Legend Tripping: Natalina's Chosen Destinations

Legend Tripping, also known as “ostension”, is the practice of traveling to the site of mystery, infamy, paranormal activity, or horrific acclaim.  Most often used in terms of touring the sites of murder victims or reported hauntings, the definition has spread to include any location that has some aspect of the unknown or the unusual attached to it.  Formerly the stuff of adolescent rites of passage, the popularity of the Legend Trip has grown and is now practiced by adventurers of all ages.

I’ve embarked on a few mini Legend Trips…reportedly haunted graveyards, notoriously spooky churches, etc.  But if I had the opportunity to put together my dream Legend Trip, I already know where I’d go.  Oh! And it is often said that proper Legend Tripping must be carried out by a minimum of three people, so I’m going to need a few of you to come with me.  Any volunteers?  I’ll bring the cookies!

Here is my Top Six list of Legend Tripping destinations.

1.  Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Location:  Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital that was built in 1910.  It is said to be one of the most documented haunted hot spots in America.  It is said that thousands people died within these walls. There are many legends attached to this place, and it was the home to much suffering when it was a functioning facility.  There is the gloomily named “Death Tunnel” or “Body Chute”, which is 500 ft tunnel that was used to transport bodies out of the hospital discretely without upsetting the other patients.

Then there is Room 502, where a nurse supposedly killed herself after becoming distraught by having been surrounded by so much misery.  On this same floor, another nurse reportedly hung herself because she had become pregnant with the illegitimate child of a doctor at the Sanatorium, and then contracted TB herself.  She was found hanging from the pipes of the top floor of the hospital, and the aborted fetus was later found in the well system.

Now, with such a morbid history, you may wonder why I want to go there…. well, because I’m curious!  I want to see if there truly is anything to all of the rumors of spirit encounters and sightings.  I want to be scared.  To get a better idea of just how spooky this place is, check out the following short video.  It’s really good.


2.  The Denver International Airport

Location:  Denver, CO


I won’t spend time going over why this place is so cool, because I already did a detailed post about it a few days ago.  But I highly encourage you to read the post.  This place is a MUST for anyone interested in the creepiness that can be found in even the most modern of buildings.

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3.  The Bennington Triangle or The Bennington Black Hole

Location:  Bennington County, VT/ Green Mountains

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Now, if we learned anything from the nightmare of The Blair Witch Project, it should be that we do not go wandering through the woods in an area known for strange happenings and disappearances.   However, I’m going to throw caution to the wind on this one, and visit a real site not unlike the now famous woods of Burkittsville, Maryland.

The Green Mountains of Vermont, also known as the Glastonbury Wilderness, have gained a bit of infamy over the years.  Over a 5 year period of time, 10 people have gone missing in this area, never to be found.  This, along with reported sightings of strange creatures, lights, and specters has gained the area the title as the Bennington Triangle, taking a cue from the mysterious happenings at the Bermuda Triangle.  Native Americans have long shunned the place, calling it cursed.  Learn more about this scary place here:  http://gospelminds.com/


4.  The Georgia Guidestones

Location:  Elbert County, Georgia

Another American oddity which I’ve previously discussed at length here on Extraordinary Intelligence.  Check out the post to familiarize yourself with the place, because we’re gonna be going there! American Stonehenge:  The Georgia Guidestones


5.  Winchester Mystery House

Location:  San Jose, CA


My post about the Winchester Mystery House is THE most visited section of this site.  I receive tons of visitors every day looking for information about this fascinating home, with an even more interesting history.  I’ve had people comment and email about their experiences here, which makes it all the more urgent that we include this on our Legend Trip!  Plus, sunny California sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Check out my post about the Winchester Mystery House.  It truly is a magnificent and mad place. Winchester Mystery House

6.  The Stanley Hotel

Location:  Estes Park, Co

Stanley Hotel

Oh hell YES we are going here!  In fact, it may need to be our first stop…I don’t know..depends on who’s driving.  We’ve got to work out these details, folks!

In case you didn’t know, The Stanley Hotel is the spooky site where Stephen King was inspired to write The Shining. The Overlook Hotel was based on this very spot.  Although Kubrick’s original version wasn’t actually shot on this location, the 1997 made for T.V. miniseries was.

The place is said to be mad haunted, and has been investigated by many paranormal researchers.  Check out the following clip from Ghost Hunters visiting this famous hotel.  This includes the scary incident where investigator Jason has a glass break in the middle of the night and experiences doors slamming while he sleeps.


Ok, so there’s my six. Now, I think to make it a great Legend Trip, we need to round this list out to ten, don’t you?  So, it’s your choice.  What are the 4 other places we’re going to go?  I’m already packing my bags!

By the way, I am all about taking this thing international!  My passport is aching to be stamped.  Let’s do this!