Meet the Demons: Demystifying Demonology

“I am Legion: for we are many.”

Likely you’ve heard the term Demonology or Demonologist.  On the popular TV show, “Ghost Hunters” for example,  a resident Demonologist is sometimes called upon  if they feel that a less than benevolent spirit is behind a haunting.  Movies and books often make reference to Demonologists, and they are at times portrayed as heroic characters tasked with ridding homes and people of evil forces.  But what is Demonology really?


Demon from The Exorcist

Technically, Demonology is just the study of demons and demonic forces.  This is not specific to a particular religion.  There are Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Occultic, and even Zoroastrian Demonologists.  The focus of the study is generally to become familiar with the varying types of demons, demonic lore and history, and sometimes modern demonic activity.

The word demon is derived from the Greek term, daimon, which simply means inferior supernatural power or spirit.

Biblically, there is only one class of supernatural being that is inferior to God.  These are Angels.  The Angels were split after Lucifer’s rebellion, and those that aligned themselves with Satan were cast down to Earth (sometimes translated as Hell, but the literal translation seems to imply that Lucifer and a third of the heavenly host were cast down to Earth. Revelations 12) , becoming demons. But these demons are still seen as a species of the genus of Angels, and therefore, any classification or trait assigned to an Angel must apply to a demon as well.

This is not to say that Christians hold the only rights to demonic mythology.  Socrates spoke of demons. Babylonians were obsessed with demons, and took great pains not to upset them.  Zoroastrianism, which predates Christianity, has a very similar story of good versus evil and a war in Heaven.  As stated previously, there are Jewish and Islamic demonic traditions, as well as countless others.  In the main, however, the Christian tradition is usually the focus of the glamorized notion of the diabolical.


The Temptation of St. Anthony by Martin Schöngauer c. 1480-90

Now, some claiming the title of Demonlogist believe that their field of study is purely academic.  They study demons, suss out the differences, and view all of the information from a scholastic point of view.  Others view their chosen occupation as a spiritual calling.  Thomas Aquinas for example could be called a Demonologist.  Still others consider it a branch of parapsychology, treating the demonic realm as a real thing that must be understood in order to be dealt with.  The latter do not always claim a particular religion, perhaps considering themselves pagan or spiritualist…but the demons that they study are still often derived from the Christian notion of “fallen ones”.

Whatever path one chooses to arrive at Demonology, there appears to be some agreement on the names and classes of demons.  Where these originated from is anyone’s guess, but a good place to start would be with Milton, Voltaire, Dante Alighieri, and good old Thomas Aquinas.  Some names are Biblical, some are Apocryphal, some come from the inspiration or imagination of the variety of writers who’ve taken on the topic. has put together a fantastic reference of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Demons.  Here they are in Alphabetical Order:

Amy – The Presiding Demon of Hell

Despite a rather benign name, Amy is an extremely high ranking Demon in Christian theology; he is considered to be the ruling President of Hell.  It is said that he appears in flame, but upon taking human form he used his demonic wiles to entrap familiars, to master human sciences and to manipulate the politics of the church.  He is bent on taking the thrown of Hell and we are warned that he will use whatever means are possible to do so.  Amy may be preoccupied with the political structure of various planes of existence, but he remains capable of commanding legions and waging war on humanity.

Asmodeus – (aka Abaddon) is “The Destroyer”

Mentioned in the Book of Tobias (Deuteronomy), Asmodeus is not your typical all around demon, he is considered to be one of the Princes of Hell, though other sources cite him as one of the King’s of Hell, a distinction that may not be all that important.  Among other things, Asmodeus is responsible for the lust component of the famed Seven Deadly Sins, and it is said that those who submit to his sexual manipulation will be doomed to an eternity in the second level of Hell.

Astaroth – one of the Chief Devils

Astaroth is a powerful demon indeed, one of the original 72 to be named in The Lesser Key of Solomon, and this is one to watch out for.   He will use temptation to lure and guide humans to their unending torture; he again, takes a role in the list of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Holds the distinction of being the most mysterious extrahuman character in Jewish sacred literature, his presence has been felt throughout the ages, but little is known about his origin or even his affiliation.  He is a peddler of influence and knowledge, and popular culture has exploited his reputation and possibly given rise to his recent popularity.

Baal – The Christian King of Hell (also given as Baalim and Bael)

Baal may be the worst demon there is, he is said to be the ruling King of hell.  His role as that of the right hand of Satan, and as the leader of sixty-six legions of lesser demons, makes him possibly the most dangerous entity ever conceived.  His high rank and responsibility may make him less of a threat to the average living human, though ruthlessness and an all out passion for satanic power make him humanity’s worst nightmare.

Beelzebub – One of the Kings of Hell

Beelzebub may actually be the incarnate identity of Satan himself, though there is doubt in demonology circles.  He may be an alternate incarnation of Baal or Bael, or he may be the original fallen angel (with the distinction that Satan was not the original).  In any event, Beelzebub is largely regarded as the most powerful and dangerous demon there is.  Of the available demons, Baal Zebub (as he is also known), is attributed to not one but two deadly sins, pride and gluttony, though there is some argument about this point.

One point that is seldom argued is Beezebub’s role as one of the three most prominent fallen angels, in the company of Lucifer and Leviathan.  He is a force among the ruling echelon of Hell and aside his kin, is a plague on humanity and the heavens.

Byleth – one of the Kings of Hell.

Beleth (one of the many spelling variations is yet another King of Hell, some believe he is a separate incarnation of either Baal or Beelzebub, and as is the case with the demonic, deception and disguise are par for the course.  Regardless of his connection to the other Kings of Hell, he is one of the most powerful there is, commanding eighty-eight legions of lesser demons, he is said to be one to offer prize and assistance to those who request it, but usually has an alterior motive.  The story of Beleth may be responsible for the “selling your soul to the devil” idiom.


Leviathan, uncommonly not known by any other name, is said to be Satan himself, though argument exists.  Typically represented as an enormous sea monster or serpent, it is believed that Leviathan was the serpent to have corrupted Adam and Eve.  He stands next to Beelzebub and the famed Lucifer, and rules Hell as one third the almighty triad of Kings.

Lucifer – “Light-bearer”

Lucifer, once translated from the term meaning ‘Morning Star’, is the fallen archangel.  He is the ambitious and power hungry Satan and was the subject of God’s wrath as he was cast out of heaven with his band of angels in tow.  Some believe that Satan is in fact a representation of Lucifer, Leviathan and Beezebub, and that Hell hath only one King, and his name is Satan.  He commands all in the realm of Hell and is the one demon all humanity agrees is most powerful and most dangerous.

Mephistopheles, the original Faustian

Mephisto is commonly held as the originator of the Legend of Faust, wherein the scholar wagers his soul against the devil being able to make Faust wish to live, even for a moment; using circular logic to trick Mephistopheles.  He is often portrayed as Satan, though is it likely just his image that has been confused among the theology.  He is known as a prince of Hell, and therefore may be considered one of the many hands of Satan.

Thanks to for the list.


Besieged by Demons, Unknown artist

In 1613 Sebastien Michaelis wrote a book, Admirable History, where he lists classifications of demons.  He claims that the list was given to him by the demon Berith, while he was exorcising a nun.  Here is Michaelis’ list:


  • Belzebuth – pride
  • Leviathan – faith
  • Asmodeus – luxury
  • Balberith – blasphemy and murder
  • Astaroth – vanity and sloth
  • Verrine – impatience
  • Gresil – impurity
  • Sonnillon – hate


  • Lilith -  first wife of Adam, succubus
  • Carreau – mercilessness
  • Carnivean – obscenity
  • Oeillet – riches and wealth
  • Rosier – love
  • Verrier – disobedience
  • Azazel -  the Angel of Death


  • Belial – arrogance
  • Olivier – cruelty and greed
  • Juvart – demonic possession


Lilith by John Collier.  This is one of my favorite pieces of art.

