London Natural History Museum Secures Rights to the Loch Ness Monster

I love this. is reporting that the Natural History Museum in London has a deal with bookmakers William Hill that if the Loch Ness Monster is ever captured, they will get the right to display the carcass/evidence.

The deal, brokered in 1987, specifies that the NHM will be able to display Nessie’s remains in exchange for scientific verification of her existence.

Word of this strange bargain came to light with the release of once private documents in the museum’s archives. It shows that part of the contract is for William Hill to pay an annual fee to the museum to keep the deal current, and that the bargain also covers Yeti. Since 1987, the partnership has netted the NHM over £22,000.

Natalina wants to Believe!!!!!!

According to the Telegraph, a Natural History Museum spokeswoman said: “The study of the diversity of life on earth is at the very heart of the Natural History Museum. It is estimated that 90 per cent of life on earth remains undiscovered and every year Natural History Museum scientists help discover, name, and generate vital information about new species and how they relate to similar ones.”

“In all circumstances, as a scientific institution the Natural History Museum relies on the objective use of scientific evidence to do this.”

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