Jackie O. Believed LBJ Ordered JFK Assassination

The Daily Mail is reporting that soon to be released tapes from a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston will reveal that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis believed the assassination of her late husband, President John F. Kennedy, was the work of Lyndon B. Johnson and a group of Texas tycoons.

Calling the tapes “explosive”, the article claims that Arthur Schlesinger Jr. recorded the tapes with Jackie O. just months after the assassination of JFK, and in them she asserts her believe that LBJ plotted the murder of her late husband.  LBJ completed Kennedy’s term, and was then reelected to the Presidency.

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Jackie at Johnson's First Inauguration

The tapes also contain Jackie’s revelation of JFK’s infidelity, shockingly with a nineteen year old White House intern.

Jackie O. requested that the tapes be held in a secret vault until 50 years after her death.  Caroline Kennedy, the couple’s daughter, agreed to release the tapes early.  The tapes will be aired on the ABC network.  It is believed that Caroline exchanged the rights to the tapes in order to keep the mini-series essay to Washington DC from airing on ABC.

The recordings will be broadcast in mid-September.

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