Now that we’ve met the demons, what does the spiritualist Demonolgist say that we do to get rid of them?  For those Demonologists inclined to believe in the warfare between diabolical spirits and humans will tell us that diabolical activity falls into three categories:

1. Infestation:  This occurs when demons are acting as an annoyance or harassing presence to a person.  Some Demonologists believe that a typical haunting is the work of demons, and the knocking, tapping, lights flickering, etc are all part of the infestation of an evil spirit.

2. Oppression:  This is when a demon steps it up a notch and target one individual to torment.  The idea is to alienate the person from their friends and loved ones, to literally oppress the person in their daily lives.  The demon brings the individual lower and lower into a state of despair and sorrow, that it makes it much easier for….

3. Possession:  Self explanatory, yes?  The demon has now inhabited your body.  They have actual physical control of you and your actions.  This is considered fairly rare, although there seems to be an upswing in possessions, or perhaps it is merely the exorcist who is enjoying a renaissance?

So, now that you have a demon, how do you get rid of it?  Well, if you’re Catholic you call on your Priest for an exorcism.  Some protestant churches also claim to be able to rid one of demonic manifestations.  But there are also Demonologists who claim to be able to purge these nasty nasties from person’s life.  A prime example would be that of Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Warrens are the most prominent faces of Demonology.  Specifically, Ed was a Demonologist and Lorraine claims to be a trance medium.  Until Ed’s passing in 2006, they spent nearly 50 years together in combat against dark forces.  They’ve been involved in some of the most high profile paranormal cases in history including the famous Amityville Horror and the case of The Entity, a supposedly true story of incubus attacks against a suburban woman.  (Extraordinary Intelligence has examined this case previously.  Read more here:  Paranormal Seduction)  Ed and Lorraine Warren’s full story and philosophy can be found in the book The Demonologist, which is available to read for free through Google Books.  This is a fascinating tale whether you’re inclined to believe in the phenomena or not.  Read the entire book here:  The Demonologist.

CBS did a special on Ed and Lorraine Warren that gives a nice overview about the couple.  Check it out below.

CBS Special: The Warren’s

Whether or not you are inclined to believe in demons or the supernatural, Demonology is a fascinating topic full of more detail and intrigue than can fit inside this post.  To learn more, check out the following sites:




  1. Edward

    this whole article scared me. I dont like thinking about demons but they attract me anyways. I read all of your words and thought they were interesting but now I am really scared.

  2. Fascinating stuff. Thank you for publishing this. I can relate to a lot of the content here through other research findings or personal experience. This knowledge is so empowering.

    • natalina

      Hey Susan! Good to see you sweetie! This was one of the most interesting posts to write. So much fascinating information to explore. I think it’s a topic I’ll have to revisit. Didn’t really even scratch the surface…. Thanks for popping in!

  3. ian

    hi..please help for the past three weeks my wife has been sexually abused by something in our home,we assume a demon,however today it gave its name to her sa asmodeus..upon researching its name we are aware it is probably true,as it is the demon of lust…we are at our wits end what shall ,may we do,,,please advice,,,yours ian curtis-cox..

  4. natalina

    It is difficult without knowing where you live. I would recommend a Google search for local Paranormal Investigators. Southern Paranormal Research Society for example has a resident Demonologist.

  5. kyle

    help me out sainten and everything gets mixed up i rule the world and its mix beween my people i have it in my eyes but i dopnt like mix up id lioke help asap im not liyen and i could prove it to a fact help i need out with a couple of people im the saintin

  6. kyle

    but its all a lie

  7. I have had issues of being sinceative since I was a very small girl. I have seen, heard & felt things for many years that only scare me, And I’d like some help on what to do. examples: I’ve seen black shadows standing over me that I get very fearfull of. I get goose bumps all over, my hair stands up all over my body, I get very cold. I have been touched on my right shoulder once which scared the hell out of me one day when I was doing research on how to stop this fear or rid myself of this. I have lived in homes where nothing happens to me at all but this thing has followed me from place to place many times. I worry with what could happen or if it’s just me having physc abilitys that will never go away. I am unsure what to think or do. I really need some gidance here. Can someone please reach out & help me on my quest to find the answers or help for my sanity/safty.


