mine. I am not going to try to go Mormon and hope that aliens are going to rescue us. I am not going to rely on my stinking bloodline. I am more than willing to cease to exist. I have witnessed more than I care to. I have participated as well and hold the guilt with me. Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to care when the world finally blows up. If not, it better become a better place.

  94. natalina

    For those who have been wondering, I recently received an email from a reader who just passed through the DIA, and he says that the murals are still on display. I’d been hearing that they were covered up, but according to his report, this is not the case. Anyone else traveling through DIA who has new information, please contact me. Keep the discussion going!

  95. Skippy Nuts

    First my credentials – I am a highly functioning retard with an I Q of around 80, that in itself should be enough for you to listen to me, but I am also a psychic that knows for certain that Jesus will ride that big blue stud, and lead us into salvation! I have been practicing allot to activate my third eye penis gland. Listen my friends, we should meet so we can team up and move to Denver. I am certain that once I shown them my abilities that will let me into the secret facility so that I may live forever- I mean we!

    • natalina

      Skippy! Welcome to the site. First of all, you sell yourself short. With an IQ of 80, you are right on the cusp between Dullness and Borderline Deficiency. But do not fret because this in no way means you suffer from any real retardation. Celebrate!

      Secondly, I’m not sure what your proclivities are, or those of Jesus Christ for that matter, but the generally accepted term for a horse is a “Steed” rather than “stud”… but like I said, you may look upon horses in a different light than I do.

      Third, a third eye in your penis may very well impress the ladies in your neck of the woods, but the elites at DIA are far less likely to be wowed by such things. They’ve seen it all, not the least of which the Blue Steed that anxiously awaits the arrival of Jesus.

      Of course, being a psychic, you likely knew all of this.

      With that said, I’d like to drive the point home that while it may help you sleep at night.. “Highly functioning retard” and “asshole” are two very different things. I’m afraid my dear Mr. Nuts, you are the latter.



  96. Anonymous

    I’ve been to DIA. You get a little lost in the murals, they almost take the nerve out of your body to walk away seeing something like that, my mom worked there so i went out every once in awhile to drive the car back, and we were riding the train and it broke down and as we came to a hault a man popped his head out of one of the doors in the side hall gave us a look of sheer terror and slammed the door again. it was one of the oddest damn things i have ever witnessed.

  97. circuitcub

    First off natalina – the term “stud” IS often used to describe horses, although it only refers to male horses, or stallions – most people call them “studs” so asshole…err, I mean skippy nuts isn’t completely retarded with that comment. Other than that – I have been at DIA at least 12 times since December, and unless I am completely blind, I have not seen these murals – that’s not to say that 1. I might be blind, 2. I wasn’t paying attention, or 3. I just don’t care. As far as anything else feeling weird or creepy – it doesn’t feel anymore abnormal than any other airport I’ve ever been in, except I will say most of the airline employees there do seem to be much more bitchy than at other airports, so who knows, there must be something in the air. The only oddity that really stands out – are the abundance of old people all dressed as cowboys / cowgirls that seem to be around every corner, and who never speak, just stare at you…I think they may actually be zombies.

    • natalina

      Hey circuit… I stand corrected. In fact, most male animals of any species can be referred to as a “stud” when used for breeding purposes. I just assumed (and perhaps still do) that Skippy was thinking of the word “steed” and misspoke. Then again, I was probably more abrasive than needed to be, so thanks for bringing me back.

      And thank you for your first hand account of the DIA. While many others flying through there get an odd feeling, it is always good to hear another perspective.

  98. birthspringTX

    You are correct, stud refers to a breeding animal. Hm…maybe that’s why they brought along a friend for the crazy blue “stud.” (ducking my head from the whack. LOL)

    I found your article well written and caused a bit of intrigue to read more on your site, although I have spent too much time reading all the comments so that will have to be another day.

    Also being a high functioning autistic with a fairly good IQ (that discussion caused much laughter, thank you dear readers for the amusement) I can say that we tend to be more sensitive to electrical and magnetic fields and vibrations. It’s one reason why I sometimes need sunglasses in stores (fluorescent lights) and why those rodent and bat deflectors that emit a sound that supposedly humans can’t hear drive me (excuse the pun) batty.

    I don’t know what to make of the artwork. I can read into them all kinds of symbolism, but then remember that C.S.Lewis claimed that his books were not allegories and yet they are still read as such. I tried to go to the artist’s site to read his explanations of the murals, but the page was no longer there. I don’t doubt that something is underground, the airports I visited in Europe commonly had underground facilities. It’s terribly weird that they would bury buildings as opposed to tearing them down, but then I don’t know much about such things. Also, I’ve not heard of such a need to tear down or *cough* bury BRAND NEW buildings because they weren’t done properly. Perhaps these are questions I should ask my father in law, who is an architect.

    There is much that our government does that they never tell us about, so why would this underground structure be any different?

    I came to your site to learn about the airport because it has my sister and other family members quite frightened, and yet all I am left with is a feeling of…well…meh. It’s weird. I guess I should do more research, but I’m not all that impressed and not the least bit worried. Maybe I’d feel differently if I actually went to the airport. I do have a ‘sixth sense’ about things, and not just because of autism. I have experienced many strange things, even with others at the same time (it’s hard to say UFOs are figments of my imagination if I’m not the only witness to specific events.)

    Again, thanks for a great article. Maybe I’ll make time one day to read more.

