Lyme Disease: The Awful Truth

In the mid 1970’s, a mysterious illness began to plague the residents of Long Island, NY and Lyme, CT.  First referred to as “Montauk Knee”, the disease began to spread throughout the entire Northeast.  Finally, researchers discovered that the common denominator was a bulls-eye rash connected with tick bites, and the condition was given a name – Lyme disease.

The infectious bacteria that causes lyme disease is called Borellia burgdorferi, named after the Australian biochemist who made the breakthrough in tracking down lyme’s source.  Unlike most insect borne infections, borellia is incredibly complex; with some scientists claiming it to be the most complex bacterium known to man.

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Lyme is characterized by powerful fatigue, muscle aches, inability to focus and, in some cases, almost total incapacity.  Some researchers to this day consider it to be psychosomatic, but those who suffer know that the disease is very real and can be utterly debilitating.   It is now believed that the telltale bulls-eye rash need not be present in order for one to have a lyme diagnosis.  Further, it has been revealed that there are subsidiary conditions that may be the result of being infected by lyme, including schizophrenia, psychosis, severe osteoarthritis, lupus, bladder problems, bipolar delusions, vertigo, encephalitis, infection of the brain stem and many others.  Some researchers believe that multiple sclerosis is also a co-factor of Lyme.  This is not to imply that any of the mentioned conditions are only found in connection with Lyme disease, but that they may be triggered or enhanced by those infected by the bacteria.

So, we know that Lyme disease comes from ticks, but from where did it originate?  That story is up for debate.  Some scientists claim that variants of Lyme disease have been cataloged as far back as the 1800’s, but those reports are anecdotal.  There’s one reported case where Lyme disease was discovered in Otzi, an iceman found frozen in Germany that died 5,300 years ago.  Others believe that the modern incarnation of Lyme is a man made disease (or man-mutated), unleashed on the public via irresponsible handling by bio-weapons researchers.  There’s even an alleged Nazi connection.

dating alone eunji eng subIn the aftermath of World War II, the United States wanted to tap the resources of the Nazi regime’s elite scientists.  Operation Paperclip was the codename for the program by which U.S. agencies secreted these scientists into the Country.  President Harry Truman ordered that no scientist with allegiance or dealings with the Nazi party would be allowed in, but that would have been a near impossibility, because most of the best and brightest that Germany had to offer had been under the thumb of Hitler’s regime.  Thus, our Government “bleached” the prior records of these men and created new  “histories” for them in an effort to cover up their party affiliations.  Some of the scientists were known to have worked very closely with some of the most heinous aspects of Hitler’s twisted machine, and had previously been labeled as a “menace to the security of the Allied Forces”.

Erich Traub was one such Nazi insider.  He was a member of the National Socialist Motor Corps (NSKK) and answered directly to Heinrich Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (SS), as the lab chief of the Nazi’s leading bio-weapons facility on Riems Island.  He was a veterinarian/virologist who specialized in infectious disease.  It is a fact that biological warfare experiments were conducted at Riems.  In 1949, he was brought to the United States via Operation Paperclip, and was tapped by officials at Fort Detrick, the Army’s bio­log­i­cal war­fare head­quar­ters, in Fred­er­ick, Mary­land.  There, he consulted with Army researchers on the subject of animal infectious diseases from a Biological Warfare perspective.  Chief amongst these diseases was foot and mouth disease.  The information provided by Traub laid the groundwork for Fort Detrick’s off­shore germ war­fare ani­mal dis­ease lab, Plum Island.  The extent to which Traub was involved in the daily operations of Plum Island is debatable.

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Aerial view of Plum Island.

