“Mushroom” Storm Cloud Over Indiana

So far, 2012 has been a year of weird weather manifestations.  From an early spring here in the upper Midwest that had us enjoying June-esque thunderstorms in the normally snowy month of March, to the record high temps that have kept us northerners far toastier than we’re accustomed to before August, we’re collectively bracing ourselves for what the rest of the year has in store.

Some areas of the U.S. are experiencing unusually dry weather which has contributed to intense heat and raging fires, while other regions have been inundated with rain and extreme storms.  In all of this, some incredible footage has been captured by eyewitnesses, and below is one such example.

Christina Carroll graciously shared the following image of a July 4th thunder cloud that was hovering over Shelby County, just south east of Indianapolis, Indiana.   What makes this image remarkable is that the thunderhead bears a striking resemblance to a mushroom cloud.  It literally could be a still shot from vintage nuclear test footage.

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This photo is property of Christina Carroll and cannot be reproduced without permission.

In mid-June, a similarly ominous looking “mushroom” cloud dominated the skyline over Beijing, China.  The unusually large and looming cloud cluster caused panic among residents who feared that some kind of bomb had been detonated nearby.   While some people remain skeptical, officials say that the cloud in China was a natural phenomena.  Put simply, what was seen over China and over Indiana were giant cumulonimbus clouds.  They certainly are striking.

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The miles wide cloud formation sparked apocalypse panic for those who witnessed it in Beijing. Image Courtesy of China Daily

For more information about the weird cloud in China with video, visit the following link:

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The mushroom cloud above was photographed in a 1956 nuclear test known as Operation Plumbbob.

While the clouds over China and Indiana proved to be fairly innocuous, it does remind us how the imagery of a nuclear detonation is something that is ingrained into our collective psyche, and the mere suggestion of such calamity sends icy chills down the spine, no matter where we live.  Perhaps, just to be on the safe side…. we should revisit our old pal Bert the Turtle… who demonstrates the proper way to “duck and cover.”


Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle Civil Defense Film