  99. birthspringTX

    Well, that’s interesting, the artist’s page came up for me this time (I’m persistent.) The artist has a common theme of environmental preservation, cultural diversity and celebration, but most interestingly to me, at least two of the pieces on the site have police figures in brutal scenes here and here The artwork seems to make a strong political statement. In light of the other artwork, the murals in the airport seem to fit right along with the others. I am going to look at the rest of the murals, though, as it has come to my attention that there is more then what is shown here on your site. Again, thanks for the article, if I learn something not written here I’d be happy to post it.

  100. Anonymous

    Oh how I love the internet. It has allowed the basement dwelling, still living with their elderly mother, weekly visit to their psychologist to ensure medication compliance nut fucks of the world to UNITE and get each other riled up. Wow. Hey, here’s a nice little bit of information that might help you out just a little:

    I worked for the people you are all riled up about…plebeian.
    I have seen and visited their usually under-mountain MILITARY bases.
    I once met with a man responsible for ten million deaths worldwide.
    To make you boobs out there understand and take me seriously about these things I am about to “ENLIGHTEN” you all with:
    I worked for Project Jericho as the Force Captain of a strike team.
    A few of you will understand what that means.

    Now, for the rest of you idiots who don’t erase your hard drives and never come back here:

    Yes, there are secret organizations in EVERY COLLECTION OF HUMAN BEINGS. You know one of these ‘secret’ organizations, those people at your church meetings who sit in the back of the room and look at you and laugh. They are an example of a small and weak secret organization. The people you fear and I worked for are opposite that group, they are the real world and they are more powerful than your imaginary god/friend/parent that is supposed to be watching over you. However, we too watch you and laugh at you behind your ignorant back. Worse still, you are such a pathetic example of thin undesirable genetics, education, and lineage that you don’t even realize how far you would have to go to be the near equal of the least among them. I myself being an 8th tier have no need to worry about that matter. The survivors have already been selected and you are not one of them.

    Yes, EVERY GOVERNMENT FROM THE DAWN OF TIME has built underground bases. How fucking stupid are you gits? OF COURSE we build bases underground. The five buildings that they ‘BURIED’ at the Denver Airport weren’t misplaced. Fuck’s sake you idiots! In the uncontrolled terrorist environment we live in today with airports being the easiest targets full of moronic Plebeians such as yourselves milling about them looking at murals, who WOULDN’T stick a security/surveillance/system there…UNDERGROUND? S3 bases are located in almost EVERY population center that sees high traffic and presents a juicy target for some ostracized mildly to severely schizophrenic jag-off who won’t take his medication because the pills stop ‘god’ from talking to him and the evil ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is trying to prevent him from killing the anti-christ at the Denver Airport. Get the point, clueless? YOU ARE THE ENEMY of every sane, intelligent, enlightened, and fit living being in the world. You ignorantly consume resources and the world will be better of without you, thus:
    Project Jericho and its main goal.

    And finally:
    Ignore everything you think you know for a moment, it shouldn’t take long. Ignore that which you have read and question and push aside your superstitious idiocy for a moment and rely on your innate yet poorly developed thinking abilities. If at anytime during this micro exercise the words: GOD JESUS CHURCH SAVIOR TRUTH BIBLE or PROPHECY come into your head and want to spill out your lips or seep into your fingers when you want to type your responses telling me how ‘sad’ or ‘wrong’ I am and how your ‘god’ is going to punish me or how sad your god-thing is that I reject ‘his truth’ or love or peace or insert a hundred catch phrases your real masters have inserted into your religion to control you even better than the church did when it was still a church…then kill yourself. It’s much better that way and quicker with less innocent citizens being hurt by you when you walk into a place with a weapon you are too stupid and ill educated to possess and murder people that are not an active part of your current delusion. Here is the exercise:
    If a super powerful and secret government existed as you believe does, why is it that you aren’t already dead?

    Hmm…I know!
    1: Either there isn’t a moron killing super government or…
    2: “GOD” chose you for a special mission to teach the world about
    the evil’s of the super secret government who is always there
    and watching you. They poison your children’s minds with doses
    of MERCURY and did something to the water that has made it
    difficult for you to masturbate to cartoon pornography. They
    are the ones that don’t want people to own ‘GUNS’ because
    ‘GUNS’ are the only thing that can kill the demons working for
    them. And…and!

    Right. I hope you get the point. Slaves, if there is a super government that wanted you dead, you would be dead. If it wanted your children and yourself made stupid, it succeeded. If it wanted to lie about the all powerful ever living god…it doesn’t have to: There is no god to lie about. The first masters proved it and knew that millions of idiots just like you would never accept the truth. Thus, in the end, they won’t even have to kill any of you. You’ll do it to yourselves.

    Oh, and eh…by the way: Stop wishing there is going to be an end to the world and history and that pesky legal system you live under that will free you from your miserable and pathetic existence by either killing you or letting you live out some childish sophomoric fantasy/fetish you have about obtaining a firearm and ‘winning’ armageddon for that made up government in the sky you call a god.

    Moron, remember this: No matter how often you yourself or others lie to you about there being a god who loves you out there and a governemnt that doesn’t, if he loved you, why is he letting you suffer like this without having to write a bible to convince you it is all so very real?

    I always did enjoy Science, watching tiny bugs like you squirm and secrete waste in an enclosed environment…just like the internet.

  101. shepard

    Wow you have some major issues. Now lay down like a good little dog.

  102. james

    COLLEEN…Dont listen to this abby person who claims to be so great…she is not as enlightened as she thinks she is. she is of something darker.

  103. james

    anonymous thinks it is enlightened …it is not…it cant control its temper….true enlightened to not burst out like a child. ignore this thing.

