Loch Ness Monster Live Cam

First, we introduced you to the my website in Tipperary, Ireland… and now we’ve found a website with a live cam overlooking the majestic Loch Ness!

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This phenomenal cam can be seen at the web site best ios dating apps 2014 According to the site:  Leading Loch Ness Monster researcher, Mikko Takala, presents his ultimate award winning Loch Ness livecams with many more innovations coming soon. Here you can watch for Nessie, the famous monster in Scotland’s beautiful loch. In the site you’ll find facts, figures and fun about the loch.

There is currently only one cam running, but apparently there are normally others to choose from.  The site even boasts an underwater live cam for the near future!

The cam that is currently featured was breathtaking.  I was able to see lots of birds perching in the trees and flying away.  I watched the water ripple and the trees sway back and forth.  I even witnessed several boats coming from far off in the distance, until they were right in front of the camera.

As I sat dreamily staring at the Loch, something appeared before my eyes.  I instantly did a screen capture to preserve the evidence.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the anomaly wasn’t in the water at all, but closer to the camera and somewhat transparent.  It must be the Ghost of Nessie!  More likely, and decidedly less romantically, it is merely a squished bug on the camera.  I’ll share it with you anyway.

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So for all of you amateur cryptozoologists out there who haven’t yet had the opportunity to track the elusive Nessie in her native habitat, this cam will give you a special chance to try to get an up close glimpse of the legendary creature.  Click the link below to start the search!

Nessie on the Net! Live Cam – The Highlands, Loch Ness