Krokodil: Russian Flesh Eating Drug Comes to America

It seems like only yesterday that the most terrifying drug one could imagine was so called “bath salts”, which reportedly induces mania in those who partake and has been blamed for a series of “zombie-esque” attacks around the nation.

Now, we find that something even more sinister has made its way to America, and it will literally rot your flesh until you die.

крокодил:  krokodil – ” crocodile” in Russia

A recent report claims that the deadly drug “krokodil” has been observed in Arizona, where users have been showing up in hospitals bearing the tell tale marks of krokodil abuse.

Krokodil, which is the Russian word for Crocodile, is a codeine based drug that first emerged in Siberia, and quickly spread throughout Russia.  It is used as a cheaper substitute for heroin, and earned it’s moniker for the effect it has on the user.  Starting at the injection site, the skin begins to take on a green and scaly appearance before it literally peels away from the bone.  The necrotic flesh spreads outward from the initial site of the injection and quickly consumes large swaths of the user’s body, ultimately resulting in a painful and horrifying death.

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essay on taj mahal that two Arizona users arrived in hospital emergency rooms with “half of their limb gone, bone and muscle showing through clear as day.”

The rise of krokodil is connected to the high numbers of poverty stricken heroin addicts in Russia who have turned to krokodil due to its relatively low cost and high accessibility.  So rampant is the use of this drug in Russia, it is estimated that there are nearly 2 million active Russian users, with as many as 100,000 reported “homemade” users – those who make the substance at home by combining codeine laced pain medication with gasoline or paint thinner.  It is the acidity of the gas and paint thinner that causes the flesh to rot away.

The desperation one must feel to partake in such a drug is nearly unfathomable.  The internet is full of images of the damage krokodil does to the user, but I cannot bring myself to post any of them here.  They’re literally sickening.  You’re welcome to do a Google image search on your own but be warned… it is really really REALLY gross.  Some say that part of the appeal of krokodil is that once an addict is so far gone that they’d be willing to put themselves through the irreversible damage the drug causes, they’re actually welcoming the quick death that will inevitably follow.

Clearly, the “war on drugs” has been a failed war.  It has not curbed addiction.  Rather, we’ve seen a rise in new, more dangerous, more accessible drugs.  Harsh penalties and punishment have not deterred the pusher, nor have they scared the addict straight.  What we see is a continued cultural decline that in my mind, has very little to do with the drugs themselves, and everything to do with hopelessness and despair.

It is reported that there are some towns in Russia where these miserable souls can be seen wandering the streets in a mindless haze, flesh literally peeling off of their bones.  Truly gives new meaning to The Walking Dead.

Just how prevalent krokodil has become in the United States remains to be seen, and one is always advised to be mindful of stories that crop up in the mainstream media.  Is there an agenda behind the implication that this dangerous new drug has made it to our shores?  It is worth keeping an eye on.  In the meantime… pray.

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Russion krokodil drug comes to the United States.