  104. birthspringTX

    James, he’s just an internet troll, they abound. Trolls tend to get irate, personal, idiotic, and say things like “this world is better off without you.” Their goal is to cause disruption and problems in threads and enjoy the arguments and hurt feelings that ensue. It’s really too bad he has so much time on his hands, if only he could find something worthwhile to do.

  105. normal person

    Ok, to anonymous, sounds like you have too much time on your hands. These are just people having a discussion. Can you say paranoid schizophrenia or how about bi polar within a depressive episode? OR maybe those words are too big! Lets go with just plain mean. Back off and get a life no one wants you here.

  106. LivingDeadGirl

    Those murals and that sculpture are seriously disturbing. I don’t know how some DIA visitors said that they never encountered those awful murals and hideous sculpture. What was going on in the minds of those who commissioned this and those who actually created them??? This, I am going to research.

    I have been a target of these bizarre organizations since I can remember – which was around 2 years old. This did not come to light to me until about 1995. I always sensed that I was being monitored since childhood, but never gave much thought to it. I always considered myself a logical person. However, my father is/was a Freemason who also served in the military in top secret affairs.

    Looking back on my life and the all of the strange, unexplained and amnesiac events in my life – I must now believe that they have been priming me as a vehicle of destruction for them in their quest for this “New World Order”. This revelation occurred to me when I encountered a powerful agent of the Devil who introduced to me the darkest depths of humanity. I am a woman and an artist, but for much of my life, I had an inexplicable obsession with drawing females in various states of extreme sexual bondage and torture. To this day, I don’t know why. I have quit that strange addiction finally, but yet I fight others. My perverted drawings started after the divorce of my parents. By 1996, I went on a mission to delve into the darkest depths of humanity to see was there.

    I became fascinated with the occult around the time of my parents’ divorce. I got into all kinds of trouble by 15 yrs. old and sent to my devoutly Christian grandparents who knew everything I did and where I went in their town of about 3000. I got in trouble for it and subsequently punished. While living there, I drew a picture of Baphomet. Eventually, after many trials and catastrophes in my life, I plead to God to save me around the age of 20. He did and in my mid 20′s I went to visit my grandparents and much to my horror they kept the drawing of Baphomet among all of my artwork! I asked my sister to throw it away and she did without my grandparents knowing. This is what I don’t get. They burned all of my rock albums, yet they kept the picture of Baphomet??? That makes no sense. They also worked at the same creepy bible seminary that Tom Cruise attended briefly. Go figure. That is why I have trouble accepting organized religion. Much of it is mostly corrupt with greed and power in mind. I loved them a lot, but I know that they were shady. I don’t think it’s their fault.

    My paternal roots in America have been traced as far back as the 1600′s. I just think we are cursed like this country founded probably on violating every one of the 10 commandments and by committing all of the 7 deadly sins.

    So now, since I have been sitting here since two hours ago, so far 5 military copters have passed over my house and I don’t live near a military base! I’m just saying they know everything I am doing and saying. They threaten me all of the time too with various deaths of humans and animals. I don’t blame the troops, who are blind to what those at the top command. Pretty much, the top brass willingly sacrifice those beneath their rank who serve them without blinking an eye. So many noble men are misguided by our government into sacrificing themselves for these meaningless wars that are mostly funded by powerful corporations anyway.

    It’s all about money and power in the 21st century and people NEED to wake up to this. Why does no one care when EXXON and all their stinkin’ oil spills turn a PROFIT every single year regardless of the economic climate???????? HELLOOOOO!!!!! Are we really zombies??? I think so. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the outrageous gas prices we have to pay. There is absolutely no reason for us to ignore this BLATANT FACT that they post this all gloatingly on the news sites. Everyone gets their panties up in a bunch over those dumb Tea Partiers who I don’t think even know what they are protesting about! It’s a distraction! WAKE UP WORLD!!!

    The government already knows and have known about the UFO’s flying around and that is the reason for all the underground bunkers. Why would they do that if they think the aliens are benevolent? They probably know that the aliens are on to them and want to zap them because they became the epitome of evil. That’s probably the reason the ones in control want to hide. The rest of us peons can perish in the coming apocalypse for all they care. I myself could care less. It’s God who put me on this Earth and God who will take me from it. He already showed me by forcing me back to life. One more government copter just passed over head. Never mattered where I lived – they were always around. It’s just another way for them to terrorize me. Unfortunately, the only one I love flies them and other copters and that just ADDS to the confusion. It just makes me want to DIE ONCE AND FOR ALL. FOR GOOD!!!’

    Now another military copter is flying over head to intimidate me. What are they going to do? Kill me? They already DID. Their evil agents gave me all kinds of chemicals and poisons to kill me and I didn’t die. I just turned into their retarded zombie. They want to destroy the whole world. Mostly they want to destroy everyone but the rich and powerful. It’s disgusting. I’m not like that. I only want people who annoy me or irritate me to stay away from me – not to die. I don’t like death. It annoys me and personally, I don’t believe in it. I believe that it is an illusion that was created when we defied
    GOD. Satan is the Lord of Illusions and Delusions. That is why so many of us are suffering and festering. That is why we get misl

  107. LivingDeadGirl

    Those murals and that sculpture are seriously disturbing. I don’t know how some DIA visitors said that they never encountered those awful murals and hideous sculpture. What was going on in the minds of those who commissioned this and those who actually created them??? This, I am going to research.

