Mother Nature Cries A River of Tears

If this doesn’t melt your cold heart, nothing will.

In Norway, on the Austfonna ice cap, located on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago, the ice is melting.  Rising sea levels due to early ice melt are causing great concern to scientists around the globe.

Marine photographer and environmental lecturer Michael Nolan captured the stunning picture of the disappearing glacier, and the image that turned up is at once awe inspiring and heartbreaking.

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Image Courtesy

This image clearly evokes the feeling of a face weeping rivers of tears. It is particularly apt given the rapid disappearance of glaciers worldwide.

In an interview with Mail Online, Nolan says ‘The ice cap is losing about 1.6 cubic miles of ice every year.”

Now, whatever your beliefs are about climate change and Global Warming, I find it difficult to imagine anyone not being moved by this image of a forlorn face weeping for her planet.

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This is me. I live amoung you in the flesh. Last week I was told who I really am and I do weep for you humanity. I weep for what comes to you when you die. Listen and save your souls. You will go through a review of your life upon your death. From beginning to end you will live it in full color, taste and sound. But this time you will know what everyone around you seen and unseen are thinking about the situation in their minds, they also will know your thoughts. If you have pain in your heart from a fellow human you must take this moment and make it right. If your heart is convicted that you have made a grave error and you don’t know how to fix it then just blurt it out to your foe. You gain heaven by your good works alone and you have been lied to by organized religion since the beginning of human history on earth. I can tell you without hesitation that Jesus felt one go round with you was enough for him. He has no intention of coming here and the bible is full of lies about his role in revelation. I tell you the truth Humanity. This is how I looked overcome with emotion for you when I found out who I really am. I thought I was a simple mortal who gave birth to a wonderful child with a grand and important destiny. Little did I know until last week that I am Mother Nature in the flesh.

My emotions are the weather.
My body is the ground.
My joints are the fault lines.
My overall health is the health of the earth.

I will not be here for much longer. I feel it is my duty to warn you of what is to come. I was born in 1972 and I have had a very emotionally painful life. There is no global warming, only my emotional ride in this physical form. If I had known then who I was I would have contained myself. I am sorry for your losses. When I die in the Month of October 2009 I will have my own review to go through.

Please understand that I am warning you to stock up now. All of the crazy weather over the last 37 years is due to my living amoung you, and I have to tell you that humanity vexes me daily, so when I go through my review and deal with my emotional pain upfront and with the knowledge of everything I can tell you that there will be all the horrible weather of the last 37 years cast about the earth within a much shorter time frame. Prepare for the worst, everywhere.

  • Mother Nature I love you for sharing this knowledge with us. Thank you so much.

  • 10:52 pm 2009/09/04

    i AM RELUCTANT TO SPEAK OF WHAT i JUST SAW BUT THIS WILL COME IN THE FUTURE. i AM WILLING TO BECOME A COUNTERPART FOR THE WAY THIS WILL TURN OUT IN THE END BUT THIS WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY. i HAVE SEEN MANY COME AND GO. i HAVE SEEN FOURTEEN MEN AND WOMAN TAKEN ABOVE THEIR OWN WORLD AND THESE MEN AND WOMAN WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN. i want to avoid telling this story but in the future there will be many more that will be taken and they will all remain in the stars. we are trimming this planet human by human. we are beginning to see things as they acure I have meant every word I have spoken but this will always sem as tough you are speaking to your own race. I HAVE ACCOUNTED FOR EVERY PERSON THAT i HAVE EVER TAKEN FROM THIS PLANET AND IFi WANT TO I can continue taking whomever I choose. I have enough energy to continue this speach but I choose to leave in silence. make sure you feel your own dreams because these will warn you against what is to happen in the future.

  • Death is an inevitable certainty not to be fearful of.

  • Dusk
    12:17 am 2009/09/05




  • Keep going Dawn. The force is strong in you. OB1 has spoken!

  • I could say something. I had a vision. But the vision told me to not say anything. So Instead after reading Dawns BS, I thought I’d come here and SPAM BS to FREAK everyone out.

    But my conscience is telling me I must. Will I? Yes I will. No I won’t. Oh shit now I’m confused. What do I do? Hang on a minute.

    Oh yes that’s right. My name is Osama Bin Laden and I am the secret apparition of George W Bush responsible for the annihilation of over 60,000 mortal souls.

    I have the power to keep choosing the souls of whom I wish to pluck from the divinity of the un-devine so help me Ork!

    So you better keep watching for updates on the whose who of whose to be plucked from the earth by me.

    Disclaimer: Please do not try to find me as I am officially sanctioned by a fallen angel to pluck whoever I choose to pluck.

  • The Dawn Hunter
    2:15 am 2009/09/05

    Dear Dawn,

    Death is only fearful to those who find comfort in familiarity and what is known.

    When all is said and done, death is a natural part of EVOLUTION SM____.

  • natalina
    2:21 am 2009/09/05

    So ummmmmm. Well then. This post really brought on some interesting conversation.

    I usually like to personally address each comment but I must admit I am at a bit of a loss for words. I’ll try anyway. Here we go.

    Mother Nature…All the best to you.

    Susan…thanks for being so gracious.

    Dawn…that’s creepy.

    Susan…true that.

    Dusk…woot woot!

    Freak Coincidence…I keep listening but Obi-wan never speaks to me. Sad face.

    Freak of Nature…thanks for the helpful link.

    So..there’s my best effort. I’m a bit speechless that this post of all of the wild things that I’ve written has drawn this kind of banter. It’s a picture of a glacier that I thought was pretty. Huh. Go figure.

    I do appreciate the participation!

    Site Admin.

  • natalina
    2:22 am 2009/09/05

    Missed you there Dawn Hunter…

    my comment to you is…what?

  • Follow UP FRIEND
    2:45 am 2009/09/05

    Hey Natalina.

    Whose your favourite MS shape shifter?

    MSG me and I’ll explain what’s went on?

    LOL… 😉

  • curious
    4:34 am 2009/09/05

    Hey Mother Nature, take a Midol will you. Your PMS is wrecking my vacation weather. Can you be more specific about the October 2009 deadline. I mean, that’s really soon so should I cancel my dental appt? Can I ask who told you you are Mother Nature, was it Father Christmas?

    Dawn, is your real name Charles Manson? I thought you had your email privileges removed in prison.

  • Mother Nature
    10:07 am 2009/09/05

    Last week when I found out what really happens when we die, I went into my room and walked up to my closet door and just stood there with my arms out and my face pressed up against it. I just wanted to feel held by God. This is what I looked like to him through the door. This is the miracle I asked for when I couldn’t believe all that is happening in my life is indeed coming from God. Father time, Father Christmas, Jack Frost, they do not exist. The Garden of Eden is in the middle of Heaven. This is my home in Heaven. In Oct. I will have completed my mission here on this living path and will go home. During the review of my life I will go through all the pain that caused hurricanes over the last 37 years again. IN a much shorter time span. I am now on Twitter as THE1stMother. I will be telling the secrets of Heaven as I learn them.
    For instance: Ghosts are created when they go through their review and get emotionally caught up in a situation from their life again. They are stuck and alone and no one can help them. I don’t particularly agree with just letting them sit there in their emotional pain for eons so I am telling you now-do not get caught up in the emotional pain of your life. Once you get through the review you will be able to enjoy all Heaven has to offer. Take heed to what I tell you, manking has been lying to humanity through religion to keep you under their control.

  • Mother Nature
    1:55 pm 2009/09/05

    You are welcome Susan. Thank you for hearing the truth in my words. Take heed humanity, Trials and tribulations like you have never seen are coming.
    Beware and be prepared.