    I am a very strong fan of the warrens I have looked up to them all of my life. I have nothing but the deepest respect for those dear people but it breaks my heart about what happened to dear ED BOTH Mr. and Mrs. warren. I’M TRAINING to become a paranormal researcher myself and I’m an ordained minister in church that has no set of rules I FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS AND EXAMPLE OF CHRIST I WAS CALLED INTO FIELD AS A MINISTER AND I FEEL A PULLING INTO DEMONOLOGY I’VE PRAYED AND FASTED AND SO GOD

  9. Im having the same problems as jess described , the dark shadows come or apper from nowhere bring deep stuck / freezing , always comes at nights when im sleeping alone ( in a house or a flat ) , onece i had a whole bunch of them jumpin over my head on my pillow , or they stay nearby and starring at me , uwont belive but i met a sucubus , i wud descibe her as a very soft , tender and dangerous , just like the ancient books descibed them , i saw a gnom , he was like it these movies , a lil one with red and green clothes but his eyes and the look was pure evil , he seem like been starring deep inside of my soul

    We are not sick Jess nar psycical nar mentally , u dont need to go to a shrink , all u have to do is to pray Jesus to save u from them , it always help me out , they dissaperd ,sometimes in the same moment as i done with praying , they can not stand it .Prey Jesus to save u and make a cross sign . Demons are real but moderm science is a bunch of blind fools .
    There are some rules but its only for men with very stong psychic , u can aske their names , and demons wont regret to answer , u can talk withthem as they are highly inteligent creatures .Just dont be affraid and control ya feelings,they can smell the fear and see weakness

  10. TimNiceButDim

    Interesting article – I agree that you’ve barely scratched the surface, but it’s a good start.

    Point to make – charismatic Christianity has many people who are led into a calling of ‘deliverance ministry’ as it is commonly known. They are under no illusions, have the genuine position of authority in relation to the subservient demons (even the superior classes of demon) and are almost invariably much more effective than spiritualist, or pagan exorcists. They are very adept at drawing the demon into exposing itself (otherwise people can be trapped as the demon will try to avoid detection wherever possible). Indeed, the presence of the Spirit of God in many meetings of such Christians can be enough to torment the demon in a person into manifesting itself.

    Being subjected to deliverance ministry can be a scary thing, but once it’s done there’s a genuine chance for a fresh start for the formerly afflicted person.

    I would suggest to anyone who believes they may be the subject of any form of demonic attack (intrusive, obsessive or possessive) to seek out assistance from a renowned charismatic (evangelical) church in their local area – one which has a reputation for the performance of deliverance, and is willing to undertake such treatment for concerned people. It will be done responsibly (with counselling and ongoing social support, both before and after the deliverance ceremony) if they are genuinely gifted in this ministry.

  11. Jakob

    Only one name can get demons to obey. And thats JESUS.
    In only one name demons can be driven out. And thats JESUS.
    Demons only fear one name. AND THATS JESUS!!!

    • Zeek

      Is that also why christianity is the only religion (and christian cultures the only cultures) which have demons? Oh wait.. That’s not true.

  12. Christine F.

    This site is exellent.I want to study demonology.Thank you for all the information.

  13. notrue

    it will undoubtedly shock the average person to know that the name of ‘jesus’ is a friend to demons, not scare them or drive them away. this is the greatest deception in all of human history that’s been wrought on man. religious people do not actually cast out demons and religion is in league with the very forces that are responsible for these oppressions and possessions. if they do seem driven away for a time, it is just to fool people.