    I have been a target of these bizarre organizations since I can remember – which was around 2 years old. This did not come to light to me until about 1995. I always sensed that I was being monitored since childhood, but never gave much thought to it. I always considered myself a logical person. However, my father is/was a Freemason who also served in the military in top secret affairs.

    Looking back on my life and the all of the strange, unexplained and amnesiac events in my life – I must now believe that they have been priming me as a vehicle of destruction for them in their quest for this “New World Order”. This revelation occurred to me when I encountered a powerful agent of the Devil who introduced to me the darkest depths of humanity. I am a woman and an artist, but for much of my life, I had an inexplicable obsession with drawing females in various states of extreme sexual bondage and torture. To this day, I don’t know why. I have quit that strange addiction finally, but yet I fight others. My perverted drawings started after the divorce of my parents. By 1996, I went on a mission to delve into the darkest depths of humanity to see was there.

    I became fascinated with the occult around the time of my parents’ divorce. I got into all kinds of trouble by 15 yrs. old and sent to my devoutly Christian grandparents who knew everything I did and where I went in their town of about 3000. I got in trouble for it and subsequently punished. While living there, I drew a picture of Baphomet. Eventually, after many trials and catastrophes in my life, I plead to God to save me around the age of 20. He did and in my mid 20′s I went to visit my grandparents and much to my horror they kept the drawing of Baphomet among all of my artwork! I asked my sister to throw it away and she did without my grandparents knowing. This is what I don’t get. They burned all of my rock albums, yet they kept the picture of Baphomet??? That makes no sense. They also worked at the same creepy bible seminary that Tom Cruise attended briefly. Go figure. That is why I have trouble accepting organized religion. Much of it is mostly corrupt with greed and power in mind. I loved them a lot, but I know that they were shady. I don’t think it’s their fault.

    My paternal roots in America have been traced as far back as the 1600′s. I just think we are cursed like this country founded probably on violating every one of the 10 commandments and by committing all of the 7 deadly sins.

    So now, since I have been sitting here since two hours ago, so far 5 military copters have passed over my house and I don’t live near a military base! I’m just saying they know everything I am doing and saying. They threaten me all of the time too with various deaths of humans and animals. I don’t blame the troops, who are blind to what those at the top command. Pretty much, the top brass willingly sacrifice those beneath their rank who serve them without blinking an eye. So many noble men are misguided by our government into sacrificing themselves for these meaningless wars that are mostly funded by powerful corporations anyway. The ones at the top probably refer to me as a Jezebel or some other wickedness.

    It’s all about money and power in the 21st century and people NEED to wake up to this. Why does no one care when EXXON and all their stinkin’ oil spills turn a PROFIT every single year regardless of the economic climate???????? HELLOOOOO!!!!! Are we really zombies??? I think so. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the outrageous gas prices we have to pay. There is absolutely no reason for us to ignore this BLATANT FACT that they post this all gloatingly on the news sites. Everyone gets their panties up in a bunch over those dumb Tea Partiers who I don’t think even know what they are protesting about! It’s a distraction! WAKE UP WORLD!!!

    The government already knows and have known about the UFO’s flying around and that is the reason for all the underground bunkers. Why would they do that if they think the aliens are benevolent? They probably know that the aliens are on to them and want to zap them because they became the epitome of evil. That’s probably the reason the ones in control want to hide. The rest of us peons can perish in the coming apocalypse for all they care. I myself could care less.

    It’s God who put me on this Earth and God who will take me from it. He already showed me by forcing me back to life. One more government copter just passed over head. Never mattered where I lived – they were always around. It’s just another way for them to terrorize me. Unfortunately, the only one I love flies them and other copters and that just ADDS to the confusion. It just makes me want to DIE ONCE AND FOR ALL. FOR GOOD!!!’

    Now another military copter is flying over head to intimidate me. What are they going to do? Kill me? They already DID. Their evil agents gave me all kinds of chemicals and poisons to kill me and I didn’t die. I just turned into their retarded zombie. They want to destroy the whole world. Mostly they want to destroy everyone but the rich and powerful. It’s disgusting. I’m not like that.

    I only want people who annoy me or irritate me to stay away from me – not to die. I don’t like death. It annoys me and personally, I don’t believe in it. I believe that it is an illusion that was created when we defied GOD. Satan is the Lord of Illusions and Delusions. That is why so many of us are suffering and festering. That is why we get mislead.

    So, all this crap that is going on at the Denver Airport is just something that those in power are blatantly advertising to the whole world because WE ARE ALL SO RETARDED And BLIND to the TRUTH and they know it so they show it proudly. They know that the fate of our civilization is going in their direction as planned and the rest of us can ROT for all they care. This whole fiasco started in 1995. I’m sure they terrorize others whom they believe hold the “key” to their GOLDEN KINGDOM.

  108. kiwi

    Change, wether manmade, natrual or other is coming, one has but to stop and really look at the world. the west has started to stagnate and the east is not that far behind the same mistakes that history has showen to be fatal to other civs is happening again.
    Greed and selfishness and psychopathy is showing up in all levels of society from the very top down to young children.
    There are now seven billion humans on earth and most of them struggle to get enough to eat or live in a place where there is no war or disease. those of us in the west who materialy have so much are still miserable and disatisfied and are still ignorant of much of our lives,we feel that there is more to life and that the golden truth is just out of reach. but we become distracted from the signal.
    so when the boarders and society breakdown, when our conventions fail to save us and those who we gave our power of freewill and thinking to show themselves from behind thier masks. when the very weather patterns and animal behaviours change,when it seems that the whole of our reality is in question and in flux, what are you going to do? When you listen to a radio you have to tune it in to the station that you want excluding all others to get a clear signal.
    You have to clear the static to get the best reception.
    You must learn to tune your internal radio to that station that you most want to hear the music from and you must do this again and again to strengethin the reception and to cut out the static of the “others” for ultimatly that signal that you chose will mean the differance between avoiding this storm that is coming and that our would be masters both human and otherwise think to control, or finding a safe haven in which to shelter. choose your signal well.
    Rule one of universal law is that you REAP WHAT YOU SOW and ALL beings follow this law regardless of who they bend or dont bend thier knee too they must for they are part of quantum universe we all share. Even the sun follows this law, as do Bhudda and Jesus. discover this law for yourselves.Exercise your freewill and question everything. the only sure thing is a closed mind.