This is where the Lyme disease conspiracy begins.  Plum Island is located a mere 13 miles from Lyme, CT. where the first Lyme disease outbreak was reported.  It is well known that migratory birds move from the island to the mainland regularly, and it is believed that these birds could be responsible for transporting diseases from Plum Island to nearby states.  Some believe that Lyme disease was developed or at minimum being studied and manipulated at Plum Island, and that it was somehow spirited from the facility to the mainland.  Former employees have long accused the facility of lackluster security measures, and in one well documented 1978 incident, the island was evacuated due to a foot and mouth outbreak.  After that, all operations and animals were reportedly moved indoors, but 2 more outbreaks followed, this time inside the biocontainment units.

Michael Carroll is an outspoken critic of the Plum Island facility, and wrote a book about it called how to do your homework without throwing up movie.  He links Plum Island not only to Lyme disease, but to the deadly West Nile outbreaks of recent years.  He refers to the facility as a “Biological Three Mile Island”.  His book brings to the table declassified government documents, in-depth interviews, and access to Plum Island itself.  Through the research of Carroll and others like him, the Plum/Lyme link is quite convincingly established.

It may also be worth noting that many other strange incidents have been observed in and around the Plum Island compound.  Strange animals have washed ashore, most famously the Montauk Monster.  In October of 2009, a 600-gallon container of liquid nitrogen somehow managed to tumble off the rear of one of the island’s ferries.  People have gone missing.  Outbreaks have been rampant.

With all of that said, Lyme is here and it is tormenting millions of people.  Many individuals plagued for years by maladies that had gone unexplained by their family doctors are discovering that the source of their anguish is Lyme disease.  So, we have it.  What can we do about it?

Recently, I watched an unsettling documentary called Under Our Skin.  The entire film followed folks who were either diagnosed or suspected of having Lyme disease.  In most cases, mainstream medicine refused to treat them or even acknowledge that Lyme was the culprit for their physical maladies.  A few brave doctors literally risked and sometimes lost their licenses and practices by having the audacity to provide care to these patients with treatments that have been proven to reverse their dire circumstances.  Ultimately, the reason the medical establishment blacklists these treatments and physicians comes down to the almighty dollar.  The corruption that is revealed is astonishing.

View the Under Our Skin trailer below:

I cannot speak highly enough of this documentary, and the importance that it could have to your own family and well being.   What is revealed is that we are being LIED to by the medical establishment, and that people are needlessly suffering and DYING in order to keep fat cats nice and fat on their big fat paychecks, pensions, and practices.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) has actively tried to block stations like the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and others from screening Under Our Skin, by calling it a public danger and full of “conspiracies”.  Thankfully, PBS has not folded under the pressure and has broadcast Under Our Skin on many local public stations.

You can watch the film online for $3.99 on Amazon by clicking here:  Under Our Skin

Or if you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly here:  Netflix: Under Our Skin

So what on earth are we to do with all of this information?  What if we or someone we love is suffering and lyme is suspected?  Did doctors give them a quick round of antibiotics and pronounce them cured, only to have the symptoms become gradually worse?  Were you or a loved one told that your symptoms are in your head or that worse, you’re willfully making them up?  How do we fight back against those that are expected to be our caregivers, when they don’t seem to care at all?

You can get involved by learning about programs such as the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance, who are at the forefront of the fight to keep the public informed and to protect our rights when it comes to infectious diseases.

Share this post with your friends and family and encourage them to explore the links, books, and movies that are presented within.

Most of all, join me in praying for a fair and safe treatment to be widely available to all of those infected, and for a cure to ultimately eradicate this deadly disease once and for all.

Read one person’s brave tale of battling Lyme disease, and finally being able to manage symptoms after finding an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor):  The Hushed Truth About Lyme Disease: A Lyme Disease Recovery Story

If you have any further information regarding Lyme disease that I’ve not presented in this post, please share it in the comments below.  In the spirit of free sharing of information, I encourage you to let your voice be heard right here.

Finally, Jesse Ventura did an expose of the Plum Island facility on his program Conspiarcy Theory with Jesse Ventura.  I grant you, the producers of the program tend to sensationalize every detail, but much of what is revealed in this episode is valuable for those researching the subject: