Kevin Costner Saves the Planet!

Ok, so most people thought Waterworld was a crappy movie (although this little lady has a soft spot for that overblown, waterlogged mess of a film). But it turns out that Kevin Costner just might be an Oceanic hero in real life too!

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Costner and his business partners were in New Orleans to unveil a machine that uses centrifugal force to extract oil from water… creating 97% pure water from the liquid once polluted with oil.  Seems crazy that someone else…. I don’t know… say the GOVERNMENT… wouldn’t have used such a device in the Gulf, given the fact that such a machine exists.

But while the power players and BP big wigs spend time on Capital Hill playing the blame game… Kevin Costner swoops in with an apparently miraculous contraption (If you build it, he will come?) to save the planet.