Men and their "Real Dolls"

dapoxetine priligy kaufen redThe following documentary fascinated and disturbed me.  It leans fairly mature, so if you are overly sensitive, best to skip this one.  But if you are an adventurous soul like myself, and want to witness something truly bizarre, proceed.

The Documentary is “Guys and Dolls”.  It is a presentation of a kind of attachment that most of us cannot comprehend.  These men, some a little odd, some seemingly otherwise normal, are united by one thing…they are in love with dolls.  Like, sex dolls.  The kind that are anatomically correct.  They look frighteningly real, and these men have built their lives around their “relationships” with the dolls.

The film is actually quite nicely made, with pleasant and whimsical music and is awash in color and light.  This type of subject matter may have tempted another director to lean towards a darker look, with more sinister or creepy undertones, but it works much better this way.

The questions I want you to think about as you watch the documentary are, 1.  Are these men unbalanced, or just different?  2.  Is it possible to feel real love for an inanimate object?  3.  Is this type of attachment the bi-product of extreme loneliness that anyone could fall into, or is there something in these men that makes them predisposed emotional and sexual attraction to the dolls?

Full Documentary Below: