My Awakening… A Vampire Story

My Awakening is a new series  by Australian author Cheryl of Discover More Here.   Extraordinary Intelligence will be bringing you all of the updates as new installments are posted, and we just know you’ll love it.  For any vamp fans out there, keep checking back to follow this incredible story from the beginning, and spread the word!

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I taste dirt. There is dirt in my mouth and dirt in my nose.

Oh my God I can’t breathe. I realise I don’t have to.

I’m in the ground – oh Lord I’m buried. I can feel the weight of the earth on my body. How can I be alive if I’m not breathing? What is happening? I have to get out! I start to scratch and claw at the dirt that envelops me. Finally my fingers break through and I can hear my heart rapidly beating in fear. But I realise it’s not my heart. There is no familiar pounding in my chest yet the heartbeat sounds so loud and so fast. So fearful.

I scramble dazed and confused out of the hole I was buried in. That’s when I see him.

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