Milky J Says: Hubble Gotchu!

I think it’s about time for something light-hearted here on E.I., don’t you? on the surface is not much different than any other late night talk show.  But what sets Fallon apart, in my opinion, is the type of humor he uses.   I find that Fallon doesn’t shy away super nerdy references, and this is what endears him to me.  From math jokes to grammar gags, Fallon’s sense of dweeby humor is a breath of fresh air.  Particularly for nerdy Natalina.

One of my FAVORITE recurring characters has been Milky J (played by Bashir Salahuddin) and his admittedly obsessive fondness for the Hubble Telescope.  With his hilarious catch phrase of “Hubble Gotchu!”, Milky J is probably the most unexpected Hubble apologist and promoter that NASA could ever have fathomed.

HomepageMilky J proudly showing one of the AMAZING photos taken by his beloved Hubble Telescope.

In fact, in one sketch, Milky visits NASA, to try to convince scientists that Hubble is far superior to its intended successor, the James Webb Space Telescope.  So tickled was NASA by the visit, that they actually have a page on the official website dedicated to Milky J, which they call, “NASA Gotchu!” NERDS!

I figured this might also appeal to the readers of E.I. (you big geeks!), so I decided to share!

Check out the vids of Milky J in action below!