My Awakening-Part 3 on

Cheryl of buy online men diflucan brings us the third installment of her online Vampire story, My Awakening.  In part 3, more is revealed as we begin to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this Creature of the Night’s birth…or rebirth.  If you’ve missed part 1 and 2, you can find them here:

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And now… My Awakening Part 3

My eyes flew open.

I rolled onto my side and vomited. Endless waves of half congealed blood splashed onto the ground. I heaved until there was nothing left. Emptiness. Of the stomach, of the heart and of the mind.

Eeeuw, Jesus, what a mess.

“Well that was a waste” he said from behind me, “Soon we will have to hunt, the hunger will come back stronger”.

“Does this happen to everyone and…oh God, will it happen again?” I asked, hoping like hell that I would never feel like this again. Then a rush of mixed feelings washed over me which I thought was strange. In everything I’d ever read vampires didn’t ‘feel’ anything. I felt a lot of things and none of them were good right at this moment.

“It takes the body some time to… adjust” he responded with just a hint of distaste.

“Luca, you are no longer human, you are vampire, your humanity is gone but your body is still altering itself to your new form.” This he said a little more gently.

“You know my name? I can barely remember setting eyes on you before we left the bar.”

He chuckled and it almost sounded like a growl. “That was not the first time we met. The bar happened three nights ago but we had been together many times before that”.

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