Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda: Antichrist Superstar 666

Most people who have the title of Antichrist bestowed upon them do not invite such labeling. Most high profile politicians, charismatic cult or religious leaders, and even some celebrities have earned the title simply through their influence of the masses, or their “fitting” of certain archetypes. But rarely does one grant himself such a notoriously feared moniker. And even more rarely, does one who claims to be Antichrist gain willing followers and mainstream acceptance.

Shattering that mold is a man named Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. He claims that he IS the Antichrist, and sports the 666 tattoo on his arm to show that he isn’t playing around. What separates Miranda from any other self proclaimed Antichrist is that he currently boasts over 2 million followers.

jose de jesus mirandaMeet the Antichrist – I was kinda hoping for horns.

Puerto Rican born Miranda is the founder and leader of a movement called “Growing in Grace”. He claims that he is God…he is Christ returned, and that he is Antichrist. How is this possible? Well, Miranda says that there is a common misconception with the term Antichrist, and that rather than meaning Opposing Christ or Opposite of Christ, it actually should be translated as New Christ. And of course, the New Christ is Jose.

“I do greater things than Jesus of Nazareth. Much greater things.” says Miranda in an interview on CNN. (video below)

I have yet to hear reports of turning water into wine, healing lepers, or resurrection from the dead, but to his credit, Jose has accomplished something that may seem miraculous. He started his ministry over 20 years ago in an old warehouse with a mere handful of followers. He now boasts millions of worshipers in Latin America as well as a growing presence in the U.S. He has his own popular cable channels. He travels the world. And he has convinced many of his followers that it is O.K. to be a Christian and to worship a man called Antichrist. Not only that, but in a bizarre display of loyalty and devotion to Miranda, many of his followers are tattooing themselves with the number 666; a symbol generally accepted by Christians as “The Mark of the Beast”, or Satan himself.

de jesus miranda tattoo

Willingly taking the Mark of the Beast…and making it look GOOD!

Miranda preaches that there is no such thing as sin, that people should do as they please. But, as with every charismatic religious leader and walking prophet/benevolent savior….there is a catch. You gotta follow him. And of course, he will accept your generous offerings to the ministry.

Fascinating. Take a look at the following brief video interview with Jose De Jesus Miranda and his followers.




  1. Interesting. Makes one wonder if this the real deal or just some kooky cult leader.

    It would seem to me that the AntiChrist would possibly be a little more on the DL until gaining massive political power.

    But that’s just my perspective.

    • Kearth

      It doesn’t really matter if he’s real or not considering that God and Jesus are nothing but a figment of human imagination. What you should take seriously is the fact that this guy really WANTS to be Jesus, and is (absolutely) convinced that he is the one. Even if there was such thing as Jesus in the real world, even he might’ve changed his mind to be the messiah because of the outrageous vileness of humanity. I presume having such duty isn’t an easy task. You personally wouldn’t even dare try, if, let’s say God, if he was real, chose you and put the cup on you to perform such mission. You would certainly crack under pressure and commit suicide.
      Miranda is robust and resilient.

  2. Natalina

    I tend to agree with you Will. I think if the Antichrist wanted to reveal himself, he’d probably be a little more stealthy and not quite so…”Hey! Look at me! I’m the Antichrist! Tattoos for everyone!”

    Plus I would think that he’s at least have a basic understanding that the 666 is actually the number of the beast’s name. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda just doesn’t work!

  3. Reading this post, it´s evident that you´ve only posted what you´ve read on the news.
    John invented the term “Antichrist” in order to refer to Paul because his teachings state that if you want to be a christian you must NOT imitate Jesus of Nazareth (He was jewish) Heb.6:1: the whole purpose of Christ´s death was to begin a NEW covenant (no longer by the law of Moses).-
    Since on the second coming, The Lord was to judge only by Paul´s gosspel (Rom.2:16), then anybody who has a legalisitc mind (like John) would percieve Him as “antichrist”.

    *Who in the world said that you have to give “generous offerings to the ministry”?…oh, press of course!.
    I´m sure if they´d lived 2,000 years ago and had witnessed the event in which a very expensive perfume was poured on Jesus´ feet they would´ve jumped and protested…just like Judas did.(Jn.12:6).

    Please investigate further…this is supposed to be “extraordinary intelligence” and there´s not too much thinking on copy-pasting news reports.

  4. *A.-walking on watter: what for?
    (jesus did it not like a show, but because He needed to get to the ship)

    *B.-Healing: we are all healed…no sick people in our congregations because His word is the science you need to heal yourself…laying of hands is a rudiment (heb.6:2) and your mind has all the provisions your body needs (col.2:10).
    C.- Sin was taken away 9:26
    D.-The devil was destroyed: Heb.2:14

    You are blessed (eph.1:3), His second coming was not to be a fireworks show… He was supposed to come and explain all things(Jn.14:26)… that´s what He is doing.

  5. natalina

    Hi Martita,

    While I do appreciate your rebuttal, I do want to make clear that I do not cut and paste. I pride myself in reviewing my resources and discerning information…and reiterating the knowledge as I’ve processed it. If that makes any sense…And I also have a dark sense of humor, so sometimes I’m a little sassy.

    There are a few misquotes or misrepresentations of what I wrote here in your comments. I did not say that you have to give “generous offerings to the ministry as you put it. My full quote is that “he will accept your generous offerings to the ministry”.

    I didn’t make mention of walking on water. I think your assessment of Christ’s desire to make a quick trip to the boat without pomp and circumstance is quite possible, but a bit unrealistic on his part.

    I fully agree with the stance that Christ’s coming was intended to free his people from the Old Law. It’s something I’ve done a fair amount of research into, and a fact that I’ve debated a number of fundamental Christians about.

    I don’t wish to get into a debate about beliefs, because you feel very strongly and I don’t want to insult that. My argument would come from the scholarly look at Biblical text, in which I believe that Miranda’s definition of Antichrist is incorrect.

    The New Testament clearly states the Antichrist is AGAINST Christ. Moreover he is a liar and a deceiver.

    “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist—he denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” 1 John 2:22-23

    Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda may well be Antichrist…I just think you’ll find some conflict with what that means.

  6. Donise

    What I don’t get is if he really was the second coming of Jesus, why didn’t anyone go to heaven by now? Where are the horns? Why wasn’t there a war against good and evil? I think that Jesus is coming soon, but I don’t think that it is Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. I honestly think that God wants to come in with fireworks. He has earned that much. Don’t you think that God would want EVERYONE to know that He exists? And why would you trust someone who tells you to get a tatoo of 666 on your body? Wouldn’t you feel like that is the mark that will send you to Hell? I’m not judging. I believe that everyone makes their own choices and only God can say whether or not it is true. I just think that if Jesus was back, it would be headline news everywhere. Just think of how many people don’t even know that Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda exists. Does that mean they are going to Hell?

  7. Sur !3

    Demonio Te Reprendo En el nombre que es sobre todo nombre en el nombre de JESUS El VERVO DE DIOS EN QUE MORIO POR LOS PECADOS DE TODO EL MUNDO Y TU QUIEN TE CRES QUE ERES EL QUE AMA DA SU VIDA POR SUS HERMANOS. ANATEMA Si eso es lo que eres…

  8. Evoru

    Confused and bewildered by the above comment, I turned to MY prophet…Babel fish. It did not disappoint.

    “I reprimand You to demon In the name that is mainly name in the JESUS name the VERB DE GOD IN WHICH MORIO BY the SINS WORLDWIDE AND YOUR THAT YOU CRES THAT YOU ARE THE ONE THAT MISTRESS GIVES HER LIFE BY HER BROTHERS. ANATHEMA If that is what you are…”

    Huh. Maybe I’ll re-translate it a few more times.

  9. Gelo

    This man is just a piece of shit trying to make name.

  10. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda



  11. Hi Natalina,

    Where have you been girl I haven;t heard from you in ages. Sent you an MS message hope you are okay and have your energy back dear.

    Great stories a usual cracked up laughing love your writing style.

    Take care

    Love Susan

  12. Christ Follower

    This sad. This man is leading millions of followers to hell. What in the world? He has them tattooing 666 on them?? What in the world.. You can worship Christ and the Devil.. That is soo untrue. These ppl need to get in the word (bible) and see that they are being deceived. This is a mess. You are either hot or cold. You cant serve two masters. This is scripture. Obviously these ppl are not getting in there bibles. Heaven is NOT on earth and sin is REAL.. The only way to get to heaven is through Christ with a life of righteousness. This is sad! It was already written in scripture that the spirit of the anti christ is already here on earth. :sigh: ppl read your bibles. I urge you too. Or ppl like this will lead you to HELL from which you can never return which means you are DOOOMED!
    This man has no Characteristics of the Lord Jesus. Jesus did not want to be seen and he does. Jesus’s appearance was holy. His eyes are like a flame, and his Glory is astonishing. This man is neither and is deceiving the people. :sigh: get it together folks before the lord comes back and it is toooooo late. Then you will be left here with the REAL anti-christ and it will literally be hell on earth. This dude is a skeezer compared to the Real Anti-christ.
    if you get left here you will basically have two choices bow the the devil and take the mark of the beast(666) or Die standing for Christ.. and it would be better to stand for Christ. Yea, you may die, but your soul is saved from eternal damnation.

    Sigh, Get it together ppl. Time is running out and Jesus is comming back soon. Live a saved, holy righteous life, so that you can go back with him the first time he comes and so that you won’t be deceived.

    God bless you

  13. devil

    I believe in one god and one god only but i do thank you are funny and shit well keep up the good work peace out. oh that god that i believe in is the one that is going to put you in hell again just give up well peace out satan oh i will naver tAKE THE MARK

  14. ChildofGod

    I believe most of these people taking the mark of the beast are oblivious to the word of “God”. These people see the 666 as some cool art work that has no ties to “Satan”. People will only wake up when the time is right or when they are in hell looking for ice water. My advice is to tell people about the word of “God” and advise them to do their own research on God and Satan. Because when judgment day comes everyone will have to stand in front of the most high to be judged. There will be no excuses unless God has mercy for you. You will be held accountable for your decision not to accept Christ as your Savior.

  15. TC

    I really don’t thing Christ would instruct people to do whatever they want. With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t you people watch spider man?

  16. Truly Called

    it breaks my heart to hear about Miranda, It is sad that people are twisting the bible to make it fit their beliefs. When Jesus died on the cross he said “IT IS FINISHED” and the only reason for him to come back was to put judgment upon those who deserved it and to bring his beloved children to live with him. It say That when he comes Revelation 1:6-8 (New International Version)

    To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, 6and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.
    7Look, he is coming with the clouds,
    and every eye will see him,
    even those who pierced him;
    and all the peoples of the earth will mourn because of him. So shall it be! Amen.

    8″I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”
    it also said that every knee will bow and tongue confess that He is Lord.
    This is what the written word of God says. If Miranda is God why hasnt any of this come about. Just read revelation and it makes it all clear.
    In revelation 13 it explains how the beast will come blaspheming God and making war with the saint. Even the simplest knowledge of the bible can prove his teachings wrong

  17. Zacharia Nyanda

    It is better avoid 666-Miranda because is cheating you and leading to HELL. Be aware that you will spent infinte time in HELL. Accept JESUS to become your personal saviour and become one of the child of GOD

  18. Nate Torres

    I am Luis de jesus Miranda. I am doing the monkey. If any of you do not know what this is, bug off. Those of you who do, please look down and tell me if you see anything. I will come to you in secret and (wink wink) we shall break bread together. The other things I had have run out, and I am looking for more of those too. Water, confection powder, angels standing on the head of pins, paper to write on, glue for making artwork, straws, you know what I mean. I will send a messenger to pick these up. This person will have no time to stay and chat, he/she must return to me very quickly, as in super-fast. I will send you the green thingies as soon as I can. You know I am good for it, since I am rich. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. So when I am ruling the earth I will not forget your kindness towards me. I will give you a nice apartment taken from someone I killed, and send you some sweet ladies to warm your feet at night. Sounds good? Of course it does. So our deal is cemented, no? Or shall I place your feet in cement? I hope it does not come down to this. Monety is honey, and being the root to all evil, it has a far reach, even to digging deep down to the pits of hell and bringing up the strangest of things. This is a fair warning. Send me what I want or face the consequences. SINcerely yours, Luis. P.S.: Thank you for the last shipment of flowers, they were very pretty.

  19. James Bopeep

    Anyone who agrees with this man is a complete moron. What has society come to, to believe such foolishness?

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