Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda: Antichrist Superstar 666

Most people who have the title of Antichrist bestowed upon them do not invite such labeling. Most high profile politicians, charismatic cult or religious leaders, and even some celebrities have earned the title simply through their influence of the masses, or their “fitting” of certain archetypes. But rarely does one grant himself such a notoriously feared moniker. And even more rarely, does one who claims to be Antichrist gain willing followers and mainstream acceptance.

Shattering that mold is a man named Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. He claims that he IS the Antichrist, and sports the 666 tattoo on his arm to show that he isn’t playing around. What separates Miranda from any other self proclaimed Antichrist is that he currently boasts over 2 million followers.

helpful hintsMeet the Antichrist – I was kinda hoping for horns.

Puerto Rican born Miranda is the founder and leader of a movement called “Growing in Grace”. He claims that he is God…he is Christ returned, and that he is Antichrist. How is this possible? Well, Miranda says that there is a common misconception with the term Antichrist, and that rather than meaning Opposing Christ or Opposite of Christ, it actually should be translated as New Christ. And of course, the New Christ is Jose.

“I do greater things than Jesus of Nazareth. Much greater things.” says Miranda in an interview on CNN. (video below)

I have yet to hear reports of turning water into wine, healing lepers, or resurrection from the dead, but to his credit, Jose has accomplished something that may seem miraculous. He started his ministry over 20 years ago in an old warehouse with a mere handful of followers. He now boasts millions of worshipers in Latin America as well as a growing presence in the U.S. He has his own popular cable channels. He travels the world. And he has convinced many of his followers that it is O.K. to be a Christian and to worship a man called Antichrist. Not only that, but in a bizarre display of loyalty and devotion to Miranda, many of his followers are tattooing themselves with the number 666; a symbol generally accepted by Christians as “The Mark of the Beast”, or Satan himself.

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Willingly taking the Mark of the Beast…and making it look GOOD!

Miranda preaches that there is no such thing as sin, that people should do as they please. But, as with every charismatic religious leader and walking prophet/benevolent savior….there is a catch. You gotta follow him. And of course, he will accept your generous offerings to the ministry.

Fascinating. Take a look at the following brief video interview with Jose De Jesus Miranda and his followers.