10 Extraordinary Questions With… Michael Horn

We are kicking off a new feature here on Extraordinary Intelligence.  I couldn’t be more excited to present the “Extraordinary Questions With…” series.  I’ve been talking to so many interesting and exciting people in the world of the Unknown, the Unexplained, and the Extraordinary… and the subject of our first installment is no exception.

Many of you have heard of the Extra-Terrestrial encounters of Billy Meier.  We’ve even discussed it before here on EI: Read Full Article.  Recently, I was fortunate enough to be able to present 10 questions to the Authorized American Media Representative for the Billy Meier Contacts, Michael Horn.




1.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to the readers of Extraordinary Intelligence! First, tell us a little about yourself. Who is Michael Horn?

MH: I thank you very much for the opportunity. I am a person with a rather eclectic background in the arts, music, entertainment, business, etc. I had no formal academic training in the sciences, research, etc. when I found the Billy Meier case. It was by researching it that I found myself learning how to develop my critical thinking and being educated in many areas previously unknown to me. (More about me: are there any real sex dating sites

2.  Can you please give us an overview of the Billy Meier case?

MH: The Meier case is the only scientifically proven, still ongoing (more than 68 years) UFO contact case, meaning interactions between extraterrestrial human beings and a human being from Earth. It contains an enormous amount of still irreproducible physical evidence and volumes of important information (some 26,000 pages), much of it prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information.

There are dozens of witnesses and five photographers other than Meier, including a Swiss skeptic (how to write a personal narrative essay middle school).

I often say it’s either the biggest, most impenetrable hoax, or the most important story in human history. There’s really nothing in between.

3.  How did you first become aware of the Billy Meier case, and from there… how did you become personally involved?

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MH:  I walked in to a bookstore in Los Angeles 1979 and saw the first book with Meier’s stunningly clear UFO photos and information about him, the investigation, evidence, etc. In 1986, I was in a little cafe in Sedona, Arizona, where I met a man who also lived in L.A. We were speaking about UFOs in general and then the Meier case. It turned out that he had copies of the transcripts of Meier’s conversations with the Plejaren extraterrestrials, covering from about 1975 to 1978.

When I returned to L.A., he gave me some 1,800 pages of these Contact Notes, as they are commonly called, which I read for several months as I digested all of the fascinating information contained within them.

4.  What would you say is the best evidence with regard to Mr. Meier’s encounters?

MH: There are two categories, i.e. the physical evidence and the information. I have referred to the physical evidence as still irreproducible because no one has actually been able to show that any of it was hoaxed using the same equipment available to Meier back in the 1970s and earlier.

Regarding Meier’s UFO photos and films in particular, people often confuse duplication with creating a similar “effect” and each of the skeptics who have claimed that could duplicate Meier’s photographic evidence have merely duplicated an effect, i.e. they show a small UFO-like object in the sky, etc. But these are always small models, close to the camera, and are easily detected as such.

The UFOs in Meier’s evidence are always large objects a greater distance from the camera and this is easily proved as well. And though all of the physical evidence, the photos, films, video, sound recordings and metal samples are stunning and far beyond the technological, financial or other known resources and abilities available to Meier, the real best evidence is in the information.

5.  I am most fascinated by the predictions and prophesies that have come from these encounters.  Please share some of the most compelling “predictions come true” that Mr. Meier has revealed over the years.

MH: It used to be far easier to point out the predictions that have come true before I was aware of the enormous number of those that have. This was due in part to the fact that up until fairly recently only the original 1,800 pages of the Contact Notes, and a few other documents had been translated.

Now, with more of the translations being made available, we’re finding so much more information that Meier published, even decades ago, being corroborated by new discoveries. And there’s a sufficient number of copyrighted, dated, published books and documents to support the fact that Meier published his information first and certainly didn’t back date it. So, to specifically answer your question, I would refer people to articles such as this one http://theyfly.com/WILL_HUMANITY_WAKE_UP.html and all of the ones at: http://theyfly.com/Prophecies_Predictions.html

I think that people will be astounded when they read this information and they will probably be wondering,”If this is true, why haven’t I heard about it before?” And when they ask that they will begin to understand not only how the news media and its reporters have failed to do their real jobs…but how much actual suppression from the powers that be have gone into keeping this information from you. Let’s also note that there have been 21 attempts on Meier’s life in the past 40 years. That’s a lot of trouble to take for someone who is supposed to just be a hoaxer!

Put it all together and it becomes obvious that the real UFO cover up isn’t about things like Roswell, for which there is zero remaining evidence. Actually, the government and the media, etc., absolutely love people wasting their time running around in circles over Roswell instead of discovering the Meier case. That’s why you see so many shows on TV about Roswell and other “mysterious” UFO sightings, all of which are absolutely devoid of even one piece of useful evidence.

6.  I’ve noticed a number of websites that attempt to “debunk” some of the evidence in this case.  What do you say to those who claim that the photographs of Beamships are faked?

