Michael F. Bell: The Invisible Crime

Michael Fitzhugh Bell was living the dream.  He grew up in an affluent east coast neighborhood.  He attended a fine prep school and later college.  As an adult he spent his freetime as an aspiring screenwriter, and he was able to carve a comfortable life for himself in the hills of Hollywood as a caterer for the entertainment industry.  His income afforded him the ability to travel the world climbing mountains and enjoying nature.  Life was good.  Until it wasn’t.

u.s history homework helpThe changes began subtly.  He began to notice things out of place inside his apartment.  Furniture was rearranged and items were tampered with. Over time, he started seeing the same cars driving past his home at the same time every day.. the same joggers running past… the same neighbors exiting his home each time he exited his.  His life started to feel scripted and strange.  In time, these repetitively appearing characters would interact with him by staring or even glaring at him as they passed by. Small but noticeable damage began to appear on his belongings. Holes in his shoes, damage to his clothes… always in the same spot.  Something was going on.

Michael F. Bell was being harassed in an organized and carefully executed fashion.  He is what is known as a “targeted individual.”  Thousands of people worldwide have come forward with similar stories, each with their own frightening details.

At the pinnacle of Mr. Bell’s attacks, he was actually drugged and removed from his home.  His captors held him for a week while they kept him constantly sedated with a dangerous South American drug, famous for removing a person’s free will.  Figures in masks tormented him during his captivity.  Michael was unsure that he would make it out alive.

While many of us would buckle under this type of constant harassment, Michael Bell is fighting back.  In his book phd ph Bell shares his harrowing tale.  He details his discovery of microchips implanted in his body.  He shows the reader how to determine if they too might be chipped, and how to regain control.  He’s been tormented, abducted, mind controlled and monitored for years.  Through it all, he’s become determined to blow the whistle in an effort to help others learn to cope and overcome their own attacks.

Recently, I had the opportunity to join host Daniel Ott on publish on demand publishersin a joint interview with Michael Fitzhugh Bell.  Mr. Bell’s delivery was at once genuine and electrifying.  You can see the full interview below, and please visit the following links to learn more:


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