Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 14: Martian Mayhem with Doug Woodward

Intrigue! Suspense! Danger! Mystery! Mayhem! Join us as we boldly go where no man has gone before… or have they? Explore MARS: THE RED PLANET… if you DARE!

In his second appearance on Beyond Extraordinary, author, researcher, and all around awesome guy S. Douglas Woodward discusses his brand new book, Continued If you’re an avid podcast aficionado, you may have already heard Doug discussing this book on some of our favorite shows, but don’t touch that dial! Doug and I endeavored to dig even deeper into the fascinating content of this many layered book, and I think you will really enjoy this conversation!

We travel from Cydonia to Atlantis and beyond. We discuss cosmic war, Ancient Aliens, Mystery Religions, Underground Bases, Cthulhu and the Necronimicon… and that’s just a warm up!

Although the thesis of the book is quite serious, Doug’s sense of fun and adventure is evident.  Join us!


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Facebook:  S. Douglas Woodward

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