Mitt Romney Crop Circle!

Whoa boy.  Now we know that Romney’s support isn’t only from mainstream Republicans.  Looks like he may also have captured the off-world vote.

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From the buy real nolvadex online:   This declaration of presidential preference is on Jim and Nancy Pellett’s land and is visible from Interstate 80 eastbound near Atlantic. Mitt Romney supporter Jim Kurtenbach of Nevada went up in a small plane with photographer Charlie Lloyd, another Romney backer, to snap photos.

Well, they say that as Iowa goes, so goes the Country.  Does the same hold true for crop formations?

Clearly this the clever work of a crop artist displaying his or her allegiance to the Romney campaign, but I think it would be fantastic if Romney declared it to be a message from Kolob.  Google it.

Update: We were contacted by the creator of this crop art and he shared a video displaying his handiwork. Shawn Stolworthy’s video can be seen below: