Juicy Tips from Natalina – The Crazy Juicing Girl

Oh yes, I’ve heard it all.

“What do you mean JUST juice? Like… won’t you die of starvation?”

“No FOOD AT ALL?  You are going to DIE!”

“Where do you get your protein? You shall die, I say! Death shall be upon you!”

Having survived one 30 day juice fast/cleanse, I can assure you that I have not perished, I am not pining for the fjords, I am not an ex-Natalina.  In fact, I’m quite alive and doing very well!  As I have chronicled some of my juice enthusiasm on social media and via my podcasts, I have been bombarded with questions so I’m going to try to address the major ones here, and send you on your way to some awesome resources for more info.

As I embark into my second 30 day juice fast/cleanse… this post will also serve to keep me accountable to the plan, man.

So.. why a juice fast? Well, there are a variety of answers to that question.  I suffer from a few autoimmune issues as well as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  Beyond that, I have gained an inordinate amount of weight over the past couple of years as my life has gone topsy-turvy, and I needed a solution that would help to reboot my tired system.  I happened upon the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix.  I’d heard about the film for years but finally sat down to watch it and was completely transfixed and motivated by incredible successes and science behind the concept of a simple juice fast. The filmmaker Joe Cross managed to put his autoimmune condition into remission after a 60 day fast, and during that time lost a whopping 80 plus pounds!  Throughout the fast, he was monitored by medical professionals and rather than harming his system in any way, the cleanse actually brought all of his blood levels right to where they needed to be, and proved to do wonders for his overall health.

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My first step into the juicing realm began as one who had very little money or means to kick it off. Let’s face it.  Juicing can be expensive.  You have to juice POUNDS of veggies and fruit every day just to get your daily allowance of juice.  Then there is the expensive equipment.  Being the bargain shopper that I am, my first stop was to a thrift store, where I found a Hamilton Beach juicer for 5 bucks. SCORE!  Then through some Facebook sale groups for my local area, I found a gal who was selling cheap produce straight from her garden. DOUBLE SCORE!  So… the juice fast commenced.

The fast was surprisingly easy the first time around.  I made it through the first few days with very few of the symptoms that some juicers complain of such as headaches, tummy pains etc.  It was kinda smooth sailing! In the end, I didn’t end up looking like a super model… I am FAR away from that. However I did lose about the equivalent of a pound per day which was quite a feat! I also had incredible energy, amazing stamina, and a surprising amount of focus and mental clarity throughout the fast. Most importantly, many of the health issues I’d been dealing with were dramatically lessened and symptoms had begun to disappear!

After about a month break, I decided it was time for another juice extravaganza.  This time, my motivation wasn’t quite where it had been previously.  I had a number of failed attempts before getting to where I am now… ready to rock the heck out of this juicer and consume nothing but juicy vegetable innards for the next 30 days!

So, here’s what I’ve learned through trial and error with juicing.  Perhaps some of these pointers will help you out.  And of course, none of this is meant to be medical advice. You may want to consult with your physician first to determine if you are healthy enough to take on this fairly intense challenge!

First of all, you NEED your juicer. Not a blender.  Not a smoothie maker. A juicer.  The point of going ALL juice is to give your digestive system a rest and let it divert that conserved energy elsewhere in the body for repairing and detoxing etc.  In the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe uses the fancy pants http://magdascauldron.com/ as his juicer of choice.   This is like my dream juicer but alas, I’m poor so 5 dolla used juicer for me did the trick.  I did later upgrade to this cute littlehttp://www.amarawellnesscentre.com.au/ that I picked up at Walmart, and it hasn’t been bad.  Whatever you can do to suck the guts out of some produce will serve you well.  The more expensive juicers tend to create less pulp waste, but what I do is I take all of my pulp and run it through the juicer a second time, which usually yields a surprising amount of extra juice. Smart girl over here!

Next, you need your produce. Now as we are moving into the colder season here in the U.S., farmer’s markets will probably not be an option.  So, if you can afford to go organic, great! Otherwise, just get what you can and wash it well and get juicing!

You should probably be consuming AT LEAST 2 liters of juice per day.  Because cleaning the juicer is a pain in my butt, I’ve been juicing the whole day’s supply at once and then storing the premade juice in opaque mason jars that seal airtight, keeping your juice fresh for later!  You can just sip away at that juice all day long.  And be sure to get an ample amount of water intake!

As far as what kinds of juices to make, I have a few personal favorites that I’ll share with you. Some say you should try to “juice the rainbow,” meaning that you should use various colorful fruits and veg throughout your juice experience.  I tend to be fairly boring and stick to what I know I like.  Feel free to modify any recipe for your own personal taste. For example, lemons are AMAZING for cleansing and detox, but I can’t have them.  They aggravate my tummy.  So whenever a recipe calls for lemon, I just leave it out. Maybe replace it with a cucumber if I’m feeling funky.

Here are my favorites – I gave them names!

1.  The Great Green Yummy Machine! (appx 28 oz)

3 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

3 medium apples

1 thumb of ginger root (appx 1″ cut)

(Lemon or lime is optional for this if your like a kick of citrus, which I do not)

2.  Go Green-ish or Go Home! (appx 24 oz)

3 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

3 apples

2 carrots

3.  Hulk Blood (awesome for protein)

2 apples

4 stalks of celery

1 cucumber

4-6 leaves of kale

handful of spinach leaves

3-5 broccoli flourettes

4.  Wabbit Season!! (roughly 32 oz)

5 apples

10 carrots

And this last one… which is super amazing.. is brought to you by http://coastbd.net/do-my-history-essay/.  You can check out her site for lots of deliciousness… but I was just tickled by her hot pink beautifying juice.  It really does come out this pretty, and it tastes AMAZING!!

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So now that you are armed with some fun ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment! The amount of micronutrients you will be consuming during this juice fast will nourish your body in ways that you can feel right down to the cellular level.  I personally have a LONG way to go, but I am so pumped about this juicing adventure! It literally re-sets your palate, and if you do not willfully go back to your old eating habbits post-fast, you should be able to enjoy a whole new selection of foods that will fulfill you and nourish you and keep your health on track!

Final tips:  When you break your fast.. don’t go crazy. Don’t eat something heavy like a burger or pizza.  Eat a light salad and maybe an apple or two. Ease your way back into solid foods, especially if you are doing a long fast.  You do NOT have to do an extended fast like I’ve been doing.  Even 3-5 days can do wonders for your body! Give it a try!

If you decide to start juicing, feel free to share your experience in the comments section here. There are SO MANY other details we can talk about, and I’d be happy to host a community of juicers right here in the comments!

Happy Juicing!!!

For more information please check out the following sites:


http://juicingradio.com/ (Yes, there is a juicing podcast and it is awesome)