Malaysian Medium Sends Tourists (Willingly) to Hell

Master Kek Eng Seng of the Tze Bei Guan Yin Dhamma Center claims that he has the power to travel through all of the realms of existence, including Heaven and Hell.  In an effort to prove his gifts, the medium has begun offering tourists the opportunity to travel with him to Hell and back.

Now, why ANYONE would find this to be a desirable proposition is beyond me.  Yet, reportedly people showed up en masse for the opportunity to take the dark ride into the abyss, in hopes of returning to terra firma to tell the tale.  Of the 200 people who showed up for the initial journey, only 50 made the cut, including a handful of journalists.  One reporter who was accepted, Beh Yuen Hui of The Daily Chilli, wrote a detailed account not only of his first attempt to descend into Hell, but also of a second experience.

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Master Kek opening the "gates of Hell". Image credit: Gary Chen

When ceremonies began on that first day, people were blindfolded with a yellow talisman.  Chanting and rituals took place, and participants braced themselves for their journey.  Journalist Beh Yuen Hui says he committed himself fully to the trip to Hell, and truly wanted a mystical experience.  Initially, he says he felt a very hot sensation in his head, which Master Kek later explained was his soul trying to leave his body.  As he waited, he found himself distracted by exterior stimuli.  But, about 45 minutes into the evening, he began to see strange lights and shapes.  He says it was like watching a sci-fi movie, but alas, his trip to Hell was not to be.

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Reporter's "visa" to Hell

In the end, only about a dozen people claimed to have made the journey to Hell.   In order to make believers of the remaining group members, Master Kek promised everyone another trip to Hell the following Monday.

On the second attempt, a group of four journalists gathered with Master Kek, all of them with the firm resolve that THIS would be the “lucky” night.  Indeed, the results were apparently far more compelling, if not downright scary.

Beh Yuen Hui begins his day 2 report by saying,  “I failed to visit Hell again which left me feeling disappointed.”  With that said, he claims to have experienced a profound sense of  ‘traveling downwards’.  He says that he witnessed a very bright light that made him open his eyes, and at one point even had the sensation that his feet left the ground.  Ultimately, his trip was cut short, and he was again unsuccessful.

However, upon reviewing the recording of the night’s activities, it was noted that one journalist had certainly experienced something otherworldly. From Beh Yuen Hui’s article:

After the blindfolds were removed, we could see that Cheam Sin Khai from Guang Ming Daily was sitting at the back of the room and he looked tired.

From a video recording taken by his colleague, Cheam was seen shaking his head and body very violently during the ‘journey’. While sitting on the edge of the chair, he kept pushng himself backwards with his feet rapidly.

He later told us that two ‘people’ – standing on his left and right – were trying to pull him to another place but he refused. He could helt there was another ‘person’ walking around behind him.

So, he was struggling and fighting the force. Luckily, everything returned to normal as Master Kek called for our souls to return.

While this story is certainly fascinating, I would never advise anyone to partake in such an experiment.  When we open ourselves up to such influence, we are susceptible to all manner of spiritual encroachment, and the results could certainly be traumatic.

To read the full account of this incredible story, visit The Daily Chilli via the following links:

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