Leaked Rorschach Blots Cause Controversy

Most everyone knows a little bit about the Rorschach Test.  A series of inkblots is shown to a patient who must then interpret what the obscure blot of ink on paper looks like to them.  There are no right answers, but patients are evaluated on their perception of the images.

Recently, an uproar has arisen in the medical community concerning the leaking of the entire series of 10 inkblots into the public domain.  Apparently, the blots were uploaded in June to Wikipedia by a skeptical emergency room doctor.  Although there is now concern that patients may be able to “game the system” by coming to the test armed with the most common answers, there has been no infringement by the release of the test.  Since the test was first created in 1923, the images are not copyright protected, and therefore belong in the public domain.

I thought it would be fun to post all of the 10 blots here, and give my interpretation along with the most common answers.  The conclusion appears to be that I just might be clinically insane!  But we knew that already, yes?

Blot #1


Blot #2

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Blot #3

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Blot #4


Blot #5

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Blot #6


Blot #7


Blot #8


Blot #9


Blot #10




Blot #1 –  Natalina says: Evil dog/werewolf …  Most people say: bat, butterfly, moth

Blot #2Natalina says: Bloodthirsty clown… Most people say:  two humans (I don’t see it)

Blot #3Natalina says: Large breasted women praying to an alien god… Most people say: two humans

Blot #4 Natalina says: Sasquatch sitting on a dragon… Most people say: animal skin, massive animal

Blot #5Natalina says: Mothman… Most people say: bat, butterfly, moth

Blot #6Natalina says: Dragonfly emerging from funky vagina… Most people say: animal hide, skin, rug

Blot #7Natalina says: Ants having a staring contest/Ants about to kiss… Most people say: human heads, faces

Blot #8Natalina says: Pink: Manatees… Most people say: pink: animal

Blot #9 Natalina says: Orange: Fire and water… Most people say: orange: human

Blot #10Natalina says: Pink: Seahorses, Eiffel Tower… Most people say: blue: crab, lobster, spider


To read more about the Rorschach Test and the ethical ambiguity of printing the test in public, visit the Wiki page here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rorschach_test