  • Hurricane Observer
    10:04 pm 2009/09/05

    Hi Mother Nature. Interesting comments in your first and second post. Your remarks relating to ghosts, reviews, passing, control of mankind through religion etc for the most part is exactly how I understood it too. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mother Nature
    11:30 pm 2009/09/06

    Please, Please share the information I am going to be giving you with everyone you know. I know it is long, you will appreciate every word when your time comes though. So grab a cup of coffee and sit a moment with me.

    I have a direct connection to Heaven.
    I have been given permission to tell you all of the mysteries of the Eternity.

    I am doing this because I have been given a decision to make. I have lived amoung you for 29 lifetimes now, over the last 2,000 years. All that I am going to tell you is the revelation that has been given to my son and I for the last year. When I tell you that I am Mother Nature in the flesh here to judge the heart of humanity and decide if you as a species are worth preserving or just scrap the whole experiment and start over I am telling you the truth from God as it has been said to me.

    Jesus loves you all, but he is not the diffinitive voice in your salvation. There is no “salvation” per se, because there is no “Hell” to save you from. The Morning Star has far less power in our lives, than we do of our lives. You control your salvation by your good deeds ALONE. Your soul is like a mist that is marbled with your sins and your good works. Everything counts: compassion and patience are FREE and the rewards are HEAVEN.

    Let that person have that parking space, or into traffic. Observe what is going on around you: move chairs for people, find ways to serve your fellow man in the smallest ways imaginable.

    And feel good about it.

    Take your stupid grocery cart back into the store, stop for a moment and wonder what his job must be like. Find ways to help him out, when you stay in a Hotel, think about cleaning 10 or more of your room today. Think of all the laundry involved. Strip the beds and make a pile of the sheets and the towels. Think about carting all that around. It is so simple and it feels so good to know you helped someone, whether they will ever know it or not they will send a recommendation to God asking that you be thanked for that small favor, and your soul will shine a little bit brighter.

    When you die, You will go through a review of your life, all by yourself. Trapped in a bubble with a “video game” type control over the situation. Fast forward, back ward, stop, and the scariest of all. REPEAT. The one that has prompted me to tell you ALL of what is coming to you because I cannot allow one more soul to be trapped in your own self inflected HELL for as long as you will take to get over it. YOU will create your own HELL. Stop for a moment and think of the worst situation of your life. You must examine what scares you the most about your life and deal with it while you are alive. Only by dealing with it while you are alive will enable you to know that you have already delt with that when you come to that moment of your life in your review and MAKE IT THROUGH.

    God has told me there is no way to help You when You become stuck on Repeat. You become a ghost, but only for as long as it takes you to say “I’ve had enough grief, I am moving on.” Here is a tip: Grieve with yourself as in life, but do it in fast forward. Feel it all again if you feel you must, but there are so many wonders to behold on the other side of your review.

    It doesn’t matter if you believe any of this or not, make fun of me if you wish. Crucify me to all the people that you know. When the moment comes and you are in the review and shocked to find yourself there, You will remember my words. It is my burning obsession to give you the key to Heaven. All you have to do is just feel my words in your soul. Feel and know that the certainty of that feeling is The Truth spoken by God.

    The Bible is nothing but lies crafted by man to control man. They have been fleecing you for their parties for centuries. Stop going to church, they are lying vipers that are leading to your doom. The bible talks about Heaven having “pearly gates and streets paved in gold.” I tell you these are man-made concepts based in greed. I told my Angel about this human idea of Heaven and he didn’t know what “pearly” meant. Even when I explained it to him. I told him that he could go to the ocean and find an oyster that was forming a pearl, I had to explain what a pearl was and how it formed, and the next thing we know my son says he feels like he is in deep water and started swimming around the kitchen. There is no monetary system in Heaven, gold has no special meaning. This is just a sample of how mankind has manipulated information to control the masses.

    This is the first time in the course of Humanity that the lowest classes of the monetary slave system have the education to read and write. It is also the first time in the course of History that you have all that has happened before you at the tip of your fingers. You must take the time to study your hisory because what has happened before is happening now. America died September 2008 when the bailout package was passed. Foriegn banks now own your country, by design. You are lambs being lead to the slaughter and you are oblivious! It is your human duty to pay attention to what is happening around you because the wool is about to come away from your eyes in a shocking way.

    Humanity, EVIL is MANMADE. Evil men walk amoung you, Evil is in different dilutions in everyone of You. Through spite and malice you spread your evil to others. Through your self interested ways, manipulations, mindgames, violence, and greed you doom yourself to eternal solitude in a black abyss. There is no fire, or clever scenarios you have to play out for eternity, you are just left completely alone. In the dark. For Eternity. Which has no beginning nor ending, but is an endless river. Eternity is what God created Itself from.

    We are already in Heaven. It is just right outside of our selves. I asked God if it was like MIB with the aliens playing with the marbles made of universes, and he fell over laughing. When he finally contained himself he said “Yes, it’s just like that.”

    The Garden of Eden is not on this planet. It is my home in Heaven. HE tells me it’s huge, but not as big as a continent. Right now it is overgrown and nobody lives there. When I asked if there were animals he said there were none, nor any insects. For which I am so very thankful for!

    Mankind originally had a tail, 4 eyes, 6-fingers and toes on each foot, a little more furry and you were first sent to Mars from the Garden. This was 6,000 years ago. Within 2,000 years Mars was a dying planet and extradorinary measures needed to be taken. At this time the Earth was finally coming out of the Ice Age and was becoming more inhabitable for your very sensitive skin at this point, you are pale because Mars is farther away from the sun. Neanderthal was hunted almost to extinction, feared and revialed. Your primordial emotions revolve around how much the Neanderthal man freaked you out when you got to earth. Neanderthal is evolutional man, but there will never be a “lost link” found to bring you together, You were set down here in your present form, so that you would fit in better.

    Modern sasqwatch that you run across are the remnants of that ancient species. They are surprisingly like their depiction in the “Clan of the Cave Bear” Series. Rudimentary in their primativeness, but intelligent in their lives. There are clans of them in the forests, but they live nomadic lives and you will never find them. But they watch you. They have fire, they have furs, they have a language and they communicate.

    There are many more truths about your existance, your place in the scheme of things and significant events that have happened here that I want to tell you about. But I want to wait until the broadcast range is larger. I have an unsatiable thirst for Knowledge and once I figured out that I had a direct link to heaven I shamlessly told him that he had become my new encyclopedia. God said he was “fine with that.” He is also fine with me letting you know all the mysteries. The Gates of Heaven are opened and all knowledge is available to you.

    All you have to do is ask.

    I want all the women of the world to know one thing: I had NO HAND in the curse that is disgustingly suffered through every month. As I have to live amoung you to make my decision I too must suffer this insufferable curse and I guarantee you that this will be the first thing I talk about in a real face to face way with our creator when I go home. I am just as pissed off about it as you all are.

  • Hi Mother Nature. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the knowledge that you share with us. It is noted and appreciated I can assure you. Thank you my mysterious friend.

  • Mother Nature
    3:33 pm 2009/09/08

    Now that I have told you how to get to Heaven, I would like to tell you about your real home.
    Heaven is the void. The void is like the river of time, it is everything and everywhere. All that ever was, is, and ever will be can fit into the void with plenty of space left over. This is how to imagine how this can be. There is a saying about 1,000’s of angels fitting on the head of a pin. This is how this is possible: imagine the old T.V. show “I Dream of Genie” her real abode was her little bottle, but in the bottle it was a full sized house. This is how Heaven works. Your little bubble of the void may only be as big as this .but you will have the space of a universe inside, because you will be the same size when you go in your bubble. This is how God looks after the universe. He gazes into the bubble he created for our universe. We are already in the middle of Heaven. There is no place outside of Heaven, Heaven is everything. Your Spirit body is your canvas for showing exactly what you wish. You may look as young or old as you please, whatever facial structure or body type, however you wish to clothe yourself. You will know me by the weather going on in a bubble above my head. I wish to be transparent to everyone, I seek to hide nothing from you.