  109. John

    Not sure if y’all know this but the murals have gone through a makeover. A couple of years ago they went through and changed some things in the murals. It was small things like the color of the boys outfit and changing the the eyes from x’s to closed eyes in the mural with the lady holding the baby. They changed a lot of other things but I can’t think of them right now.

    Something is going to happen and soon.

  110. Prez Zero will be at the Denver airport on September 27th

  111. Anonymous

    The only thing under DIA is a underground bagging system that they dont use

  112. Anonymous

    The murals are on the walls coming from the center of the main terminal and going in to baggage claim. The main terminal at DIA has the trains and the TSA lanes – when you come up from the trains, you either go to the East side or the West side of the terminal to get your bags from baggage claim. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t check a bag? You probably won’t see them. If you go to the North & South ends of the center part before going out? You won’t see them.
    They are there, as they have been for a very long time. The first time I walked my daughter past the one with the Nazi stormtrooper? She noticed it and wanted to go look at it. I saw the Nazi and the subject matter and said no.
    The gargoyles in the suitcase was a joke by the artist in reference to the DIA “automated baggage system” which was an unmitigated disaster and cost millions and millions of dollars.
    Unless, of course, that was just a way to filter money into the building of the underground complex. Since United Airlines was the one that had to keep paying the millions to maintain it? They might be a little disturbed to find out what it really went for.

  113. NecroticAmbition

    Okay, well, maybe you guys will think I have no life, but I basically read all those comments, took them all into consideration, and feel that I may be the only one thinking this, so I will just throw this out there.

    While all of us Conspiricy Theorists (I think I spelt that wrong) are sitting here frantcially trying to make sense of all of this, trying to feel like maybe there is something dark and mysterious going on out there, has anyone ever thought that maybe that just what “THEY” want us to be thinking about? WHile we are all wasting our time trying to peice together all the facts that random people have RANDOMLY peiced together in their own mind, and trying to check the legitamacy of this whole thing, what else could they be doing? People are asking questions like “WTF is wrong with these guys, are they stupid? EVERYONE knows about this shit now, so OBVIOUSLY poeple are going to try to break into their seceret underground layer when the world ends. Illuminati, Freemason, Satan, Genocide freaks, whatever the fuck you decided that you want to call “THEM” are laughing their asses off, because poeple are so determined to believe that they themselves have to “UNCOVER” the truth, when “THEY” know that THE BEST PLACE TO HIDE SHIT IS IN PLAIN SIGHT” Think about that. Comment!


  114. Anonymous

    Hi i am a 14 year old school student in australia and i also find it intruiging(mind my spelling) that the DIA airport has come to be but come on, please if this issue is a serious and real one, many people would be aware of this conspiracy. And speaking of this, conspiracies have been around for ages and most of these conspiracy are complete and utter(mind my french) bullshit. But if this conspiracy is a real one, can we just get over i and leti it fucking happen oh god i love satan raghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 

  115. Jaime Leister

    The man who painted those murals was and is not a Christian. That is a lie. That man spoke that to confuse people, and to make Christian’s seem to be the bad guy here. That was a false claim by the artist. Just a warning. The Lord has revealed that to me. There will be many in these last days who will deceive just as the word of God warns us. They will appear as wolves in sheeps clothing, meaning they are wolves saying they are sheep. And if they should be decieved, will decieve even the very elect. The man who painted those is and was not a Christian. The devil who will promote and head the One World Order through his antichrist loves to pour out deception in any way possible. Those paintings were painted by a supporter of the one world order. A supporter of the world. The facade put in front of them with those words is false.

  116. Optimistic

    Hello All,

    Please take a look at the above link and tell me your thoughts. I watched them all in succession and was positively terrified. But after I got over my fear, I realized that some information is leaked for a reason, and the gentleman conducting these lectures has to be a part of this whole scheme. I don’t think he’d be alive otherwise. I honestly believe that the purpose for letting so much of this information out is that they need our mental energy to make it come to fruition. They need the energy of our fear, anxiety all hatred. All of those emotions are fuel for the enemy, satan or whoever the malevolent force afoot is here. I hate to sound like a hippie, but we need to love each other and pray together, send some love and positive energy into the universe. I still have a lot to live for, loads of people to love and people who love me. We should set up a time to pray together and really sock it to the bad guys. We can do it together, but if we can’t we shouldn’t go out w/ out a fight. We deserve to live, we were given life by the creator. They can’t just take it from us!!!! Peace to you ALL, even the mean person a few posts up. I mean that.

  117. Yes Uah

    %>;_’;:^* _;:;0^

    so save yourselves.

  118. Canan Amelek

    I was in denver and stopped by DIA and found my penis was gravitating toward a mole hole in a rock. As I finished taking my shoes off , i fell over into an unexplained canoe that had 5 wheels and a large pecker slot facing the mole hole. Luckily I was aware that zebras could not fly so I built a dog house out of pancakes.
    Please stay tuned for next weeks sequel and the climactic ending to the story.

