Missing Unicorn in NYC

The poster below was first spotted earlier this month on New York’s Upper West Side.

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The unicorn in question belongs (metaphorically)  to book chapter summaries conspiracy 365 june, a New York-based painter.  The posters were part of a larger vision that she wanted to share with her community.

“I was travelling back and forth in the subways, and I just noticed the dejection. I’m a pop artist, and I thought –- if I could just make one person smile. I was thinking about ways to do that,” she said.  “A unicorn is beyond race, beyond religion. I wanted something that could reach anyone at any age. I thought, if I could just make a handful of businessmen on Wall Street think about unicorns, I will be successful.”

On October 29, she and an army of friends hung 2,000 Missing Unicorn posters around NYC.   She says that by the next day she’d received 350 calls.

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Her movement caught fire and she began receiving more and more calls, thousands in fact, to her Missing Unicorn hotline.  She created the website http://www.desmitmedical.com/ to allow people to interact, sharing their “unicorn sightings” and cataloging experiences.

Although the city of New York eventually shut her Missing Unicorn project down, she has made a printable version of the poster available for download on her site.  People are encouraged to start hanging them around their own communities.

“I wanted some childlike play. I wanted people to go on a quest to find what they were missing.”

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