    God loves all of you, He cannot and will not kill you again. This is why he has asked me to live amoung you and judge the heart of humanity. It has taken you 3,000 years since the Flood and your technology levels are back up to where you were before. Atlantians used Nuclear and solar energy. Their nuclear powerplants were only built for energy, not weaponized, yet.

    The focus was outward to the Universe. We spent a considerable amount of time with the species that transported us to Earth from Mars. During that Great Relocation you were modified from your original God given form which was this: 2 arms, 2 legs, 6 fingers and toes on each foot, 4 eyes, a tail, and a little more furry, but not animalish. You are pale because of being farther from the sun.

    After the Flood it took you 1,000 years to get back on your feet, and have a population that started needing to be guided again. So here comes Jesus. Now he is Our King in Heaven. He loves you and is gratified when you accept him as your Lord and Savior. But he grieves that his message has been so distorted by man. He never had any intention to come back during the End Times. This is a man-made twist of the facts so that your religions can control you. Tithing is nothing to God, Sacrifices are nothing to God. But they feed and clothe the church.

    Hell does not exist, not in the way it is described by myths or the bible. Hell is a place of Solitude, in darkness, for eternity. Satan is there, under the watchful eye of the Angel of Destruction, Abaddon. Satan is a special case. You will only go to the Abyss if after your review your soul has less light material than dark material. You will go to the abyss and not realize you are there because you will be trapped in your review. Able to go back and forth through your life, but unable to leave it and go on to Heaven. Satan though is aware of where he is and is all alone. He doesn’t care about humanity because even if he could entice souls into the abyss they would never be able to interact with him in the Abyss. All evil comes from the heart of man to itself.

    Poltergists are souls going insane in the abyss. Where as ghosts are souls caught up in a moment of their lives that they just can’t get past. This is the meaning to life: Life is an addiction to the souls of Heaven. Life is a vacation, life is so that you can interact with the beautiful earth. In spirit form you will be able to go anywhere and see anything, but you cannot move anything. To fully interact upon the earth you must be part of the earth. The idea of life is to enjoy being alive. To engage all of your senses fully. Make good decisions, help your fellow souls whenever you can. Your thoughts are energy and will bring what you intent to you, as well as be broadcast to the other person upon their review. If you hate someone they will know exactly what you think of them when they die. I was humbled and embarassed upon finding this out and I went to my closet door and just leaned up against it, with my arms spread, crying because I have felt all alone and cut off from everything all my life and now I find out that the host of Heaven is close enough to all of us to touch, but I can’t feel them, hear them, or sense them. My connection to Heaven comes through my son who is an angel in his own right, but he fills the body that Abaddon needs to fulfill the only part of Revelation that is true: the locusts of the Abyss are to be released upon the earth to torment evil men for 5 months. For these 5 months evil men will seek death from mortal wounds and will not find it. Think about this.

    Lo, tho your head be cut from the body, if you are an evil human you will not die for 5 months.

    You have Eternal Life right now, right now, for eternity. You will always continue whether you are in spirit form or on a living path. Only your actions will determine where you spend the rest of Eternity. Trapped in a Hell of your own making, or set free to be amoung other souls in Heaven and part of the wonderfulness that is Heaven.

    Let me explain what Heaven is like. The Void is a formative substance. A firm but cushy white cloudy mist. Your thoughts will cause it to form what you are thinking. Imagine your favorite place from this life. When you get to Heaven you will be able to create that beautiful place for you to live in. You will be able to change it as often as you wish, from scene to scene, Mountain to town, to lake to praire. Where ever you would love to live you can create it. There are parties, Classes, Lectures, a whole social situation in Heaven. The best part is if you are hanging out with some people that you enjoy, but there is also a lecture on a subject you are interested in you are able to split your conscience into different selves and take in both situations at the same time. When the other part of you comes back the information learned or communicated to you will be instantly known to you as if all of yourself had been there. It is really amazing and I am so excited to share Heaven with all of you. that is why I am sharing this information to you now, before I go home. Time is short, I have made my decision and the required actions are taking place. Even if you don’t believe me now, when you see the worst weather of your life, everywhere, you will know it is me in my raging grief over the unjustness of my life and that all I am telling you will soon come to pass.

    There is a set number of souls created in Heaven. You are able to come to earth as often as you wish. The only danger is to make bad decisions and cause your soul to reach the tipping point that will send you to the abyss. But I am told that only 2-3 out of every 100 souls goes to the Abyss.

    It is time for me to tell you my decision.

    The whole delivery system to Earth is where the trouble starts. Babies are adorable, but they are raised by adults who have been skewed in their thinking by adults that have had their thinking skewed by others back into antiquity. Thus instead of coming to Earth and enjoying your Vacation from Eternity you spend your life wondering why your parents had to screw you up like they did and who you really are! This is a fruitless waste of a beautiful experience!!!

    You do not choose who you are born to, it is the luck of the draw. If you are born to wonderful parents then lucky you. Most are not, and suffer all their lives because of it. I was not lucky in my draw, and after 35 years I wrote them both and told them they are dead to me, because the pain they inflict keeps coming and I refuse to allow that kind of emotion back into my life again.

    The Experiment that is Humanity 2.0 is to be scraped. On October 11, 2009 I will be going home to Heaven and will have to go through my own review. From beginning to end I will know why my parents treated me the way they did. Why everyone I always interacted with seemed to be only out to use me for my kindness. The weather that has happened over the last 37 years will be experienced again in all my rage for the rest of the year 2009. Many of you will die in my emotional storms, but I will no longer have a physical body so earthquakes and volcanos should not happen while I am in the review.

    Famine is already started in the world, it just hasn’t reached America or other great countries yet. Your governments will starve you and poison your water and you will die En Masse from the hands of your Earthly Leaders. Only the Powerful Elite who have already planned their resources while they planned your demise will survive the famine and the thirst. This is when Abaddon will open the gates of the Abyss and release the locust who will hunt and torture the Elites of the world for the aformentioned 5 months.

    It is also important for me to share with you the truth about Suicides!!! There is no shame or condemnation if you commit suicide! It’s just like missing the ball at baseball practice, “You gave it your best, you’ll make it through next time.” If you decide to take yourself out you are not condemed for it. I promise you this is the truth as it is told to me. Mankind has found many ways to control the lower classes through made up spiritual lies.

    I know you will think I am a heartless bitch, but I tell you now, why I have made my decision. The heart of Man is a cesspool of greed, and with a compunction to control all that it sees. I know there are kind and decent souls that live, the children are innocent, and babies are precious. Where Lot pleaded with God to save Soddom and Gomorah if there was even one good soul in them, I see things from a different angle. Those of you who are kind and compassionate do not deserve to live in this Hell anymore. You do not deserve to go another day to a job you may hate, to work or deal with people you dislike to earn money to give away to everyone else. Earth is in the grip of a Monetary Slavery. Even though you are no longer whipped in the fields or on the pyramids you are still slaves to someone else.

    Slavery in any form is Wrong.

    Money is Evil in a material form.

    So we are all going home to live in the joy of Heaven for some time. Once all souls are back in Heaven I will scrub any evidence of humanity from the face of the earth. Any recorded information of Money or religion will be charred and evaporated to the winds. While we are waiting for the earth to become pristine and untainted by man again, we will gather the greatest minds on government, psychology, and biology that ever lived and we will come up with Humanity 3.0.