  119. Truths

    This entire phenomenon can be simply explained as the 4th seal of Revelations 6:7-8….the pale horse, symbolic of death! Famine, warfare, swords that is ridden by Zeus, Hades, or the Grim Reaper. Look it up & factor in the murals & the horse! Pure evil!

  120. JJ

    Somebody please tell me what the grotesque or the gargoyle in the suitcase with the pinky in the mouth means! What does the pinky in the mouth mean?! I saw a Freemason make that gesture to me earlier today its DRIVING ME INSANE!

  121. DougH

    For sheer nonsense and acute paranoia, this piece is right up there. Really, seriously, do people believe this malarkey? I live near DIA and I know people who work there and they share a collective laugh when they read this sort of bizarre drivel. You want to talk about threats? Talk about TSA and its fascist tactics. I mean, those people wipe themselves with the Bill of Rights.

  122. Stevie

    Paragraph 4 does not state an unorthdox way of carrying out construction. This is known as the Contract Management form of procurement which is used when the developer wants the work to start quickly whilst the design is still in development. The majority of the comments above sound to be written by people who are either brainwashed by something or morons. The irony is the people claiming the population are being brainwashed by governments etc (satan?) are brainwashed themselves by religious organisations or conspiracy theorists, (many of these religious organisations even demand 20% of someones income to prove how dedicated they are whilst the head of that church sits by his mansions swimming pool, ironic?) The only head of the Christian Church is Christ himself and I would take any religious claims from any human being with a pinch of salt. Religion has been corrupted and used by the heads of human society for millenia and isn’t recognisable in any shape or form to that of the Christainaity of Christ’s time. (probably Don’t take my word for it though, I’m a human.)

  123. ryan

    Look people BEFORE you start with your Jesus is coming back to save the elect you better study project bluebeam…These same people are going to use your faith to create a false image of Jesus in the sky and all you idiots who are playing right into this rapture bs are going to be sucked right in. I believe in Christ and creation HOWEVER the Rapture is a MAN MAN, MAN CREATED EVENT. It’s an interpretation, it IS NOT black and white that Jesus is just showing up and taking his elect back while everyone is alive and leave the rest here. So freaking brainwashed.

  124. Daniel

    Ryan; I don’t understand how you can say that you believe in Jesus, and not believe what is written. The apostle Paul writes (by inspiration of the Holy Spirit): “But I don’t want you to be ignorant brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring Him those who sleep in Jesus. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself, will descend from heaven witha shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be witht he Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.”(1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). Friend, I suggest that you do some study of the scriptures, and ask God to speak His truth to your heart. I am brainwashed by His Holy Word(Romans 12:2),and am not ashamed! And I am also comforted. Praise God!!!

  125. Anonymous

    why is that all of you have the same photo???

  126. anonymous

    i heard that in Mt. Blanca, Alamosa, CO,which is about 220 miles from DIA,there is an underground train that will take people all the way to DIA.i also know that the DIA bunker is the largest one in the world.but if the world does end and most of us die,what will the ones who live do?most bunkers are built to last a few days and resources will at most last about a month.there’s a chance people won’t even be able to stay on earth because the sun is supposed to burn up all vegetation and fuck up the atmosphere.their only chance will be the moon because they already found water and comfirmed it could support life.and it looks like they are ready because suddenly nasa said they aren’t going back there anymore.and by the way aliens where just made up to distract us because it was better for them that we taught they were spending our tax money on looking for aliens than building bunkers and preping the moon to save a small percentage of humanity in if the average people are paying taxes why is it only that the rich are going to live

    • Logos

      Read Revelation. The Bible has all the answers if you would not let your own UNDERstanding get in the way. God Bless you Anonymous

  127. vincent

    fact the calender is much older than the bible…
    fact there is scientific proof that a instant destructive climatic change happened over the entire planet 5200 years ago around the exact same time the calender started and it ends 5200 years from that last climatic change…
    fact civilization (“modern man”)started 5200 years ago (mayans, samerians, etc.)…
    fact so far the mayan calender has only been of on its calculations by 33 seconds, ONLY 33 SECONDS…
    fact these people have been around way before the idea of GOD ever came into the picture…
    and for all you religious whistle blowers
    Jesus would not care if you are a christian why? because he was not christian duh he is from the house of Judah…

    Micky youre obviously not very intelligent if you honestly think there will be a space ship and that Jesus of all people will be on it and to top it off speak English? if i recall correctly, which i am, in the time period Jesus lived english was not even a language… idiot lol
    fact every single person on this forums who think they know theyre are right about god, jesus, and the holy spirit you dont! and no one does but an amazing tool in learning about those three that are one you really need to read “the Shack” by William P. Young… it really does an amazing job making you understand just how blind humanity really is and what grace is really all about…
    well i could people straight on here all day but i have a life, and must get back too it…

  128. vincent

    you can reach me by email at if you have any disputes, opinions, ideas, facts, etc. you would like to bring to my table … i have a very open mind… ass well as a great deal of historical knowledge and very high intellect so if you sent me mail please make sure its at least worth my time lol

  129. vincent

    and if you would like to argue against what i say because i left a word out here or misspelled one there thats simply do to the fact that i am about to go to sleep and have been up for 29 hours lmao but i do like the sight and will be back regularly

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  131. crazed country rebel

    holy shit. something is wrong with this picture.