  14. curiosus

    EGO sum unus quod plures totus unus

  15. Anonymous


  16. May the Lord continue to bless, guide and encourage all of you who help and comfort the oppressed in the name of JESUS.

  17. clayton

    There is a movie ‘The Haunted 1991′ with Sally Kirkland. You can watch it on the internet. Part 8 is the best. The invisible screaming lady. Mrs. Lucifer is a rogue christian leader who said about me in a psychic reading, “I know what he knows. I can’t control him.” Holy word, cross, church. Makes intelligent people wonder what the christian leaders are really doing.

  18. Dutchy

    Thanks for posting this article, it’s a good resource, and a place for folks to find direction on more areas of study.

    A point about all the pro-/anti-Christianity rants. You folks are missing the point. Spiritual power only works if you truly believe in it. For devout Christians, calling upon Christ, and the Angels is an effective way of going about dealing with this, until you find a demonologist or an exorcist (they really are two different things) to really address the problem, and I highly reccomend that you do. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is able to deal with the demonic on their own without some serious training and study. For Pagans it might be doing a banishing ritual, or a protective circle. For Zoroastrians it’s something different, for Buddhists is something else, for….do you see what I’m getting at here? The most important part of this is the faith people have in their particular method. Even ceremonial magicians, who may not have a religion in the traditional sense, have faith in their methods. And that is what makes them powerful.

    It’s the first thing we learn about magic, intent. The will is at the core of everything. Now, am I saying that anyone with sufficient willpower can deal with demonic entities? HELLS NO! Demons are way beyond what nearly everyone has ever dealt with. There is a reason they are feared in nearly every culture and religion. They are MASSIVELY powerful. Even the lowest of demons can destroy someone utterly. Find a professional. Find a demonologist, or an exorcist, or a respected clergy member who has dealt with this sort of thing. DO NOT try to deal with this yourself. Get help. There is no shame in getting help when it comes to demonic infestation.

  19. MAR

    Started feb 22, 2011 i was dipping in drugs and i admit i was a user (NOT ANYMORE!!!) i started hearing movement in my home and radio music ‘in’ my tv when off, i thought someone was in the tv and behind furniture of course i thoght TWEEKER QUIT THE DRUGS! anyhow went to a friends becuz i couldnt handle it i even talked to these noises saying come out, dont hide ,have a beer, whats your name, befriending these noises (BIG MISTAKE! SO DONT DO IT IF YOUR A DRUGGIN AND HEARING MOVEMENTS) SO i was TRIPPIN out decided to go to a friends to visit of course havent slept my friend and i were having a couple and he passed out hard , cool! just watched television on his couch then on the wall i seen a shadow of this couple in a well built shaped bodies having sex i even covered my eyes i thought AGAIN! seeing images but it was what it was a shadow of people on the wall having sex so i got up and i walked around i was like hmmm then i walked by his bathroom and his room and i seen in the relfections of like the door knobs and from the side of my eye people in the room 2 girls in neglijes and 2 men and they were holding a wooden bar and i m sure a body in the middle wrapped in a blanket but if i looked at it it wud dissappear and in the bathroom 2 men were ssitting on the tub. the door bell rang and i opened the door no one there then i looked at things in the front room and theres a mirror on the wall and i seen faces in the mirror and a green face ladywith boils and then i seen a circle of all different types of humans and in the mirror they waved at me and it hit me “A SATANIC CULT” i did wave back slowly and i ran on the couch where my friend was and he has a patio and on the patio and thru the see thru curtains people children young, old, middle age, piled up even babys on the patio with the green faces and boils i freaked and prayed for my life! it lasted 4 days and hasnt stopped since! i hope i can tell u my story it has been a mental electric chair for me so please contact my e-mail PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! IVE BEEN MY OWN HUMAN SOLDIER OF WAR!

  20. are demons really real

  21. Darryl

    Yes demons are real,but Jesus has all power over demons.

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