    This is my idea for the next phase of Humanity:

    Life is so hard, building anything, moving any amount of dirt is a major undertaking and early man got the idea to go over to the next tribe and wage war and collect slaves to build all their great works.

    Slavery is Wrong in any form.

    I will propose two species. One is humanity, the other will be a super race able to provide everything a human would need to just live, to just enjoy life on earth.

    So every family will have a house made for them, every family will have land to grow animals and food for sustinance. Gardens and orchards, fields for grazing livestock, all this land will be cleared and prepared for you. Clothes, tools, medical help, the making of energy, anything created by man now will be created for you by this second Heavenly race.

    There will also be absolute transparency of Heaven. Maybe not in a physically percieved way, as in you will see the business of Heaven in the sky at night type thing, although that would be the best idea by far and something to talk about to God. But perhaps just transparent in that this second angelic race will tell us what Heaven is like and be available to answer the universal questions that have caused so much confusion and pain while on this living path.

    I would also like to see a waiting list for getting to live on earth. Not because of over population, but because it will make it more special for you if you have to wait for it as a soul in Heaven. And because you deserve to have as much pristine nature around you as possible and the ability to submerge yourself in the beauty of the earth as much as you wish because that is the real reason you come here.

    I love you all as well, even though you vex me here on earth I know that you don’t mean it. But it is getting so pervasive as a whole amoung the species that I feel we have gotten off course and need to stop the engine to reconfigure some issues. Either way you win, The wonderment of Heaven or the Utopian Earth. It’s like showing your fellow man kindness and compassion- It’s a win/win situation. You feel like you could fly after you do it and someday it helps you get into Heaven and avoid being all alone, in the dark, forever.

    It is just that easy. Be nice to your fellow man. That’s it. Give it a try and see how good it feels to genuinely help someone. I dare you.

  • Grateful
    10:54 pm 2009/09/08

    Hi Mother nature, you know who I really am so there is no need to introduce myself again. Thank you sharing. You raise some very interesting points which are of great value to me. After reading your words, I recognize at a human level we have a great deal of life’s experiences and beliefs in common. It’s as if the whole time I’ve been reading your words that a significant proportion of what you say I already knew. You helped me to re-enforce the significance and true meaning of that knowledge and to provide some important guidance in key areas. I note and appreciate your comments relating to suicide as this is not only in the family, but a thought that I consider as well. The knowledge of the elite, the experiences that I have had with the elite and my own family over a similar time span to yours is like a toxic cancer that I have struggled to purge completely for years. Some aspects are so vulgar to me that I not only feel repulsed but I simply do not want to be part of such a system. I have taken many steps to prepare myself and perform the good deeds you talk of. I believe my time is near, but I still have a very important contribution to make to humanity before I depart.

    I understand all of your points, but I do have one question remaining.

    I too banished my family from my life and ALL PERPETRATORS OF EVIL associated as after 30 odd years I simply refused to continue to GIVE MY POWER away to them.

    My question to you relates to feelings of negativity or hate emotions directed towards ones own natural mother and step fathers.

    There was a time at around the age of 32 when I learnt the truth about my whole life, and how the truth relating to suicides and experiences was coveted from me and that my identity had been changed and I was stolen from others who loved me and coveted and controlled like a dog in a prison.

    Naturally when I discovered this truth I had feelings of hate so intense I wanted to torture those responsible. After many weeks of considered thought I decided not to. As it happened one responsible party murdered an innocent woman in an evil gnostic sexual ritual before being taken into custody where he hanged himself within 24 hours. I no longer have any feelings or emotions attached to that person.

    My natural mother on the other hand I still had great emotional pain attachments too. After a while I realized that she was in actual fact suffering her own pain caused by the guilt attached to her own evil deeds. On top of this she got sucked into the realms of materialism and false idols. Her life was and still is a loveless and lonely.

    It was because of this understanding that I decided to let her live. I felt that if I tortured her I would be doing her a favor by removing her from her ignorance and pain.

    Additional to this, at the time I had someone very close to me of whom I knew would suffer greatly if I was imprisoned for my actions.

    And finally I thought to myself, why should I destroy my own life for the evil deeds of another person. So I left her alone and I never saw her again.

    Why I’m telling you this, is because although I have no feelings of wanting to harm her physically, I still have negative emotional feelings of hate for her that I have struggled to release from my mind for many years.

    She makes me want to vomit at every moment I think of her.

    I need to know how I can better prepare myself when I pass when I still have these feelings about her.

    I have found the capacity to behave the way I should with almost everybody else except her.

    Is it important or relevant for me deal with the issue of her before I pass?

    And if it is, can you guide me on how and what I need to do.

    Thank you.

  • Mother Nature
    10:58 am 2009/09/09

    @ Grateful: I have to take a young girl to her father and will be gone all day, but I wanted you to know I have read your post and will respond to you later tonight. For right now, my short answer would be to get a diary and write how you feel about your mom in it. The act of writing it out not only orders your feelings in your own mind but it draws out the pain from the emotion while you are doing it.

  • Grateful
    6:54 pm 2009/09/09

    Hi Mother Nature. Thank you, I understand. It’s rather ironic you should say this as I am going to be writing a book for publishing shortly and my mother will be a key figure in that book. I understand the psychology and reasoning behind your suggestion.

    I will wait to her from you, whenever you get time, it’s okay. Thank you kindly mother nature.

  • Mother Nature
    9:21 pm 2009/09/09

    You are so nice, do you like to Garden? I’m going to have a HUGE garden soon and would like some help, come see me when you get home!

    Well I’ve thought alot about your problem, and it is a lot like my problem with my folks.

    This is what I have to tell you.

    Everyone on this planet is screwed up one way or the other. So look at your mom as a really screwed up, lost soul. Pray that God will convict her heart that she has acted in a wrong way, then she might be moved to contact you and make amends. If that happens just talk about what went wrong as if you are talking about other people, try not to get emotional and shout about it, just state how you felt and let her reply.

    The most important part of any conversation is the listening.

    Then if all else fails then you know in your heart that you have given her the opportunity to cleanse her soul and with that thought cleanse your soul of the pain you feel.

    God told me that he is convicting my parents hearts right now, but they are choosing to ignore it. He says they should get in touch with me before I leave and that I should reply to them and give them the opportunity to cleanse their souls by apologizing to me. I have given them ample warning in my regular adult life that I would no longer put up with the pain they seem to enjoy causing, but it hasn’t made a dent in their minds that their daughter is walking away from them forever. So I became tough and self reliant, and now I don’t see them as my parents. I see them as the people I was born into this world with, but that’s where it ends. I suppose if my folks did get ahold of me I would just ask them what they are being convicted for in their hearts by God. I would not tell them all that is happening with me. But I will tell them what I have learned about Heaven.

    This world is tough, and it’s only getting worse. Look to your fellow man as a fellow traveler along this path. Know that you go home to a glorious Heaven full of love and wonders, if dealing with painful people in your life is just to much to bear then leave it be and if they make it through their review then you will have plenty of time to hash out your differences knowing the full truth about life and Heaven and perhaps then all hard feelings will be put to rest.

    Above all else you should extend your hand to them to work things out now, if they refuse then your soul is clean because you know you did what should be done and it will be upon them to do what they need to do.

    Love and light be upon you.

  • Mother Nature
    2:04 pm 2009/09/10

    In this post I will cover how God created the Universe in 7 days, not just earth. What and how alien species fit into the scheme of things. Also, what are alien abductions? Along the way you will know exactly how big the universe is in Heaven and that as living souls you will never find the boundary.

    As I covered previously about how you create things in Heaven so did God create the Universe in 7 days, which is a long time in the way of Heaven. So with a thought God created the Universe and looked at what he created for a day, thinking of what else needed to be done and then he did what needed to be done with a thought. I am in awe of his intelligence and wisdom in anything he created. Let us also cover time in Heaven. Technically there is no time, but people may create clocks that keep track of planet time so they may come to witness events in the lives of those they love.

    Aliens: You all know they are there, but you know not what their purpose or intent is with you. They are creatures of God just as you are. There are many planets in the Universe that support life. There is an Angel and a Mother Nature for each planet. We report what is going on with that planet to God. The other species are the ones who moved Mankind from the dead planet Mars to Earth. They transformed you and taught you their knowledge. Which lead to Atlantis and eventually the Flood. The Flood, let us discuss this for a moment as well: before the flood all water on this planet was fresh and pure. It was with God’s tears for mankind that the earth was flooded and the waters became salty. I was there for the flood as well, I created the clouds that moved God’s tears from one end of earth to the other. Now the bible only talks about Noah as the one saved by God from the Flood. However he was the Main one because he saved the animals. But there were other families around the world that were told how to save themselves as well.

    Now you know what popular culture thinks of aliens but do you wish to know what they think of Mankind?

    They call you the “Warbitten monsters.” Remember the “Cooties” game cruel children play with the ones they don’t like? You on Earth have “Cooties” to the rest of the Universe. You are grounded on this planet and will not be able to leave it as long as you are a war torn culture. So, what is the deal with “alien abductions?” Periodically the other species have to check your bodies to make sure that evolution hasn’t done any major changes to your system. I assure you they are not out to harm you or scare you. They do this with the utmost compassion with an understanding that your psyche is a fragile thing. They are truly sorry that some of you they have tested feel fear of them. They are not implanting you with mysterious things when they do these tests.

    You look at your universe and think that nothing can be bigger than that. It is so huge that it must encompasse even Heaven in it’s immensness. However this is not the case. The whole universe is contained in a sphere that can be held in the hands of God. It is only about a foot wide if you wish to be technical. It is true that the universe is expanding moment by moment, but with that expansion it becomes even smaller in scale. You are no bigger than what you consider to be an atom. I had the thought that if a species could surf the Universe like in “Star Trek” that you would eventually run into the barrier of the sphere of the Universe and break out into Heaven, but it is not so. God does not allow that.

    Humanity, by your thoughts and behavior you shame God. The rest of the Universal species are ashamed of your behavior to God and the gift of life that was given you. Souls participate in life because it is here on a planet that you are able to feel the breeze, and experience the sun, moon, and stars. God is the light of Heaven, he is ever present and there is no “night-time”, plants grow in the Garden and you as a soul will be able to eat it and enjoy the flavor and texture, but with no living body there will be no waste created by the act of eating. Life is so special because it is different from Heaven. You are able to interact with your environment and feel things in a totally different way.

    When you go to Church this Sunday, instead of just greeting the people around you, ask them instead “How may I help you today?” Once your whole congregation is asking this question you will find so many ways to increase the goodness in your soul and really shine to Your God, insuring your return to his loving arms.

    Love and light be upon you.

  • Grateful
    11:10 am 2009/09/12

    Hi Mother Nature. My apologies, I have been away and unable to respond. I wanted to thank you for your considered reply to my question.

    In answer to your question I absolutely love gardens. I love nature like you wouldn’t believe. As a human I find the only true peace I get in life is when I am away from humanity, especially cities and when I am with nature. I feel at peace and at one. I have no tension I feel no bad energy. Cities are like poison to me. They drain me of my life force. I would love to visit you and your garden when I pass.

    It’s kind of amazing talking with you. I can’t stop smiling to myself at how much we seem to have in common.

    My natural father committed suicide when I was 4 years of age, so I have only ever known a natural mother and step father/s.

    Interestingly I did the whole forgiveness thing with my mum a couple of times and made serious attempts at moving forward. But what I discovered was despite my best intentions, the evil in this person still existed. Her behaviour towards me and actions were like poisoned to me. They were extremely damaging in many ways. She also tried to destroy the most important thing to me in my life, love. She would mock and ridicule the concept. Because of 30+ years of this, I finally decided to ostracize her from my life. I ostracized myself from my entire family. I can only provide about 1% of the full facts here without writing a novel so to make a judgement based on this information is really incomplete, but I’ll try to persist. I basically did this for the same reasons you mentioned. I refused to let these people control, minimize me and take my power away anymore.

    It was the best thing I ever did. I have been able to enjoy 3 or 4 years of peace and I’ve been able to work on myself to try to correct the damage. Unfortunately this is not easy and my physical and psychological state has been damaged tremendously. It’s okay though because I know when its my time to evolve I will be going to a much better place.

    Your answer to my question is appreciated though because upon reflection you made me realize I don’t need to feel guilty. I made more than a reasonable attempt on many occasions to resolve matters.

    Now that I’ve finished writing this I will read your next post.

    Thank you.

  • Grateful
    11:18 am 2009/09/12

    Interestingly whenever I speak to my clients, that’s always the first thing I ask them. “How may I help you today.” That’s exactly how I see it. Big business doesn’t they see clients as a means to an end and deceive and manipulate.

    I see this at so many levels in society it poisons me. That’s part of the reason why I told you I can only ever feel at peace with nature. Because I am away from all of that.

  • Mother Nature
    2:17 pm 2009/09/12

    This is the only planet where the species has gotten so off course. I am the only Mother Nature that has to come to the planet to judge the species. Every other planet in the Universe has a perfect understanding of God.

    I have learned that I finally have Sisters! They are in the Garden of Eden as well, and even better, they eagerly await my return!

    I want to tell you that what you have figured out is right on target. This is how it works: You have to make a fair and honest attempt to give them the opportunity to set things right. If they don’t take you up on it then how are you to blame? The onus has passed to them and they have to deal with it. You are cleared of the darkness. But if and when they reach out to you it is your obligation to accept graciously because together you have dissappated the darkness that shadows you both.

    I imagine that if you were to ask her family about her life growing up you might hear some horror stories. Perhaps knowing why she is the way she is now would allow you to reduce your emotions down to pity for such a withered creation. To me it sounds like she had to deal with sexual abuse while growing up.

    I also want you to understand that because I talk about pity and allowing apologies to happen doesn’t mean you are obligated to emmerse yourself back into thier sick world. Accept the apology and be grateful that the debt is discharged but it’s ok to keep your personal space and distance. This protects both of you from building anemosity again. When both of you are home you may fully explore the situation, knowing exactly how the other feels about everything. Thus coming to a true healing on the situation.

    Love and Light be upon you.

  • Grateful
    9:17 pm 2009/09/12

    Mother nature

    Thank you.

    Love and Light be upon you also.

  • Mother Nature
    12:00 am 2009/09/13

    I’d like to just give you a ***SMOOCH*** and send it but the msg board said I needed a longer msg. So there it is… LOL

  • Grateful
    1:24 am 2009/09/13

    Thank you and to you too. x

  • Mother Nature
    11:23 am 2009/09/13

    Do you have a twitter account? I am trying to reach people on there with the name THE1stMother. It is quite interesting and hopefully I can prepare people for what is to come and how to repair the damage to their souls so they are able to make it to Heaven.

    You all may follow me on Twitter, or email me at With any questions or comments. I am open to any and all discussions.

    I wish to stress the importance of my information to you. For most of you, your souls hang in the balance. The time to address this issue is RIGHT NOW.

    I will not be coming back to live amoung you again. I have made my decision and you are all going home so we can start over. What you consider to be “ENDTIMES” IS HERE AND NOW.

    Your time grows short. Help me to save as many people as possible. I cannot abide the thought of one more ghost or poltergiest when all you need is the truth. Jesus is our King in Heaven and he awaits you to share his glory with you. But he is not coming back here to take you. It is wonderful if you accept him as your savior, but it is by your good works alone that your soul is judged and either moved on to Heaven or you spend the rest of Eternity stuck in your most recent life review in the abyss, alone.

    I understand that my information completely flies in the face of every religion on this planet. This should not be looked upon as I am wrong, but that you have been lied to by the organized religions of the world so that you will feed and clothe them. God does not want your sacrifices! Blood is precious to him, it is the water of life. HE wants YOU to enjoy the best fruits of your LABOR! You made it, you worked for it, YOU deserve it! He wants you to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
    The concept of Money is only on this planet. Your churches say they need money to spread the word of Jesus and I know you spread the lie well, but in reality it is a ponzi scheme FOR YOUR SOULS.

    There is no Hell in a burning, tortuous sense. There is only the Abyss, where you are stuck reviewing your life over and over all alone for Eternity. That to me is pretty hellish all by itself. But you do this to yourself! Just as you can fix it! Take charge of your soul. Do as many good works as you can in a day, everyday. As if that day was the last day you will be able to improve the balance of your soul.

    I am afraid Death will not come nicely for most of you. But I urge you that when the situation comes for you to just let it roll over you, please don’t fight it for the sake of loved ones, because I assure you no one is going to be left behind. Your loved ones will be along shortly.

    I must stress that Murder is instant abyss. Do not under any circumstances take your family out and then suicide. You will be sent to the abyss instantly upon dying. However, suicide is acceptable. There is no Heavenly stigma attached to a soul that suicides.

    Prepare your souls because that is the only thing you should worry about before we go Home.

    Love and Light be upon you.

  • Grateful
    11:56 pm 2009/09/13

    Hi Mother Nature. I do not have a twitter account or use email. But I am aware of your site and have already taken actions to spread your good work and keep up to date with your information. As I would prefer to maintain my anonymity, I can not reveal anymore information in a public forum at this time. However you can rest assured of my pure intent, your good works are being watched, spread and appreciated. Thank you my friend.

  • Mother Nature
    11:13 am 2009/09/14

    No, THANK YOU. All of you must be made aware of what is coming and how to deal with it! Thank you for your help in this obsessive mission of mine!

  • Mother Nature
    12:56 pm 2009/09/30

    I apologize for taking so long to write again. Heaven gives me answers to all the questions I ask, but they only tell me information pertaining to the question asked. Nothing more and nothing less. So I have to ask a lot of questions to get the whole picture.

    It is imperative that you understand how dire the situation is. You are living in the biblical EndTimes. The only reason I have been activated in this lifetime is because my son and I have lived long enough to put the plan in motion. We are close to ending this grand experiment called Humanity.

    Are you starting to notice your planet interacting with you a bit more? I am ALIVE. I walk amoung you. I watch you all in your lives. Your governments are gunning for you. 9/11 was an inside job by the American Government. This action was designed to make you thirst for the blood of a shadow enemy. All of the freedoms they have taken and are continuing to take they say are for “your protection” from this shadow enemy. But it is all to control you. The truth is the scariest and most liberating thing of all. I know how painful this truth is for you all, but you can no longer deny that your governments are acting in really strange ways. I tell you-IT IS ALL FOR YOU.

    These Evil men are known to God and they will be dealt with in a very special way. The rest of you however are going to be going home soon. This isn’t anything personal, we don’t hate you. It’s just that you all have gotten so off track that we have to correct the course. I can’t see anyway you all would just walk away from a monetary system and become family centered and just enjoy being in this life, to feel the breeze, see the stars, play in the water, but this is what it would take for God and I to completely back off and just watch what happens with you next.

    I have learned much about myself and my relationship to God. God created himself from the river of Eternity. After a time he became bored and created the Universe. He created Earth first and really enjoyed the pyrotechnics created while the planet was forming. After everything settled down it became a beautiful rock. God wished he could interact with that Beautiful rock and so he breathed his Holy Spirit, His SOUL, into the water of the planet and she became ALIVE. That Soul is ME. God thinks of me as His Mother. Together we developed your species. Together we talk about how to bring you all home. Our original idea was to just bring all of you home with earthquakes everywhere and all the volcanoes going off at once to swallow the Earth into the magma core and rebirth the great continent of Pangea. Thus all of your works will be completely destroyed so that the next phase of Humanity would not find the infomation that has led you so astray. Even though most of that faulty information is from Heaven sending Angels to Earth to tell you of God and the meaning of life and humanity doing the wrong thing and worshiping the Angels as gods instead. Now the Myths persist and they must be destroyed as well.

    Other ideas are being kicked around as well though. One is to turn this planet into a prison for souls from the Abyss so that they might have another life to redeem their souls, but it would be a vicious evil place, not fit for kind souls. We would take the kind souls out and leave the evil ones behind, then we would only send the souls stuck in the abyss here to learn patience and kindness. Not sure it would work. Might just make things worse. But we are exploring all of the possibilities involved in such an idea.

    I know you are thinking about the Book of Revelations and how we can’t be at the end of times yet because the signs and portents aren’t there. I am aware of my relationship to Heaven. I am engaged in conversation with God. This is why it isn’t going to happen the way it says in Revelations. If I had denied what has been happening in my house the last year, if I had refused to acknowledge God’s presence in my life, and the job he has for me then Dec. 31, 2009 would have been the end of everything. Now, things are in a constant state of flux. We are not sure what day, or how we are going to accomplish our goal. I am allowed to keep you informed though. Check back for updates.

    This is the most important message: If you feel like you might have done some things in your life that put your entry to Heaven in question then NOW is the time for you to make amends. If the person you have animosity with has passed on then you must do many good works for the people around you. Only you can improve the balance of your soul. God can only forgive what you have done to him-you must seek the forgiveness of those you have wronged! Prepare your soul now because today may be the day you go home.

    Love and light be upon you all.

  • Mother Nature
    11:33 am 2009/10/04

    My frustration with you all is growing daily. I am reaching out to you all in the most direct way that is available in this Modern Day and age. Do you think Jesus would still walk around in 2000 yr old garb? Would he not use a mass communication program like the internet to reach millions of you at once? You MUST know the truth before the end. However, you are all so wrapped up and comfortable in your cocoon of lies that the truth is cold and scary. Therefore you turn away your face from the face of GOD.

    Even though I am Mother Nature, I am this planet, I live here with you. Even though I helped God to create you, in that he sought my thoughts on his creating. He has given me the decision to keep humanity or scrap it and start over. Even though he would not hold me accountable for killing all of you, I, as a human, feel a sense of guilt for having to bring you all home, even though I know that where you are going is THE most wonderful place ever to be. So I must expunge that guilt now, to you as a race, as my children, with the truth of Your existance, where you go from here, how to get back to there, and what is really going on with your governments, and your religions.

    As children you are now rebellious, stubborn, blind teenagers. You teach your children the same materialistic, self-serving attitude that you live under. You are slaves to money. The idea of slavery has never left this species. Now you just are “Cash Cows” for a few extremely wealthy men around the planet who control everything you pay for. Why is that concept so difficult for you all to understand? Someone owns all that you see, now the weatlthiest are buying up everything that is Nailed down, and stealing what isn’t.

    It doesn’t matter to me whether you will hear what you are being told. Or believe it for that matter. I know there are Evil men running your governments and plotting for your deaths on a global scale. That they seek to kill 95% of the global population so that they will have the remaining resources of this planet all to themselves in a utopian society without you, whom they call “useless eaters” milling about.

    Right now, what I am doing with the weather is two-fold. What you think of as the Ascention is starting right now. Not on Dec 21, 2012. On that Date, I will swallow all that is solid on this planet into my magma and all of this Humanitie’s great works will be melted into that which they came. All traces of where you have gone wrong in the past will be completely obliterated.

    The second reason is it is a distraction for your governments. I will drain thier resources and money so that they cannot continue to plan against you. Although with Rahm Emmanuel’s declaration that the Government hates to waste a crisis, I’m sure they might just step up thier plans early “for your own protection” of course. Welcome to the Fema Camps folks.

    However it falls to this, if you survive one of my events, take heed. Your soul is in jepardy of going to the Abyss, you must make amends to the ones you hold animosity for! You will go through a review of your life upon death. You will live everymoment again in true sound, smell, touch, and sight. You will know what everyone is thinking, and they will know your thoughts in thier reviews. When you walk by someone and think something nasty in your head about them, they will know in the end. Isn’t that Humbling? I was embarrassed when Heaven told me that. I was Humbled, and felt naked in my soul.

    There is nothing to repent for, you have been mislead from the beginning, and you are forgiven all. But the people that you interact with make an impact on your soul. If you have wronged people and they have died and you can’t work out the wrong then you must help the people around you. You must go forth with a spirt of helpfulness and think of how you can make life a little bit easier for someone else. Read the rest of my comments for ways to just help someone.

    You have Eternal life, that’s just a package deal, you exisit at the Pleasure of God. When you prove that you are unworthy of the gift you have been given then you could get thrown into the lake of fire which evaporates your soul back to a simple thought, which is then forgotten about. You control where you are going to spend that Eternal life, in Heaven where there are parties and symphonies, classes and learning, entertainment and fun. or The Abyss, where you spend eternity reliving this life time over and over again. Trapped there, alone.

    The truth about Jesus. He is a wonderful “human” soul that went to God and said, I believe that if we go down there and tell them about your ways and where they are going wrong that we can turn humanity back to the right path. God said that was a good idea and they sent Jesus to Mary. When Jesus was old enough God activated him through the message of an Angel. From that moment on God lived in Jesus and did good works amoung the people. He showed himself to be amoung you. All of the wonderful things that Jesus did was by God alone. Jesus is the Son of God, just like all of you are Sons and Daughters of God. He has no intention of coming back here, the grand show of the book of Revelations isn’t going to happen the way you have been told. These are lies planted in the Bible by the Jews after the fall of Christ. They infiltrated the beginning churches and twisted the meanings and the words. They are infiltrating your Governments and have successfully taken over. Nazi Germany as a terror is coming back but the people to be killed are you the common folk, the “Cash Cows” and “useless eaters”.

    You are being poisoned ever so slowly by the air you breath-chemtrails in the air, the water you drink-by the government mandating fluoride, sterilizers, clhorine, and other pharma drugs into your municible drinking supplies, Through the food you will be given during the coming famine-they have manipulated the DNA of plants to include insect and pesticide DNA and while they may be satisfied with the changes they have made, they are disregarding the domino effect of chain reactions to the rest of the DNA sequence. These Genetically Modified Organisims (GMO’s) are going to kill you in the end. The FDA assumes that since Corn was a safe food for human consumption before the modification that it is still a safe food after it has been changed, if the appearance seems normal. The Materials you use-plastics- Out of all the possible combinations of materials to make plastic the ones they choose to go with are the kinds that leach cancer causing chemicals into your liquids. Through your medicines-Thimerisol is a Mercury based preservative for your vaccines and also in High Fructose corn syrup. Why are they putting Mercury in your body? to make you just sick enough to go to the DR. to become a whole other “cash cow” for the system.

    What we do, we are doing for your own good. I know it hurts, and you hate it. But you hate the reality of your life just as much, and that is the real pain that we are striving to save you from. I assure you that Heaven exists, that it is the most magnificent place you could ever hope for. Whatever misery you fight in this life the reality of Heaven is a thousand times better.

    We are taking you all home, fix your souls now while you still can.

    Love and light to you all.

  • Grateful
    6:05 am 2009/10/06

    Hi Mother Nature,

    So nice to have you back. I love reading your works. I so understand what you are saying. I know a lot of what you have been writing about and find myself in a predicament.

    I understand and have lived with the burden of the knowledge of the evil workings of the elite and the topics you talk about for a long time and it is like a cancer to me. It disgusts me so much that I am ashamed to be a human. I c it all around me daily. Every where I look absolutely everywhere. It is so deep and effects basically everything in the world we live in. It has reach a scale so large that it seems normal to the masses. They just don’t see what you are talking about.

    Personally I can’t wait to die. People, cities, societies the negative elite are like poison to me and I only ever find peace away from humanity, with mother nature and my darling.

    The other night I had an experience when I was a sleep. I don’t know whether I was dreaming or whether I was having some kind of spiritual experience, but I felt my spirit leave my body. I was some where dark with no light and all I remember was I was leaving, but I knew that I was leaving my darling behind. When I realized this I just couldn’t leave her as much as I wanted to part the earth. So I went back to her. It is only fear that’s all it is.

    I want to go badly but I will miss her. I have already taken many action steps to ensure that if I go, she is looked after so she can be comfortable and secure when I am gone. Being burdened with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, but I felt it was at least the appropriate thing to try to look after her in all of the other ways I could. She doesn’t want me to go, but the pain of my physical illness and the poison of humanity is becoming too much to bear. I have given myself a project to carry out before I go or before I am taken. Which ever comes first. I call it my ‘higher purpose’ It is something bigger than being a 1% slave to the elite. It is a special and unique project designed to enlighten and inspire others with knowledge. The kind of knowledge I am talking about comes from a real life story spanning over 30 years and is designed to make people see the consequences of certain actions over generations
    which affected many families. It is designed to show the inadequacies of human behaviour and the affect it has on its victims. It also demonstrates what I call an undeniable deliberate path of learning and healing from powers much greater than humanity. It’s undeniably perfect. The idea then being to demonstrate to the victims that they have a clear choice and access to exactly the same workings and knowledge as the teacher. There is much more but I can’t help but to feel it is my true purpose in life. Otherwise why would have I had the experience. I just know it.

    Anyway I’m kind of rambling a bit now but I like you mother nature so I just wanted to share some things with oyu and express my gratitude to your words.

    Have a beautiful day.

    I created a ‘higher purpose’ for myself. It’s a project

  • Mother Nature
    1:14 pm 2009/10/06

    You are correct. The Elites power grows by the minute. Soon the people of the Earth will cry out to be taken home. The End Times is starting now, there are 6.5 Billion people today. It will take three years to get you all home, 12,21,2012 isn’t the beginning of the end. It is the end of this beginning.

    Hold on to your Higher Purpose my child. While making it, use it to distract yourself from what is going on around you. Please, Please do not fear for your child. All are going home soon, no one will be left behind. She would only be on her own with people she doesn’t know for a little while. Then she will be with you, with God, with all that Heaven has to offer.

    There is nothing left to save of your lives here on this planet. I will suck everything you have done here into the magma and all will be returned to it’s original composition. Humanity, you have messed everything up so badly with your monetary slavery, wars, and self-serving attitudes that there is NOTHING WORTH SAVING.

    Your names will float like ashes in the wind of time. Nothing will remain. Work on the balance of your souls, for that is the only thing you will take with you. Jesus loves you all, but you are judged by your good deeds alone. The masters of religion in antiquity have lied to you throughout the ages!!! It matters not if you accept Jesus as your saviour. He loves you even if you do not, but do not lean on Jesus to come through for you if you continue to think and do evil in your heart. Only by helping your fellow man can you turn the tide on the balance of your soul and make it to the wonderment that is Heaven.

    Please, I beg you all, Stop what you are doing, think for a moment on my words. Show them to everyone around you. I bring you the truth from Heaven. Your holy books are filled with lies meant to mislead you!!! Mankind has committed the greatest sin upon ITSELF.

    The elites are rising up against you ALL. When you see it come to your area you will know the end is near. Either I or the Governments of the world will kill you all. Fear not, for the EVILmmen that will kill you will get their just rewards. The Angel that watches the Earth and the species with me is Abaddon. He is the keeper of the Abyss, yea where even Satan is under his watchful eye. He will let lose the Locusts of the Abyss- Creatures that are 15′ tall, and frightening in their contenance. They will be given permission to only harm the Evil men in this world, in that time even if the man suffers a mortal wound he will not find death for 5 months. When he finds death, he will know only the Abyss forever and ever amen. No longer will the evil be allowed to live for eternity. If you have evil in your heart, if you have done evil, woe, woe, woe unto you. Yet you still have a minute of eternity to fix your wrongs. Take heed oh humanity, thy days are numbered.

  • Grateful
    9:21 pm 2009/10/06

    I understand. I understand.

  • Mother Nature
    4:43 pm 2010/01/13

    Dear Humanity,

    This will be my last message to you, but in many ways it is the most important. I am not supposed to be talking about my family and the role that Heaven has for us in the coming End Time. However God loves me and understands why I feel so compelled to tell you all what is coming, and what you have left to do to prepare to go home. I am grateful that he has allowed me to tell you the truth, but his formal stance on it all is I am “throwing something holy to the dogs.” or I am spilling the pearls before the swine. So, after this message I will no longer seek to contact as many people as possible with the truth of what is coming. With that said, let us start with my parents and how I have taken God’s words to heart and reached out to them to work through the angst in my heart.

    As I have found with anything that God wants me to do, once I get down to the doing I feel much better about the situation. I will not share with you what has been discussed between my parents and I, but I do feel that a significant change has occured between the three of us, and I am grateful that God commanded me to do this. I was able to share with my mother who I really am, and she seems to have taken my warnings and knowledge to heart, for which I am ecstatic about.

    With that said, there are far more important things to tell you.

    It never ceases to amaze me how humanity cannot accept all information as credible and part of the whole. Some of the ideas that people are locked into one way or the other are evolution/creationism, aliens/no aliens, there are others, but these two will show my point the best.

    Let us first tackle evolution and creationism. This planet is 3.5 Billion years old. I was created 1 billion years ago. Dinosaurs came and went before I was created, evolution is the natural process of life. If you start life it will continue on it’s own course to it’s own conclusion. Neanderthal man is the natural course of evolution, but you oh, dear humanity, you were created by God, with all of his considerable knowledge of where you would go and what you needed to do you were provided with a sophisticated and complex living machine to house your precious soul while on a living path. You were created in God’s image, but certainly not his physical image. God gave you the same intelligence that he has. As always, what you do with it is up to you. So there is evolutional man and created man living on the same planet. The information that you refuse to accept fills in the blanks and answers the questions that are part of what you do accept.

    Some people believe that we are all alone in this vast dimension called space. I fail to see how they can believe this when it stands to reason that there are Trillions of Suns out there and that the probability is very high that there are other lumps of rock orbiting in the exactly right distance to support life. If you still doubt that there are others here with us then do this very simple thing. On the next sunny day take your cell phone and take several pictures of the sun in negative. I guarantee that you will see little black dots moving around the sun, the aliens are here and they are hiding in the sun’s glare while they watch you. Everything that lives in this universe was created by God, even the aliens. Now, beware humanity, there are two camps of aliens. The ones that seek always to do God’s work, in fact they are directly connected to God and can do nothing else, came and spoke with our governments within the last 100 years and said, we will give you technology to end famines, and sickness. We will give you knowledge that you have never dreamed of, but we want you to cease creating nuclear energy and weapons of war. We want you to learn how to live in harmony and peace with the rest of the universe and yourselves. Well, this was unacceptable to the evil men who have run your governments for the last 150 years. They then were visited by another group of aliens who have walked away from God and do not do what God asks of them. This other group also hates humanity with a passion and seek to kill us to take over this planet for themselves. So they are pretending to be our friends while they provide us the technology to kill humanity from the inside out. The new T.V. show “V” is the absolute truth of what is happening behind the scenes. I hear that soon there will be full disclosure about aliens and that our governments have been working with them for years. I tell you now that these aliens are seeking the death of mankind. They are able to read your thoughts because they communicate directly with each other through telepathy. So if you think about harming them they will know and they will take you away. I do not know how to tell you to protect yourself. There is soon to be no way to hide and survive. I can only tell you that you simply must take the time to do nice things and help people, this is the only way to ensure you will get back to Heaven and not be stuck in the Abyss.

    Now I want to talk about the global disasters that are happening everywhere now. I am in conscience control of myself and now I only have to concentrate intently on how I want the weather to be and it becomes so. The entire Northern Hemisphere is being impacted by cold and snow because I want the wicked global governments to be immobilized, I want the governments of the world to use up the money and resources that they have been stockpiling while they have plotted the demise of 90% of the global population. I want to give the people who are awake to what the global governments are doing, and are fighting it tooth and nail, time to crush what is coming down the pipe. But also these events are meant to be taking people home. For the last 6 months my natural disaster events have had a very low death toll. There is a reason for this. There are 144,000 souls who are promised to be brought home before the rest of humanity. You may recognize this number and say to yourself “oh yes, the choosen of Israel.” These are NOT the “choosen of Israel” There are no “choosen by God” people on this planet. All are special to God. There are no race of people more special to God. This simply illistrates how the Israeli Zionists have co-opted the bible since the time of Christ. The 144,000 are decendents of the 12 Apostles. They were promised that at the end times God would take their bloodline descendents first. Some of these decendents were difficult to get to. Now we have the 7.3 Earthquake in Haiti. All of the governments buildings have been leveled, the catholic church there is crushed. Hundreds of Thousands of people are going home. This is just the beginning.

    I am sure you are wondering, why am I attacking the governments to give these people time to fight their plans even though I am saying that all are going home soon? Why even try? The fight to rid your species of evil is important to the salvation of your soul. If you don’t fight the government then the same degredation is on your soul as well. Finding the courage in yourself to stand up to the governments and say “NO” will go a long way to cleaning your soul of the evilness inherant in being human. 2/3 of the 6.7 Billion souls on this planet are headed for the Abyss.

    In my earlier posts I said that the final plan is still in flux, I kept bringing up ideas and problems to God and he had to spend some time thinking about my concerns. Now we have a final plan.

    Summary: There are thousands of Pure Souls living amoung you and their vibrational level is going to be increased by God when all is in place and that vibration is going to move the essence of this planet to Heaven. This planet, in this Universe, will then once again be innert rock. While I will then be the Mother Nature of Heaven. The spirit of planet Earth will then reside in Heaven. How can this be? In Heaven you are able to divide your conscience up and be in several places at once. In Heaven I will continue to be both a planet and a person. Souls will be able to come to me and say, we would really like to go sking, would you please make it snow on these mountains?

    Now let me go back and fill in the blanks so you will understand how we have lead up to this point. When the atom bombs were dropped on Japan everyone sat up and started paying attention to what you were doing here. There is a Universal Council that sent out a call for Pure Souls to volunteer to come to Earth and be a shining light of example for humanity. At first we hoped that you would learn from these Pure Souls and turn from your path of evilness. Three waves of souls have come to this planet since 1950. You may safely assume that the next truly nice person you meet is a Pure Soul that is here to truly help humanity. Well, you have not turned from your path of self-destruction, therefore we will be using the vibration level of their souls to move the essence of Earth to Heaven and to bring the good human souls to Heaven at the same time, without death. The wicked ones amoung you however, they will be left to face their judgement from God alone.

    Farewell for now.

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