Minot Flood 2011: The Aftermath (Exclusive Photos)

North Dakotans living in Minot can breathe a sigh of relief, as the flood waters that saturated their city have finally subsided.  Sadly, with that relief comes a litany of new problems.

As anyone who has survived a flood can tell you, the actual flood is only part of the story.  When the water recedes, the evidence of the destruction permeates the landscape, as damaged homes and piles of debris create health and safety concerns, as well as the heartache of those who will have to find a new place to live.

Our friend who provided us with eyewitness photos of the flood waters around Minot has graciously sent us a new set of photos, chronicling some of the aftermath as Minot attempts to wrestle its way back from this disaster.  As ominous as the images of the flood were, these photos displaying the debris and damage left in the water’s wake are equally haunting.  To see the original photos, click here:  http://ninavilasboas.com/

Images below depict the city of Minot in its post-flood state.  Rather heart wrenching.  Remember, if you would like to help the residents of Minot as they rebuild, please visit the following link:  Learn More Here


Flood waters return to the confines of the river's banks, while debris clings to a fence just outside.


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Dead end sign adds an ominous tone to an already sobering image of debris piles lining a Minot street.

Click any image below to enlarge. All photos copyright K. Abrahamson 2011