  132. fazz

    The white mountain definately refers to the great pyramid which was once covered in beautiful gleaming polished white limestone and had a golden cap, the restoration of which is central in masonic and esoteric lore. On the murals for the one with the fourth reich gas mask google chemtrails and ethyl-dibromide to explain the rainbow. The death of the creator of the pale horse – death in rev was a blood sacrifice to empower it. The whole site probably sits on a huge spiral magnetic earth current which the structure obviously amplifies causing the hum and probably other em effects, google lethbridge and the hutchinson effect. This is all about power, selfish power for a small elite, I believe these sacred sites, pyramids stonehenge etc were an incomplete system to protect the planet against a planet x like catastrophe by earlier civilizations, exodus is a description of such an event, knowledge of this was transmitted secretly and these structures were meant to be completed however those possessing this knowledge have decided not to, building underground bunkers and capsules to save themselves (DIA) only to emerge later with control of these powerful sites and forgotten technology to rule the shattered world as gods presiding (in their minds) over a new eden.

  133. Anonymous

    wake up people do you really think our govt is not pulling some secret bullshit think again

  134. Lidia

    Oh My Dear God…is this not creepy or what???? Whether your a Christian or not…does this not send RED FLAGS EVERYWHERE?? WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE OR NOT.. THE BIBLE talks of how “His people perish for lack of knowledge”.. This in itself is KNOWLEDGE..NOW STOP PUTTING IT OFF AS a mere coincedence and ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS REAL… AND they are preparing for SOMETHING..WHAT iM NOT 100% PERCENT SURE…I KNOW A NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) BUT WHY THE UNDERGROUND PROPERTY AND THE BUYING AND SELLING OF IT???? WHY WHY WHY..iT MAKES ME QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT…LORD HELP US

  135. rasta

    this is real… there r people who r investing huge sums of money to transport aliens into our world… maybe they are already there… only a few know the truth behind this thing

  136. anonymous

    did u all know that the bible isnt really real? the real hebrew bible was lost many centurys ago…..many, MANY centurys ago. the only one left was the man made one interpreted and re-edited to favor the roman empire. not even the Hebrew language is remembered. plus…..wll…im christian. :D but i dont believe he is coming. i have read the jewish bible and the old and new testament. and the king james bible. they are all the same but edited to favor that certain religion. i think that the website is this…-
    i felt wierd after i found out. it was…sad :’(

    • Logos

      The Devil is a liar and the Father of Lies. You lie and believe a lie because you choose to. This is apostasy and heresy. The bible mentions a thing called damnable heresies. You better quit it and repent. Ask God himself and get a real relationship with God, it is possible. Maybe you had a false conversion and need a real born again experience and relationship with God. I will pray for you whoever you are in Jesus name. God Bless

  137. free da godz

    1st off what is man? he is a human resource a slave to two systems a virtual one and a political one. the virtual one is the matrix we see all around us with is an illusion percieved to be real provided to us by sacred geommetry. number two our pineal glands are shut off so we are slaves because of that alone for eveything our third eye would provide for us money has taken the place of the pineal gland. hence the third eye on back of the dollar bill. when your third eye is on you automatically come into knowingness, there’s no need for school. you automatically know. there would be no need for hospital. you heal yourself. no need for money you could create anything you could think of. all it takes is the proper use of earths resources.

    man does not make technology if he did he be free

    the final and last step to our slavery here on the prison planet was to confiscate all seeds monsanto and replace them with terminator seeds. so now we are complete and uddlerly vonerable

    we cant do anything for ourselves without going through them 1st and just like they movie “they live” they are all around us you just cant see them your mind has been blinded.

  138. voicenumber7

    I thought to mention to all_ the idea is simple,… make a bunker that can house most of the population _ set the stage for a reason to get most of the population to go into the bunker_ then Gas them all to death. replicate this nation or even world wide _ UN-FEMMA- TSA Legislation regulations..etc _ then once the marked for slaughter are in the hold commence the slaughter. You would not even have to bury them,.. Jus t seal it up and they are food for devils_

    I would not go there, and recommend that no one should. these are evil fallen children of the Devil that wish to assist the pale horse (presented in pale blue) to achieve the goal of the NWO

    Jeremiah 49:16 The terror you inspire and the pride of your heart have deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks, who occupy the heights of the hill. Though you build your nest as high as the eagle’s, from there I will bring you down,” declares the LORD.

    Amos 9:2Though they dig down to the depths of the grave, from there my hand will take them. Though they climb up to the heavens, from there I will bring them down

  139. Troubled

    I would just like to say that my 19 year old showed me a lot of different conspiracy theories and at first I just chalked it up to his age and free-thinking. After watching the story on DIA and th weird forms of what is considered art that is on display in such a high volume and traveled place, not to mention the construction that is currently still going on after the airport has been constructed. The way the airport was constructed (higher small contractors to finish a small job and then let them go immediately) to the airial view of DIA which is in the form of a known Nazi symbol and having the portrait of a German anti-crist on display. It is just a little to much for me. Furthermore, why does the Queen of England need property near a midwestern city airport? Why is the major airport so far away from the city? Just things that make you wonder. I am now investigating the Bilderberg Group to find out why they are such a secret, yet out in the open….

  140. David Bruno

    Happy New Year people, love to you all!

  141. I did’t believe in the scientific part with the 2012 stuff, but their are facts to back up the theories and assumptions . I wouldn’t , myself take it to heart but , I know I will at least research it . Something is fishy !!