MH: Well, as I mentioned above, the skeptics tried and failed to actually debunk anything of Meier’s. We even gave Derek Bartholomaus, the representative from IIG, a segment in our film, The Silent Revolution of Truth (http://theyfly.com/products/products.htm#srot), to make his best case that Meier hoaxed everything. He fell flat on his face, to put it mildly, despite the fact that he had years to put his challenge together, and his was the only scripted presentation in the film. We let him do it the way he wanted it, it wasn’t even an interview, that’s how much he wanted to control his presentation and we let him.

He took a further drubbing, a couple actually, as can be read here:
I should add that there are people who’ve gone to great lengths to try to prove Meier hoaxed his evidence and we can expect to see some new efforts surface. However, they will always fail no matter how good their effects are, simply because they can’t duplicate with models what Meier captured of real, large UFOs.

And there are other factors that completely dispel these false, envious claims against Meier, such as the several years long investigation, the numerous witnesses, Meier’s lack of resources and collaborators, the known obligations and demands on his time and energy raising a family, working, etc., to say nothing of simultaneously producing volumes of the even more important evidence in the Contact Notes, spiritual teaching, etc.

Pictured above: Billy Meier

7.  I’ve heard you refer to Mr. Meier as being perhaps the only “real” abductee/contactee. Can you elaborate upon why you believe that could be the case?

MH: I’ve simply never seen anything even resembling the comparable quantity and quality of evidence for an authentic contact case. Without exception, I find the people who come forward claiming to be contactees to be babbling nonsense. Now that certainly sounds harsh, as the truth most often is, but just who has presented any real evidence, any significant, uniquely valuable, specific information that could only have come from a far more advanced source? It’s telling that world class astrophysicist, David Froning (http://theyfly.com/PDF/Scientific%20Experts.PDF) suggests that Meier’s “being cued by some very knowledgeable scientists.”

I don’t think you’ll find that he’s said that about any of the goofy people who claim to be channeling, or meeting with, extraterrestrials.
As for abductees, while there’s certainly been some relatively few of these events that are/have been ET in nature, the bulk of them are either secret military, or delusional experiences (http://theyfly.com/lost/Archives/meiersb34.htm) all of which play into the distraction and disinformation agenda which, along with our penchant for entertainment, easily keep lots of people engaged in pointlessly spinning their wheels…and avoiding dealing with the really serious issues of their personal, and our collective, lives.

8.  I find the stories of Billy Meier’s travels through space and time to be particularly fascinating. He has provided so much insight about the future… what did he reveal about our past during his travels through time?  Through space?

MH: In The Silent Revolution of Truth, he tells about going back in time and meeting Jmmanuel, falsely known as “Jesus” (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Asket%27s_Explanations_-_Part_6)

Naturally, this is enormously controversial, as is his trip back to 13th century France (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Asket%27s_Explanations_-_Part_3).

Meier made some other trips to the past and he did say that our history as we know it is largely not accurate, though that shouldn’t be a surprise.

9. What is Talmud Jmmanuel?

MH: The Talmud Jmmanuel (http://theyfly.com/products/products.htm#tj) is a document that Meier co-discovered, in 1963, in a very ancient tomb on the outskirts of Jerusalem. It is said to be the actual teaching of Jmmanuel, as transcribed by Judas (who was not Jmmanuel’s betrayer!), and the original document on which the book of Matthew is based, not the other way around. There is quite a bit of information form Meier on Jmmanuel, including the fact that he actually survived the crucifixion and migrated to India where he lived, taught, married, fathered several children and ultimately died at around 105 years of age. James Deardorff has done remarkable work regarding research into the Talmud Jmmanuel (http://www.tjresearch.info/contents.htm).

Below:  Michael Horn’s Full Film, The Silent Revolution of Truth


10.  Thank you again, Mr. Horn, for taking the time to talk to Extraordinary Intelligence! My final question to you is about any upcoming projects you may have in the works… what can we expect from you and from the TheyFly.com website?

MH: Well, now that you ask, starting in June, The Michael Horn Show will debut on a brand new Internet radio network called the Positive World Radio Network. I’ll have a one-hour, weekly show that will cover all sorts of topics and discuss things from the perspective of the teaching and information in the Meier case.

This means not just UFOs but other real world, relevant topics like:

Environmental Issues

Crime & Punishment

Politics vs. Principles

Women’s Issues

Prophecies & Predictions

Illegal Immigration

The Spiritual Teaching





Terrorism & War, etc.

…and I will be having a new website that’s a bit better organized too. I thank you again for the interview and I  look forward to answering other questions about the Meier material, which I’ll be inviting listeners to submit to me for addressing on air as well.

I’ll only add that, in addition to the film that my daughter and I did (www.breakingthesilencemovie.com) we’re now producing another film about relationships that we hope to finish by the end of the year.

UPDATE:  The Michael Horn Show is on the Air!