  142. I find this one very interesting , especially when I look to research things like , Mount Weather , Cheyenne Mountain Complex ( underground survival bunker) , and find that all of the sudden you cannot view that page . It comes up ” data error” come on do they think w3e are being fooled . Yeah , the world may or may not end but it is the fact that they know something is about to happen but . . . what ???? That is the major question . And another thing that more then likely , that is why we are going bankrupt and our American dollar is not worth a whole lot any more . I do not like either way I look at it . 1: You have the major U.S. Airport in Denver,CO , on the outskirts of about 25+ miles , 2: The murals inside the airport ( in Denver )3: And that is where the government jobs are at . I think that is why we are being pushed for getting degrees ( college , tech ), and health insurance for everyone . Scarey things happening .

  143. Frankie

    Something I’d like to remind everyone of: we are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs. The only reason we say bad things about the next guy is because we are insecure. i’m guilty of it too. We all are. along with that i’d like to say that believing in Christ is a choice. It’s not a feeling of wonderment a Christian gets everyday. It’s difficult and loving Him and loving people is a choice. I doubt sometimes as well. But knowing that He is God is comfort for me. All these things that are happening in the world are part of a plan. God knows what is going on. Trust in Him. We as humans are here for each other. we are meant to love and help one another and to bring glory to God. I know some of you are going to laugh at and dismiss this comment. but all i ask is that you love regardless of spelling errors or iq scores. We are all here because we have a purpose. God is in control. WE are NOT in control. I live in the hills of Appalachia and if something crazy goes down this year, my family and i are headed for the mountain. Heck, maybe we wont even make it there! we may die before then! but i have so much faith in Jesus that He knows. He is. He will be.

    All i ask from every human on earth is that we can help each other out and love. So yes, there are strange things happening in the world. Do not be afraid. Trust in God. That’s all you can do.

    • I have to say Amen to that my brother in Christ Jesus !

      My main big question is how is it that these animal die-offs are not posted all over the news ? You would think something like this big in amount of animals dying at random times with no reason at all ???? You or at least I would try everything in my own power to find out what is the cause , but I know that we are in the end times and it is evidently getting very close were Jesus will be coming again as it says in the Bible , I will come like a thief in the night. You will not know the time , day or the hour . And for it says everything to me that the ” anti-christ” is here on this earth , rounding up all he can for his followers . I know that when it comes time for that chip that I saw on the show – Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – the episode -Big Brother – I will die before they even think about putting that in my body . Like hell to the no. As Madea goes to jail says in one of his/her lines lol.

  144. Frankie

    whats more: God chooses to love you. He doesn’t need us by any means. But still we continue to ignore the most pure and beautiful love there is. Simply love God and love those around you.

  145. We got a good year ahead of us let just see what happens. It might be the real thing or just another hoax. I’m sure there will be more signs of the end coming soon. A lot still has to happen.

  146. Lori

    The thing is……..
    If you are a True Christian and Believe in what we are witnessing today including what is going on at DIA it’s not a sign of the end of the world…’s a sign it’s only just begun!!


    What we have been praying for The End Of Days!
    Unfortunately it comes with a lot of pain & ugliness!
    Do Not Be Fooled by the Anit-Christ or anyone who says they can save the World…or the One World Order.

    Do Not Take Any Signs or sign your Life away. Only take your life For Jesus.
    Do Not denounce or betray Jesus for Anything food not even your Life!

    Remember pain is temporary but your soul will be in Heaven with GOD for all eternity for your Love of Him. May GOD be with each and everyone of you.

  147. james

    mount blanca on the floor refers to mt. blanca in southern colorado. the word “sissanjinni” also on the floor is the navajo word for mt. blanca which is one of their sacred mountain. the navajo believe they emerged from an underground city located inside mt. blanca in southern colorado.

  148. Herekitty714

    The number one cause of death….is death. Death is inevitable people, quit trying to avoid it. “Be prepared” blah blah blah. Man has been trying to out wit the grim reaper for years….no matter what the big plan is or is not….we are all going to die.

  149. Anonomys Coloradan


  150. Logos

    The Devil is Real. God is Real and The Holy Bible is real. As real as our reality is if we believe it is real or not. God is on our side believe it or not. Read Daniel John and Revelation with a prayerful heart and an open mind. Faith like a child? Remember when we were kids before all the brain washing of worldly religion and secular humanist propaganda? Before we lost our innocence? God can restore us. Never give up. Accountability is key. We all fall short of God’s glory. We all sin more or less till we learn to overcome and do and think what is right. Use the word of God. Pray. Praise and Worship God in Spirit and in truth. God is right there with you waiting for you to acknowledge him. The deceptions are from the Devil. God’s Word was true in the Garden of Eden and it will stand true forever. God inspired His Word. God Word is not a conspiracy as far as the KJV and Geneva in English. It saved my wicked soul from the kingdom of darkness. Our enemies are possessed and depraved as reprobates. That because they loved their sin more than God. We will overcome by the Blood of Christ and by the word of our testimonies. The real battle field is in the spirit realm. Pray, Praise, Worship, Love, Use the Word of God, Put on the full armor (Ephesians 6).God Bless

  151. aaron

    I live here in Denver and have traveled out of DIA many, many times. I have noticed the same items that are mentioned in this article. I have also been inside the high security area and you won’t believe the things that go on inside there. I really wonder if there is something that is happening under the noses of the passengers, there are strange shipments that went down these huge iron doors, similar to the ones that lock closed bank vaults. Wonder if the government has anything to do with it, or are they simply using the massive amount of space down there as underground storage, anyway would be really interested in learning more if anyone knows.

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